Goodbye T

With talons cold, and steely breeze, I feel you moving beyond my reach.

I know you're there, but cannot see; for an obstruction lies in front of me.

Is it vanity, is it shame, is it someone else who calls my name?

For to reach you would be, beyond defy, a truly remarkable feat of surprise.

I would show you such facade and flair, yet still you know my heart is there; beyond layers unseen and not once touched, you comfort me very, and too much.

I know you shimmer of golden light, yet I cannot see you bright, hindered I am by such a plight.

A plight that knows me, through and through, a plight misleading; what is the truth?

Your embrace is unknown and cannot be shown, for through these barriers it's dark as night.

A veil of secluded souls, hiding mine beyond control. I cannot touch or see what's there, and all I feel is despair.

I want to touch you, I want you to stay; yet forward seems the only way.

I cannot chain what I cannot see, and you do not hear my stricken pleads.

For now you're leaving I have nothing to say, but wish you comfort and I pray.

So do go play in the starry night, feel not my plunder and don't hold me tight; you need not to think back to my mortal wounds, but remember me as I shall you.