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"Come on now ref that wasn't a foul!" Jefferson yelled at the large Plasma screen television set as he watched the NFL game with his friends, Henry and Jake.

Henry was ecstatic because that gave his team an advantage, and Jake was more interested in studying for his midterm exams than to care about a game that involved large men tackling each other.

"Yes it was! That was clearly a foul!" Henry protested.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter. We're still in the lead by 10!"

"Could you guys keep it down? I'm trying to study," Jake said, letting his irritation seep into his voice.

Henry rolled his eyes and continued to argue with Jefferson, and Jake was seconds away from snapping his pencil in half and hitting them upside the head with his Chemistry textbook. Once a commercial came on, Jefferson took a seat on the couch beside him while Henry plopped down on the recliner. Jefferson turned his attention to his studious friend, who had his face buried in the large book.

"I don't get it. Every time you come over, you always study," Jefferson stated.

Jake turned around and glared at his red headed friend. Unlike him, he had to actually study and work hard to maintain an A average. He didn't have the privilege of cramming a month worth of material in over night, than still manage to score at least eighty percent.

"Well, in case you haven't noticed star athlete. I have to study and make good grades if I want to get into a good college," he told him incredulously.

Henry snickered and waited for Jefferson's response. He didn't expect to be mocked for asking a simple question. He understood he wanted to keep his grade point average up, but did he have to study every time he came over to his house?

"Okay, but why can't you study at your house?" Jefferson wanted to know.

"I do but Allie and Mattie are there; you know how they are."

Jefferson wanted to question him on that because he really didn't know how they were, but decided to leave it alone. Allie and Mattie were his younger sisters, and he thought they were cute and sweet since they were identical twins, and they were always cheery and polite when he was around. Jake had to deal with them every day, and he guessed that they were annoying to him. He never would understand what it's like to be the oldest of three kids because, and he was truly thankful for this, he was an only child.

"Man, you need to get your fucking head out of the books and learn how to let loose and have fun!" Henry exclaimed, sitting back into the chair and propping his feet up on the recliner.

Jake snorted and took off his black wire rimmed glasses then cleaned the lenses with the hem of his shirt, "I do know how to let loose. It's just; I really wanna do well on these mid terms."

Jefferson scoffed, "Man, you always score high on those tests, and so what if you mess up. It's not like they're gonna kick your ass out for slipping up on one test," he and Henry snickered.

Jake looked at him for a moment, and his brown ass darkened as his best friends were laughing their asses off about something that wasn't funny to him at all. He put his glasses back on, "Actually they can."

"What?" Jefferson was confused.

"Think about it dumb ass! I'm on scholarship. My dad's not the owner of a top notch law firm like yours."

There it was the big elephant in the room. The three of them had known each other since elementary school and were more like brothers. Jefferson and Henry never failed to not mention their different lifestyles because it was no secret that Jefferson lived in luxury, and while Henry was well off, being the son of a nurse practitioner and regional manager of Kroger, none of them had the things Jefferson had. Jake didn't even have both of his parents at home.

Since his dad died two years back, his mother had to work three jobs to pay the bills. He worked at a movie theater just so he could have some extra spending money, and when he wasn't at school, work, or hanging out with them, he was babysitting his sisters. Jefferson felt bad for him, and tried his best not to bring up his financial woes. It wasn't intentional, but he was worried about him being so consumed in his studies that he thought he didn't have any leisure time to do what he wanted.

"Anyway, so are you still hanging out with us Friday?" Henry asked Jefferson in an attempt to change the conversation.

He was about to tell him yes, until he remembered what his mother, Catherine, told him a few hours ago, "No, I can't."


He sighed heavily, "Because we're having company over for dinner, and my mom said I had to be there."

Besides his favorite team being three in one for this season, the worst thing that happened to him was the Oliviers coming to his house for dinner. The patriarch, Theo Olivier, had been friends with his father, Senior, since they were very small. For the most part he liked Theo and his wife, Isobel, the only reason he wasn't looking forward to them visiting was because they were bringing their youngest daughter, Avery, with them.

Avery was around the same age as him, but she already graduated from high school as valedictorian at the age of twelve. She was all he heard her parents talk about whenever they were around despite having four older children who were doing something with their lives. Needless to say, he didn't take well to her at all. In fact, he couldn't stand the bitch.

He hadn't seen her in nearly four years since she went off to attend Julliard and was very relieved to say the least. He could honestly admit that she loathed him as well, and the reason they didn't get along was mainly because of their contrasting personalities. If he could sum her up in one word it would be egotistical. When they were younger, she always managed to outshine him and came out on top every single damn time. It irritated him, how she used to throw being a music prodigy along with having an IQ that surpassed Einstein's in his face. Music wasn't his forte, and he had her beat when it came to sports and overall physical fitness, but when it came to her none of it mattered. If she was anything from what he remembered, he was not looking forward to seeing her.

"Oh yeah, I know who they are. Didn't you have like a huge crush on their daughter, what was her name? Was it Avery?" Henry wondered.

Jefferson rolled his eyes and proclaimed, "Hell no! I never liked that girl. Now her big sister, Cindy May. She's hot!"

Henry laughed and told him jokingly, "Yeah, she's cute. But you have no chance in hell with her."

"What makes you say that?" he asked defensively.

Jake sighed, and decided to close his book and get in on the conversation. There was no point in trying to study when they were about to go into their all out debating.

"Well, like you said Cindy May is a hot chick, but she's way out of your league," Henry informed him.

Jefferson took offense to that. Especially considering the fact, that he already had three girlfriends by the time he got his first. It was no secret who the hot guy of their group was, but he never threw that in their faces.

"How do you figure that? I've had more girls in a month than you've had in a life time."

"Damn!" Jake coughed.

He had to admit that was a good counter. Henry gave him a dirty look then flipped him off, "Whatever, I'm not even gonna go there. The girl is out of your league because she's what, in college now. You're still in high school!"

"As I recall, didn't Avery graduate before she did?" Jake asked.

Jefferson grimaced and told him in a crude tone, "Yeah, I overheard Ms. Isobel telling my mom the other day; she got like a five million dollar recording contract or whatever."

"Sounds like somebody's a hater," Henry said under his breath.

Jake snickered, but ceased as soon as Jefferson looked at him, and replied, "I am not, what do I have to be jealous of?"

Henry started counting on his fingers, "Well one, she's smarter than you; two, she's way more talented; three, I remember her showing your ass up on everything we did when we were little; and four, she's what a millionaire on her own. You're only a millionaire because of your dad, and you're just a high school running back while she's gonna be world famous."

Jefferson rolled his eyes then folded his arms and sighed. Everything he said may have been truth, minus the world famous part because for all he knew she was still new to the music industry, genius or not. He really didn't give a damn what they thought because he knew, without a doubt, there was no way in Hell he'll ever be jealous of her. He really wasn't looking forward to Friday because he didn't feel like being treated like a second class citizen in his own home, not to mention the fact, he also remembered her treating Senior like a rabid dog, and that wasn't cool in his book.

Prince, a tall, ebony man with a broad build who looked to be in his mid thirties rather than in his forties, dressed in a pair of loose fitted jeans and a black sweater stood at the threshold, and said with his deep baritone, "Jefferson, your father wants to speak with you in his study; and Henry, Jake, time for ya'll to head home. It's a school night."

"Well, catch ya later!" Henry pushed the recliner back in with his legs then stood up.

Jake gathered his things then stood up and headed out of the room with Henry after saying, "See you tomorrow."

"Later guys!"

Prince poked his head back into the room and reminded him, "You're going to go talk to Senior, right?"

He sighed, picked up the remote, turned the TV off, and then stood up, "Yeah, I'm going now."

Prince had left to take his friends home while he went upstairs to his father's study. Senior's study, besides his parents' bedroom, was a very secluded room. No one, unless given permission, could go in there, including Catherine. She believed that's where he did a lot of work that he brought home from the office most of the time, but Jefferson knew that was also his haven for sneaking away when he didn't want to deal with his family. He figured he wanted to talk to him about football, since he wanted to speak with him there.

He knocked on the door loud enough for him to hear, and then waited for permission to enter.

He heard Senior's deep, low voice call from the opposite end of the door, "Come in!"

He entered the room, closed the door behind him, and then took a seat on the upholstery chair in front of Senior's desk. Senior didn't bother to look up as he continued to read over the files for a court case he was handling himself. Jefferson waited patiently for him to speak while his eyes adverted to the clock that hung on the wall behind him.

It was no secret that Senior was a difficult man to deal with, many people feared him, but most respected him. He was one of the most prominent men in the south, having grown up in a poor family out in the country somewhere, born to a mechanic and a waitress at a local diner in the nearest town close to their home. Along with his older fraternal twin brother, Thomas, he succeeded his father and become the owner of a prestigious criminal and family law firm. He started with nothing and ended up with millions and was able to insure that he and Catherine lived comfortably for the rest of their lives; however, although Jefferson had a trust fund and automatically went in his will as his only child, he still expected him to go out and make his own fortune, mainly from a promising football career.

"So," he began placing the files back into the manila envelope then looking at his son through his reading glasses, "have I told you I spoke with your coach recently?"

Jefferson nodded and muttered, "Yes, sir." So he was a little intimidated by his father, but weren't all children like that with their parents?

"He speaks very highly of you, although I don't see a reason for him to praise you for the way you've been playing recently," his words slurred out of his mouth, bruising his ego.

Criticizing his skills on the field was normal, but for once he would love for him to congratulate him on his hard work.

"What do you mean?" he asked politely.

Senior's blue eyes tore a hole through him, and that caused him to feel a bit uneasy, "What I mean is, your overall skills has gone from pretty damn good to mediocre."

Jefferson kept a straight face, although his words wounded him. How could he say that, when he was the only junior to start in the varsity games? Everyone else either played junior varsity or sat on the bench during the duration of the games. It was his skills, heart, hard work, and determination that got him that spot. The coach told him as much, why couldn't he see that?

"But dad, the coach also says I already have four scouts who are already interested in me," he tried to defend himself, but the way his father was looking at him with that cold glare, he knew he wasn't really listening to him.

He only saw what was in his eyes, and what was in his eyes was his imperfection. Senior was a perfectionist to say the least, and although he wouldn't tell him, it was absurd because nothing in the world was perfect.

"That may be, but how do you expect to sign on with any of them at the rate you're going?"

"The rate I'm going?"

Senior sighed, and then rested his head in his hand as he shook his head in dismay. The boy just didn't get it, and it was a damn shame.

"You're slow, Jefferson," he told him bluntly.

"I'm slow? I run a fucking four/two!"

Senior slammed his fist down onto his desk, startling him, "You watch your mouth boy!" he told him with a stern look on his face.

Jefferson couldn't believe it. The one thing he enjoyed doing, he thought he was pretty damn good at it, and now his own father was telling him otherwise. What the hell?

"Now, like I was saying before you need to improve your game and overall stamina. That means, you need to gain more muscle mass and become faster if you ever plan to play professional ball."

Jefferson sighed, and surrendered. There was no point in arguing with him, because Senior would already be declared the winner of the dispute. The last thing he wanted to do was irritate him. So, he kept his mouth shut and agreed with what he told him.

"So, in other words, I expect you to give it your all during practice. When the coach tells you to give it one percent, I expect a thousand percent. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," Jefferson mumbled under his breath.

"And another thing, I take it your mother informed you that my good friend, Theo Olivier, is coming to dinner this upcoming Friday."

"Oh, yeah about that," Jefferson knew better than to try and get out of it, since he figured it would be very important to him.

"Yes?" he looked at him sharply, his eyes darkening and cutting through him as if he knew to expect something unpleasing.

"Well, I was kind of wondering if I could skip out this time. I already made plans with Henry and Jake to see a movie," he told him, bracing himself for what was about to come.

Senior, sat there for a moment, with his hands clasped together on top of his desk, and he continued to give him a deadly glare, "Why can't you see the movie before dinner. It isn't until seven."

"Well," he knew there was no excuse to skip this besides the fact, he didn't like Avery Olivier, but of course that wasn't a good enough excuse.

He figured it was better to be honest than lie since he always managed to figure out when he wasn't being truthful, "Well, I don't want to go because I don't want to be around Avery."

He drew his brows together, "Why not?"

"Because, I don't like her."

There was an awkward pregnant pause, and he waited for him to yell at him. He was surprised when his lips curled into a devilish grin when he told him in a cool tone, "Is that so?"

Jefferson nodded; feeling a bit relieved then asked, "So, can I miss it? I promise, I'll apologize to Mr. Theo and Ms. Isobel."

Senior laughed haughtily and that really shocked him. What was it, he found so amusing?

"Hell no boy! You're coming to dinner, and that's final."


"No buts. Now do what you wish after school with your friends, but your ass better be here at seven," he warned.

Jefferson held his head down, feeling defeated when he murmured, "Yes, sir."

"Now, leave. I have work to do," Senior waved his hand in a dismissing manner, and then readjusted his reading glasses so he could finish with the paperwork.

Jefferson stood up then left the room without saying anything. His father was forcing him to do something he dreaded, but he knew better not to try and fight him on it. It would've ended very badly for him. He wasn't prepared to meet up with his arch nemesis, although she possibly forgotten about him, he still wasn't looking forward to it. He promised he would be on his best behavior, but didn't promise to play nice with Avery Olivier.

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