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6 years later

"Wake up, Booboo." Claire rolled over and groaned, slapping away the hand playing with her hair.

"It's only seven. I don't need to be up until eight. And I told you not to call me Booboo anymore." Boyd smiled and grabbed her around the stomach, nuzzling his head into her shoulder.

"Maybe so, but that's an hour we can spend together before you go to work." She sighed and smiled slightly, scooting a bit into Boyd's side.

"Don't you have work too? I know your father won't want you to be late." Boyd groaned and let go of Claire.

"You ruin everything, you know that?" She smiled and turned over, looking Boyd in the eyes.

"I try. But it's true, you know. Aren't you promoting the cologne fragrance today?" He sneered a bit.

"Don't remind me. I understand you doing a clothing line for women who want to be like you, but it's a bit creepy for guys to want to smell like me." She laughed a moment.

"That's true. But whatever the situation be, you should really get to work, right? You don't have to actually do much considering you go in once in a while for projects. At least you're not working full time like me." He hid his face in her neck.

"Yeah, but you like work." She smiled and pulled out of his tight grasp, sitting up.

"Either way, we do what we need to. Now get up." She stood up and started to head to the bathroom, turning around a moment. "And I'm going to leave waking your son up for school to you. I've done it too many times to count recenltly, and he puts off school as much as you put off work." Boyd rolled his eyes.

"He's only five. He can't be that hard to wake up." She smiled and continued her walk to the bathroom.

"Yeah. Tell me that after you wake him up." She headed into the bathroom and Boyd smiled as she stuck her head back out. "Well, go on! It'll take you a few times to wake him up." She headed back into the bathroom and Boyd smirked, climbing out of bed.

"Sure, sure. I'll wake him up this time. But only because I love you so much." Her head popped out another time, her smiling slightly.

"I love you too, Boyd." He smiled happily.

"I love it when you say that." She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. Just go wake up your son." Her head disappeared and Boyd called out as he heard the shower turn on.

"He's your son too!"

"I know! But he's more like you than me!" He grinned and began leaving the large bedroom, shaking his head.

"You know, when I first met Claire, the last thing on my mind was being happily married to her with a son. It's almost surreal."

"Who are you talking to, daddy?" Boyd smiled and picked up his sleepy looking son. He ruffled his dark hair and smiled.

"No one, Jack. But I can't believe you're up! I'll have to tell mommy, because she won't believe it."

"Daddy, I got up extra early because I couldn't sleep."

"Oh yeah? Did you have a nightmare?" He shook his head and wiped his eyes.

"No. I don't feel good." Boyd groaned on the inside, knowing his son played sick all the time.

"Is it your belly? Or your nose?" Jack pointed to his throat.

"My throat is hurting bad." Boyd nodded and brought his son downstairs to the kitchen, where the chef was preparing everyone's breakfast.

"Hello George. Jack here isn't feeling well. Could you maybe prepare him some medicine?" George smiled and nodded, going along with Boyd's requests. "How's that, Jack? You'll feel much better after a big spoonful of medicine." Jack made a face and shook his head.

"I'm okay. I feel good!"

"I don't know, Jack, you don't look too well." The young boy smiled largely, his missing front tooth showing.

"I'm okay! I have to go to school!" Boyd smiled.

"Alright. You hear that, George? He's alright! I guess you can give him some cereal like normal."

"Yes sir." Jack smiled and squirmed in his father's arms for him to be let down.

"Cereal!" He sat at the table and grabbed a large spoon, shoveling the cereal into his mouth. Claire came downstairs and smiled at the scene.

"So how hard was it to get him up?" Boyd smiled.

"He was already awake." Claire's smirk faded as she looked from her son to her husband.


"He was 'sick'. But he's alright now, right Jack?" He nodded and munched on some more cereal.

"Well you're pretty lucky today." Boyd smiled and nodded.

"I guess so."

"Alright Jack, it's time to get dressed. You need to get to kindergarten!" Jack groaned and clutched his stomach.

"I don't feel good." Claire smiled and grabbed his hand.

"Well I'm sorry, but you'll have to get through school today. Mommy and daddy are very busy and can't stay home today. Maybe tomorrow if you still don't feel good." He smiled and nodded, hopping out of his chair and following is mother. She left him with his personal butler and turned back around to face Boyd.

"And you, mister. You need to head to work, okay?" Boyd groaned and grabbed his stomach.

"But I don't feel good." Claire rolled her eyes and kissed him on the cheek.

"I promise it'll go by quickly, okay? Now go get showered up and ready to leave." He sighed and nodded.


"We can take the Bugatti today, if you'd like." He smiled and kissed his wife on the cheek.

"You know how to cheer up my day, don't you?" She smiled and sat down, taking a drink of her coffee as Boyd headed out of the kitchen.

"Hey George? Could you possibly get me a bowl of oatmeal?" George smiled and nodded.

"Yes, madam." She smiled and crossed her legs.

"Those boys wouldn't function without me, would they?" George smiled and placed the bowl of oatmeal in front of Claire.

"Definitely not, madam. I think they're incredibly lucky to have you." Claire smiled and crossed her arms.

"Well thank you, George." She smiled happily. "I know incredibly lucky to have them too."

Le fin final


You likey? Because me likey!

Anyway, now that IRDHY is officially over, I'm going to propose two different story ideas to publish!

Let me know which one to publish first!

1. Currently untitled

Unlike most of my writing, the main character is a guy who's 20, and is an aspiring actor. He's had a few major roles but has been really limited in his acting, because he lacks depth. He meets an art student who had a daunting past that makes her quirky and hard to reach. He tries to get to know her to improve his acting, but only digs deeper into her past that hasn't been resolved yet.

I'd say of the two stories I'm suggesting, this one is WAY more intense and serious, but I really like writing it right now.

2. Screw the Rules

The pretty, popular girl in high school is actually a fantastic boxer, on her way to becoming pro. She's managed to keep boxing a secret from her entire high school, that is, until the new kid shows up. He's also an aspiring boxer (though nowhere near as good as her yet), and trains at her gym, because he's always looked up to her. So how will she handle this clashing of high school and boxing?

This story is WAY more light hearted than the other story I've suggested, but I've got a lot more written on it already than the first story suggestion.

So let me know, you guys!