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Day 1

Ballet was great, Yuki would admit. It was her favorite thing to do, but after two straight weeks of eight-hour practices she was a tad bit tired of it. Her body ached and she felt like she could sleep for days, but she had classes she needed to go to. She sighed while throwing a few books into her backpack. It was the first day of school, and she already had an overflowing schedule. There were classes, then ballet practice, and finally work at her new job. She had a work-study job at the schools smoothie shop, conveniently named Smoothie Land. Other than being extremely tired Yuki was actually pretty excited. It was her first day as a freshman in college. She had gotten into the Juliette School of Technology and Arts in New York. It was a great school, especially for dancers. She hoped to get into a good ballet company after she graduated, and this school had one of the best turnout rates.

A glance at the clock told her it was time to go. Yuki slung her backpack over a shoulder and headed out the door. The first item on her agenda was breakfast. She just couldn't, in good conscience, start her day off without breakfast. It was just against her religion –or so to speak. There were lots of posters for the freshmen lining the walls: directions, tips, important places, and dates to remember. She made a mental note to check out some of the nifty events going on around campus if she could make the time.

Yuki stepped out into the warm August air and looked up at the sky. It was a bit cloudy and she could almost smell the rain. She grinned to herself: rain was one of her favorite things. The momentary distraction was interrupted by a strong gust of wind. She flinched as a leaf flew into her face, followed by her hair. As it died down to a breeze she brushed the mass of black hair out of her face and found the rogue leaf.

"Well that was weird." She muttered while dropping the leaf to the ground. The dining hall, which contained Yuki's precious breakfast, was on the other side of the campus, so she quickened her steps.

The dining hall itself was a large building that seemed to be made mostly out of steel and glass. It was two stories tall and three sides of the building were pure window. The first story was like any other dining hall. Food was on one side and seats were on the other. The second story contained a café, Smoothie Land, and a mass of couches, tables, and chairs. Yuki assumed that this was where most people went to study and snack. It looked comfy enough. When she got there she headed straight for the food area. It looked like an all you can eat buffet of breakfast foods. Yuki heard her stomach growl and appeased it by grabbing a plate. She settled on bacon, orange juice, and a small bowl of fruit.

Food in hand, she made her way towards an empty table until a shout stopped her. She turned to see a gangly blond boy waving at her excitedly and broke out into a grin, "Hey Gabe!"

She jogged over to the table he was at and plopped down, still smiling, "How are you? Feeling tired?"

Gabe chuckled and stole one of her grapes, "I felt like the walking dead when I woke up this morning! My new roommate kept me up half the night talking on the phone. If I didn't know any better I'd think he was in the mob or something. It was weird."

His shoulders drooped a little and he grabbed a piece of bacon, "I don't know if he likes me either. He seems like a bit of a thug… or something… I don't think us being roommates will work out. He's already made a few comments about my dancing."

"Hey now, if he can't accept you then tell your RA. If he causes too much trouble they'll make him change rooms. It'll be okay… I'm sure!" Yuki gave him a reassuring smile as he munched on his bacon, "And I bet you two might get along better if you give it time. They are supposed to put compatible people in rooms together; they told us so at the beginning of orientation."

"You think?" He looked at her hopefully and grabbed another piece of bacon.

"I do!" Yuki grinned as he slowly brought the bacon closer to his mouth, "You know we're not supposed to be eating bacon. You heard what the director said about watching our weight." As she said this she picked up her own piece of bacon and took a big bite out of it, giggling.

Gabriel laughed and gave her shoulder a shove, "Hypocrite."

Yuki leaned on him for a moment before standing up and stretching, "Only sometimes," she insisted, "Oh hey! Where's Charlotte? I was going to give her back the book she lent me."

Gabe's smile drooped a bit, "She said she didn't want to look like a blimp before the semester was over, so she skipped breakfast."

"Aw she's just a spoilsport. A little indulgence wont hurt us; we work off almost everything we eat during practice. And anyways, no matter how much bacon you eat I don't think you could ever be fat. You're like a stick man!" She giggled while poking at his nonexistent tummy rolls.

He gasped melodramatically, "I take offence to that!"

"No you don't, you call yourself that! Jeez! Anyways, can you give it to her? I have to go to my psychology class now so I'll see you later!" She set the book on the table and gave him a quick side hug, grabbing her bag and empty plate.

"Okay, okay. Have fun. I hope your classes aren't too hard, you overachiever."

She smiled as she walked away, taking a moment to throw away her plate. Her next class was in ten minutes, and she had yet to actually figure out where the class was. Slightly bad planning on her part, but she did have a good excuse. The last few weeks were a blur of dancing. She had barely had time for anything else other than practice and sleep. As long as she wasn't late it would be fine.

Her expert sleuth skills helped her remember which building she was supposed to be heading towards, and the room numbers were pretty self-explanatory. So when she finally got to the correct room she was surprised to find it almost empty. There were only about fifteen seats in the classroom and only half of them were filled. That's not something she was expecting in such a large college. She checked the room number again in reassurance before entering with a hesitant smile. She didn't want it to seem like she didn't want to be there or anything.

Yuki had an odd little habit of never entering a room without a smile. That one moment could affect the whole outcome of events sometimes. It was definitely one of the only times that the occupants would ever look at you if they didn't know you. If you came in looking like a giant grumpy-pants then who would want to talk to you?

As she entered she took a quick survey of her surroundings. There were four long tables that made up a square around the perimeter of the classroom, and around that were chairs. The half farthest away from the podium were mostly filled; it seemed that everybody thought the professor had a flesh-eating virus. Better not sit close to him. Yuki only found one familiar face in the handful of people and opted to sit next to her. There was an empty seat in-between Penelope –the familiar face- and some tall boy with mid-length black hair. She took a moment to process that. He was pretty cute, and his hair was the perfect amount of shaggy. And she got to sit next to it… him.

She coughed awkwardly and snapped out of her musings. She didn't have time for that kind of stuff. She needed to focus on ballet and school. Even though she would like to have time for that stuff. Her father would never approve though. She sighed while sitting down in an uncomfortable plastic chair and pulled out her psychology textbook. Hopefully this class would be as interesting as she'd heard it was. There were rumors about the teacher taking the classes out to do social and psychological experiments all the time. It was like the schools own mini version of Punk'd. If that were true Yuki would have a blast in that class.


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