Name: Mandy Beacon
Age: 12 turning 13 on November 14(However, she does change age when you advance through the story)
Ethnicity: She is mainly Filipino, Italian, and Caucasian.
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Hair Color & Type: Dark brown & mostly straight. At times, she likes to curl her hair.
Eye Color: Hazel
Special Features: Prettiest eyes and a great personality.

Chapter 1: The Game

I dreaded going to these baseball games, and I'm not a big fan of baseball. My parents are the ones who love it, and I do wish my older brother & sister would agree with me, but sadly no. I have a fear of baseball, whenever they hit the ball out of the field, as a foul, I'm always afraid that it'll hit me, which will give me complete embarrassment from the audience AND the team. Just face it, I don't like baseball. I don't like any other sports besides badminton perhaps.

We went to a little league game, which isn't such a big of a deal, but my parents told me that the players from the team are my age. We decided to go to a Hawaii Vs. Arizona game, since it was after school for me and before the night time. I don't know why my parents want me to go to these baseball games during a school night for me. I don't like playing or even watch sports, but my they said that we should get out more often, which we ALWAYS do. They also told me that they wanted to meet the players' parents from the Hawaii team since my mom was from Hawaii herself.

During the game, all I did was sat there, texting and tweeting on my phone, or listening to music or watching a movie on my ipod. I even brought my homework with me, so I can get it out of the way, and it can distract me from watching the game. However, I was already getting distracted when everyone kept on screaming on the top of their lungs, supporting the players. I decided to watch a little bit of the game, to see what the commotion was about and who's batting because Hawaii was batting at this time. My eyes caught on the attention of the batter, and from that moment, I couldn't look away from him. I didn't know who the player was and he was also lefty at bat too, but I was in the other side of him, so I couldn't see his number. As he was swinging the bat, he hit it so hard that it went out of the field and it became a homerun. Everyone was screaming for him, and as he was rounding up all the bases, I could see his joyful smile.

After he went around all those bases, I was in joy that he did it and won the game. I wanted to get up and say "Good Job" really loudly, but I was afraid of embarrassment. I could see that his number was "1" and as soon as he looked up at the audience, I could not look away from him. Then all of a sudden, my eyes was locked into his eyes and I smiled, and, as a matter of fact, he smiled back. Unless, he could have smiled at someone else, but I waved my hand to him. He gave me another big & joyful smile and he waved back to me. Suddenly, my heart started thumping a lot, and I couldn't stop smiling until the game was over.

When the game was over, my family and I met up with the team and their family because their parents wanted to congratulate them and mine as well. I was looking for the player that had '#1' in the back of his jersey. I couldn't find him, there was a whole bunch of people blocking the way, and none of the players' numbers said '1'. I didn't even know his last name either, all I saw was his number. My parents met the other players families already, but I wanted to find that #1 guy, I wanted to congratulate him, that's it.

I was ready to give up on searching for him, and I asked my parents if we could go home. But they were too busy talking some players' parents. I kept on pestering them, but they didn't listen, instead they told me in a calm voice to sit at the benches behind them. I did what they told me to do of course, I don't want to be disrespectful to them in front of their new friends. As I sat on the benches, I didn't feel like taking out my ipod, I just wanted to hear the voices of other people and hearing my parents when they told me it's time to go. I was watching my parents, so they can give me a sign if it was time to go home. Then for a moment, I stared at the ground, looking at my shoes when suddenly someone else's shoes were in front of mine.....

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