Made: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time: 1:24p.m


"Where are the people fighting?
Are our people dying
Or are they just hiding?"

The news is on again.
Peh, their emotions are all pretend.

"There's a tsunami, hail, and rain;
Get ready for that hurricane.
There's going to be a lot of pain today."

I try to look away
But I feel the need to stay.

"Here's a child on the streets
With no shoes on his feet
And he's just crying."

I might miss something, you know.
Where else do I have to go?

"In other news…"

We all need some release.
There are people begging, "please, please…please."

"We have a missing person's case.
Stay alert, support the chase.
His name is 'Hero.'"

My hand stops on the power;
Turn the volume up louder.

"If you find him; help us cope,
We will reward you with hope.
So, please, keep your eyes open."

I smile and shake my head,
Turn it off and go to bed.

There's a hurricane outside
And this hero wants to hide.