Chapter one: Lee

"I'm in love with you-

You're in love with me.

We both know it.

Why can't we show it?" I sang to the other members of my band, 'Great Escape,' getting into it and really belting it out. I danced around our make-believe stage, pretending like I was doing a guitar solo. I did a big finish, then ran across the room, slapping each of their hands in turn. Aj, then Jesse, then Tyler, then Chris. The guys laughed, hands on their stomach, falling out of their chairs.

I took a deep breath and combed my hair out with my fingers, getting out of my singing high, returning to reality.

"That was an amazing chorus, Lee. I love it." Aj said. Aj was the band's drummer. I blushed and looked down. I was fearless on the stage, but in the real world? Let's just say if I had a nickel for every time I blushed, I'd be a multi-millionaire in a few months.

"Yeah, Lee, that was awesome. How'd you come up with it?" Jesse agreed. I smiled. I was never nervous around Jesse. He was like the big brother fate forgot to give me, only less annoying than a real big brother would be.

"One minute I was drawing a heart being set on fire, the next thing I knew I had flipped the paper over and wrote a chorus, plus a partial guitar solo. Pretty sick, huh?" I told him.

I plopped down onto one of my big, comfy, chairs, the guys following my example. "So what if…" I thought for a second, distracted by Aj sitting right next to me. "What if, when we wrote a first verse, we started with the acoustic guitar, then added the drums -"

Tyler cut me off, getting my point. "Then the two electric guitars, then your voice. Perfect!" I smiled in gratitude, blushing again.

"So… what do you guys think? Is it a 'go'? Or a 'no'?" I asked, looking around to each member of my band, looking at Aj last. And of course, I blushed.

"I say it's a go." Chris said, nodding and giving me a high-five. "Sounds like a killer song." I smiled, and then looked at Tyler.

"Yeah, me too, Lee. It's a go. Even if it does sound like a love song." He made a face, and I laughed. I turned my attention to Aj.

"Aj?" I asked. "What about you?" I held his eyes for a minute, then looked down, blushing. Of course… Like I really needed to make it more obvious.

He smiled, reassuring me and stopping my heart at the same instant. "Of course I think it's a go. Why wouldn't I?" I laughed once at his rhetorical question, trying to hide the blush.

Jesse laughed, seeing my blush despite my efforts, and said, "Yeah, it's a go," in between laughs. Then he added, "as long as you tell us who you wrote it about!" all the guys laughed with him, nodding in agreement.

I blushed a deep red, and mumbled something like, "just this guy in my class." They howled with laughter, and soon it was funny to me, too. I laughed along with them when I looked up and noticed the time.

"Crap! Guys, look at the time! Lilly is going to be here soon! If you are all still here, she'll KILL me!" I gave each of them a hug, Jesse first, then Chris, then Tyler, and last (but SOOOOO not least) Aj. I squeezed Jesse a little tighter (maybe too tight, but that was intended) than the rest of the guys as they filed out the back door.

As I turned to walk back to my room, I could've sworn I saw Aj give me a little wink. The sight-whether imaginary of real- set my heart on fire.

Just then, the front door opened and my older sister Lilly came in the house, wearing the outfit I hated most: a pink mini-skirt with white knee-high socks and pink tennis shoes, with a pink halter top and her hair up in a ponytail. I made a disgusted sound in the back of my throat, hopefully too low for her to hear.

"Hey, Lee-Lee. How's the homework going?" she asked sweetly. I hated that she still called me Lee-Lee. It had been my nickname in fourth grade, when our baby brother was two. He'd called me over and over again when I left the room. "Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee!" he'd scream. Soon, it had become a habit of his to say my name twice, 'Lee-Lee'. I loved it back then, because I thought of it as an affectionate name, a term of endearment. Everyone in my entire school, even the teachers, called me Lee-Lee. It was great.

But, of course, I'd never, EVER anticipated that my older sister would continue to say my name twice long after Drew, along with everyone else, stopped. I family-hated her for it, which is why she continues to call me that.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, doing my English homework when she walked in the door, and I thanked my rarely lucky stars that she was exactly as stupid as a strawberry blonde is supposed to be. The band stuff was still as set up upstairs, the back door was slightly open, and there was at least six cans of Pepsi in the garbage. You'd think she'd notice these things, but she didn't.

I sighed in relief once I heard her bedroom door close.

Unfortunately, her good ears make up for her lack of intelligence, and she heard the sigh (from upstairs, on the other side of the house, with five walls and a mostly-soundproof room in between us) with no problem.

She came down the stairs in a hurry, and thank god I had just finished my English homework, because when she came down she looked pretty mad.

"Why did you just sigh?" she asked, fiercely determined to get the answer she wanted. "I'm waiting," she added when I hesitated.

I opened the English book back up, showing her the completed page. "I'm finished with my English, and that was the bulk of my homework tonight. All I have left is math."

"Okay, prove it." Lilly said, standing with her hip cocked to the side. She smiled smugly when she heard my breath catch.

"Fine, I will." I said back to her. "My first problem is solving for x. '5 (x-3) +10=40'. So there." She laughed at my attitude, and then walked back to her room shaking her head. I was careful to breathe regularly.

My phone buzzed and danced along the table, singing the song 'Down'. I picked it up and unlocked the screen, anxious to see who had texted me.

I flipped open the phone, and saw an unfamiliar number. I opened the text, and almost dropped the phone when I read what it said.

Hi, Lee, it's Jake. I got your number off of Jesse. Do you want to hang out Friday night?

I stared at it in shock. Jake Russel- the hottest guy in our school, just asked me out. Unless…

I exited out of my messages and had Jesse's number dialed before you could blink an eye.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hey, Jesse, it's me." I said, talking quickly. "Did you give Jake Russel my number?"

"Hello to you too." I heard him say, pretending to be hurt. "I thought you cared more than that."

"Okay, fine. Hello, Jesse, how was your day? Did you have fun in school? Did you finish your homework? Do you have to go to work tomorrow?" I drilled before he could answer any of the individual questions.

I could tell from his voice he was smiling. "Much better. My day was great, thanks. No, I didn't have fun in school… not the kind of fun I'd like to be having, anyway. Didn't have any homework. Yes, unfortunately I do have work tomorrow."

I didn't even comment on his sick joke. "So did you give it to him or not???" I asked again, impatient.

"Alright, alright, I'll answer the question. And yes, I did give Jake Russel your number."

Bear with me, here, guys. This is the first story I've written for young adult, so tell me if you think it sucks. this is sort of a cliffhanger, sorry about that, but I love doing that to my poor readers! Hahaha, I'm kidding. I love you guys. Review, please!