I Really Do Hate You

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Hi peoples!

So this is the first chappie of my newest story I Really Do Hate You. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to update recently, I've been working very very VERY hard at school, and I just haven't had any time to write any more chappies for Liquid. I'm hoping to crank out a chappie of Liquid at some point this weekend, so look for that later in the week. I've already got some chappies of I Really Do Hate You handy, so when I can't update Liquid, I'll try to put a new chappie of I Really Do Hate You up if I can.

So please, I hope you enjoy my newest story, I Really Do Hate You!


The chappies on this story are a bit shorter than Liquid, so I'm sorry for that!

She was America's sweetheart, and the granddaughter of the founder of AffCo, the largest business corporation in America. He was the hopeless case who only wanted money and girls, and the grandson of the founder of GetiCo, the third largest business corporation in America. Their parent's goal was to increase their business, through unification. The only problem was their form of unification was a marrige between their children.


"It's time to get up, Miss Affeldt." I opened my eyes to the bright, white room. My personal butler and head maid stood at the base of my bed. I sat up and yawned, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

"Good morning, Hank. Good morning, Sarah." They bowed and I climbed out of bed, sliding into my slippers. "What's on today's adgenda?" I stood up stretching, picking up a piece of toast from the tray on my table.

"At 10:00 Am, you're attending a meeting at AffCo for the charity auction Friday. 12:30 Pm, you have lunch with Sally Michelle. 8:00 Pm, you're attending a dinner with your parents." I nodded and took a big gulp of orange juice.

"So not very much. Can you please have George come over at nine to do my hair, and have Roxy here at nine thirty for makeup?"

"Will do, Miss." Hank bowed and left the room.

"Miss, I have your work attire." I nodded.

"You can set it on the couch. Oh, can you pick out some clothes for lunch? Remember, Sally is an important upcoming designer, so we want to impress her."

"Yes, Miss." Sarah set the pant suit down on my couch and headed out. I walked into my bathroom and turned on the shower, watching as the mirror fogged up. When I could no longer see my reflection, I shed my nightgown and got in the shower, washing my hair and shaving my legs. I turned off the water and climbed out, wrapping myself in a fluffy towel. I headed into my walk in closet and picked out a pair of underwear along with my favorite Christian Louboutin pumps. I slipped into my silk robe and brought my shoes out to the waiting lounge, putting them next to my suit, along with my favorite Valentino purse, when I heard a knock on the door.

"Miss, Mr. Fox is here."

"Let him in." The door opened and the young maid bowed, letting George and his assistant in before she shut the door. I kissed George on the cheek and smiled at his assistant. "Hello George. Hello Lily." George smiled.

"So what are we doing today, Claire?" We headed into the bathroom and I sat down in my chair specifically used for this. George's assistant, Lily, set George's equipment box down on the counter.

"Well I've got a meeting this morning, but I've also got lunch with a new designer, so I was thinking hair down, but the fronts pulled back." George nodded, plugging his hair dryer into the socket.

"Very good." George put some product in my hair and began to dry it, using a round brush once it was dry enough. When he finished drying it, he put some more product in and began taming my hair. You see, thanks to my mom, my hair was naturally very large. George pulled out the curling iron and lightly curled the long parts of my hair.

"Miss, Ms. Miller is here." Roxy and her assistant came in and I smiled at her.

"Hi Roxy." She smiled and her assistant brought her supplies box and set it next to George's box.

"Hey chickie. What're we doing today?"

"Light and minimal. I've got a meeting so work appropriate, but I've also got lunch, so not too boring." She nodded. As George finished pulling back the fronts of my hair and pinning them, Roxy started applying my makeup.

"Alright, hon. You look good to go." George commented while spraying the last bits of hairspray.

"Thanks, George. I'll see you tonight." He was coming back at six to do my hair for the dinner.

"Yep. Bye." He and his assistant left and Roxy took over.

"So how's Michael been?" Roxy loved to razz me about my not-so-much romance.

"I keep telling you Roxy, he's just a friend." She smiled as she applied some blush.

"Sure he's just a friend. You do know the press has been saying you're going to marry him, right?" I smirked.

"But both him and I know we're only friends. He's just fun to hang out with. And I've been trying to set him up with his high school sweetheart for almost a month." Michael's first girlfriend had recently moved to New York, and has been trying to reconnect with him. I was just playing cupid. Roxy laughed.

"Well good luck with that. Open." She lined my lips with a peachy lipstick. "Alright, I think you're good." I looked in the mirror at my hair and makeup. It was flawless.

"Thank you Roxy." I walked her and her assistant to the door of my room. "I would walk you to the door but I've got to get dressed." Roxy smiled and shook her head.

"I understand. We'll see you tonight." I waved as she and her assistant left and I shut the door.

I pressed the intercom button.


"Yes, Miss?"

"Please pull the car around front. I will be down in five minutes."

"Yes, Miss." I headed over to the couch and shed my robe, buttoning up my silk shirt and pulling on my wide leg trousers and matching blazer. I put on my pumps and picked up my purse, checking myself in the mirror before I headed out of my room, flanked by three maids. I headed to the grand foyer and the butlers lined up, the ones closest to the doors opening them.

I headed outside and slid my Chanel sunglasses, approaching the parked Mercedes. The driver climbed out and opened the door for me.

"Thank you." I said, climbing in.

"Good day, Miss." Hank said. I nodded to him and smiled.

"Same to you, Hank. Good day everyone!" I called to everyone I could see. Each responded with a bow and Hank shut the door, the car taking off to the office.


"Time to wake up, Young Master." I rolled over and stuffed my head under the pillows.

"No." I suddenly felt the covers ripped off of me. I threw the pillow on top of me at whoever had disturbed my sleep. I instantly regretted it. It was damn bright in my room. I shoved my fae back in the pillows. "You're fired." I muttered to whoever had tried to wake me up.

"I'm sorry, Young Master. You can't fire me. Now it's time to get up." I sighed, realizing who it was. The one person in the house I couldn't fire; the head butler. I rolled onto my back and sat up, rubbing my head. It was throbbing from the drinking I'd done last night.

"You're asprin, Young Master." A young looking girl brought forward a tray with a cup of water and two asprin. I took them and downed them. I climbed out of bed and stretched, adjusting to the light.

"What are your plans today, Young Master?" I shrugged.

"Just get me breakfast and I'll figure it out later." He bowed and left the room, followed by that young girl.

I walked into my closet and pulled on some jeans as well as a button down shirt and a jacket. I pulled on my Hermes belt and slid into my Prada shoes. I opened my jewelry cabinet and grabbed a Rolex watch, sliding it on my right wrist. I put my wallet in my pocket along with my cell phone.

I headed out of my closet and headed downstairs to the dining room. Mom was sitting at one end of the table, so I sat at the other end, a large plate of food set down in front of me. I inhaled the food and shoved away from the table.

"Wait." Mom's voice rang through the house. "Sit back down." I sighed and sat down again. She took a sip of her orange juice and placed her hands in her lap, looking up at me. "Boyd."

"Mom." She sighed and stood up.

"Is everything a joke to you?" I smirked and shrugged. She sat back down and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Tonight. 8:00. Be home, okay? And dress nicely."

"Why?" She sighed again.

"Just be here." I shrugged.

"Sure. Can I go now?" She nodded. I stood up and headed to the front of the house. I headed outside and looked around.

"What'll be, Chief?" I smiled. The one guy working here I could actually stand. Ralph. He was the front door man who "fetched" the cars.

"I'm thinking the Ferrari." Ralph nodded and headed back around to the garage. I pulled out my phone and dialed my best (and oldest) friend's number.

"You've reached Jason. I'm either out drinking, partying, or sleeping it off. If you're a chick, leave your message after the beep and if you're a dude, maybe I'll call you back." I hung up. Of course he wouldn't be up. It was only 11:00. Ralph pulled up in my Red Ferrari, and got out, tossing me the keys.

"Where are you going today?" Ralph asked. I shrugged.

"Probably going to buy a new suit. Possibly some watches, or a car. I don't really know." Ralph smiled.

"Well good luck." I nodded and got in the car, speeding away from the home.