I've stopped listening to your words, their meaning I cannot follow
The taste of your lips has grown bitter, too challenging to swallow
WILL you change

Why do I continue pretending when the pain is to much to carry
So many smiles dance around me, my soul has grown weary
YOU are among them

I am drowning in this shallowness, I have no breath to spare
I know that I am worthless, because of a rescue no one would dare
FORGIVE my weakness

I am alone and restless, I have forgotten how to believe
Perhaps my story is over and it is time to take my leave
ME, it is only me

A/N - I know this one is terribly short, but I haven't had much come to mind lately and I just couldn't stretch this one out. So I left it alone and kept it true to the message(s) I wanted it to express. I don't think the length took anything away from it. Thoughts?