Dead, dead, bleed away

Leave me alone


Go away


I can't breathe with you here




Why do you do this to me?

Do what? I'm in your mind, my dear, I can't leave

Yes you can, you can leave now

No I can't

Yes you can!

No, my dear, you trapped me here

I did not!

Ah, but you did

Did I?

Indeed you did

I don't recall

Oh, don't you?

That's right; I don't

But, my dear! I asked you to let me in and you said "Yes, my love. Of course, my love!"

I don't remember!

Of course you don't; I told you not to

I'm not listeningā€¦

Oh, but you are, my dear, you are

Fuck you!

It's far too lateā€¦

Get out of my head!