This is an essay modeled after Judy Brady's I Want a Wife for my Advanced Comp class.

Did I do her justice or just completely screwed it up?

Review please.


I Want a Friend

There are several categories of Friend: Girlfriends/Boyfriends, Best Friends, Work Friends, School Friends, and Family Friends. I belong to all of these—excluding work, since I am currently unemployed. I am a friend to my nephews, my brother, my boyfriend (now fiancé), and to the friends I have from here at college or home in Joshua. After reading I Want a Wife by Judy Brady, I came to realize that every person has a title that we each personify to another person; my title is Friend. Who wants a friend? Everyone.

I want a friend in the basic and complex terms in each category of Friend. I want a friend who is there for me when no one else is, to listen and talk about the bad things going on in my life and the stress I feel. I want a friend who makes me laugh when I am sad and calms me down when I am mad. I want a friend who can come when I need them, whenever I need them—no matter the time or distance.

I want a friend who will get in trouble with me and laugh if the cops stop us after smoking green tea leaves and ask, "Why do you smell like medicine?" I want a friend who will understand that I take my schoolwork seriously and not bother me when I am busy with it—because no matter how important it is to them, my education comes first. I want a friend who will go at lengths to find an answer for my papers, or for my own personal enjoyment. They will drop everything to do it, too.

If I tire of their friendship, they will see fit to remove themselves from my life without a word to the contrary. Believing that what is best for us is to be apart for as long as I see fit. They, of course, will return when I want them to. Thus proving how important I am to them. If our friendship should turn into something more say a loving relationship or a semi-family route, they will decide everything that I pass on to them (as in options). A small amount of complaining is allowed, but too much and I have the right to quietly brew in my own world until I see fit to talk again.

I think this friendship will work out, don't you?