"Clepsammia and Tolerance"
of ancient timekeeping...

First comes 3rd
as seem from the Eye;
then second's 2nd,

1st is the floor
and reaches divide

at the Null from Time
who'se distant-ce tails
to a point at

like an art of millenary suppositions,
a fatuous appeal to chance.


And observed reality is always perpendicular to itself,
observed spatial dimension,
and the physical integration of Time
(it)–now in R5

like a conversation about...
[or on(?)]

a unique uniformity of lapping stepping stones,
the meaning of 'Thinking clearly,'
some rusted chronometer,
a chondrule-temporal-glass
of appearance verses concept,
culture verses accuracy.


Things only become more defined--
or lost completely
--and Depth is only a misperception of time.

why is
it I
don't know anything much
about much anything?