The Crowded Road

I come to the crossroad of life,

I see three roads and take the one most packed,

And, though I grew to have a wife,

I feel like I was putting up an act.

I am always surrounded by others,

Never alone,

Always with one friend or another,

But they are not friends down to the bone.

All I want is friends,

So I change for them.

I keep up with all he trends,

But I am someone else than who I am.

All I do is follow the crowd,

I blend in.

I am not proud,

Of what is now within.

I am nobody,

I am just a part of the crowd.

I am just in my old body,

But a personality I am not allowed.

I long to go back,

to take a better road.

Enduring this place is like taking a slap,

And it seams like time has slowed.

I know, however, that I can not go back,

No matter how hard I try.

For a road is only traveled once in life, never can you retry,

So it is forward I must march, until the whole world goes black.