The World of Cantabria is one where there are two types of creatures. Those who are called Lamia (Vampires) and those that are Infandus (humans) also called Daps for short. These two classes are setting a course for war. And placed right in the middle of the battle is a young woman who was dropped in from our world. Alice. Her choices determine the future of these two classes and the world of Cantabria.

Welcome to the world of Cantabria. This is RPG inspired by elements in dating sims, this means romance will play a part in it. So you have been for warned.


No God-moding, under any circumstances.

Literate RP, I'll let one-liners slide, but keep them minimal.

***My word is law.***

There is a storyline to this, so no suddenly going off on wild tangents.

No over powered characters period, and vampires are limited to 2 special powers only.

The only types of supernatural creatures here are the vampires, no others.

Keep all love and action to PG13.

Activity is expected, if you have to leave please PM me and let the others know so we can make arrangements.

The limit is set at 5 charcters per person, that includes me. To add a new character drop an old one.

Three strikes system, use up your strikes and you're outta here.

Vampires are not special healers; wounds will take time to repair so no sudden healing.

Currently, it is a free ending RP and can go either way. NPCs may be created for minor purposes. Please keep these limited.

The Main Villains have been chosen, they are open to use.

Lastly, have fun! I hope to see some character development and twists in the story too. And also, if you have any ideas for sub plots or questions PM me

Vamps Rules

* Are not indestructible. Vampires can be killed.

* No overdone powers, no flying, no sudden heal.

* Heighten senses, Speed must be in short bursts, high jumps allowed but not from ground to 100 story roof.

* Can go out in the sun.

* Silver can hurt them.

* Is allowed two special powers and one transformation. It can either be an elemental or animal.

Example of powers: Invisible shield for 20 seconds up to five minutes. Ability to become mist.

However character has to have a limit, and needs to rest. The more energy they use the longer the rest.



Lamai (Vampires) - They make up the main Aristocracy of Cantabria. Regular vampires with regular weaknesses. All the five families are Lamia.

Zamphir - A person who's father is a Lamia and mother is a Human. Has vampire's strength and speed, but has normal human senses. Must drink blood.

Morii -a Halfling that comes from a Lamia mother and a human father. Has vampire's senses, but does not have their speed or strength. They get sick if they drink blood.

Daps (Humans) -Good old fashioned humans.

In the world of Cantabria there are four types of creatures. The Lamia, or Vampire who are considered the rules. The Zamphir and the Morii which are the children of one human parent and one Vampire Parent, Zamphirs tend to have the speed and strength of vampires while they need to drink blood they have none of the sense that a Vampire has. On the other hand the Morii has the senses of a vampire but not it's speed or strength, and do not need to drink blood. Humans or Daps are the last class and are considered lower life forms.

There are classes in this world that run things. The Règle is the Royal family's class, while the nobility are called the Vrykolakas among the Lamai. Mullo's are the lower classes who have no rank in society. On the other side are the humans, are the Realeza, who were the ruling class at one time. These are the only humans to keep their title as they are the royal family. All others are called Citoyen, as they are the commoners for the humans. Lastly there's the small class of holy orders known as the Archiereus, and the title is reserved for those in the holy families.

Cantabria, is the Royal family and is the first highest, Bebryces the holy family of the Church of the Red Cross, Cadmus is the second highest family, followed by the Hyacinthus who are the fourth highest family, and lastly the Sanguino who is the fifth and final family. These are the ruling families in the world of Cantabria. The world was named for the Cantabria family who is now in control of the world, and has been for several eons. The ruling Regale is one Violo Cantabria, a known playboy and seems to serve no purpose but to engage in amusing himself. He has a council of four which is made up of a member of each family.

Hugo Hrist Behmen -of the Bebryces family

On the opposing side of this are the humans who have been trying to establish a kingdom of their own, and route out the Lamia whom they feel are oppressing them. Running the humans is the Lycaon the Ruling family of the humans, and the head is Realeza, Therodamas Lycaon, who is mostly a just man but has a lot of issues when it comes to following through on his words and promises. He is assisted by the Caedo the second highest family of the humans, followed by the Thyestes who are the Holy family of the humans, and third highest, after is the Antonius the fourth highest family of the humans, and last is the Teutates the Fifth highest family of the humans.

It is because of these two factions that the third group, the outsiders called Zamphirs and Morii are hired out to deal with and dispatch enemies, spies and even one another. These are called Hunters. It's a bloody and political storm that stirs this world and Alice Hallow fell right into it. Having only a single broach that may hold the key to the worlds this young woman has to journey to find the answer of who shall rule Cantabria. Her word becomes law, and in the end, her choices will govern the fate of the world.

Name: Alice Hallow

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Strawberry blonde hair that's pulled into a ponytail with a blue bow. Mind you it starts off short and bobbed. She has bright blue eyes the color of robin's eggs. She was dressed in a pair of blue pjs when she was taken and later is given a royal blue skirt with white lace under it, a frilly long sleeved white shirt and a royal blue jacket where she wears a dark green rose broach. Black heeled boots to her ankles finish this look.

Class:Citoyen, Earthling

Creature: Daps

Personality: Alice is a curious girl with a lot of energy in her and spunk, but she can be shy and timid at times when she feels she can't do something. She's normally friendly to people that she can tell are nice, but acts rudely to those that act like jerks to her. She's a quick pick up in math and history, but slower in English and manners.

Weapons: A magic book that seems to come to her when she touches the broach and can grant her spells to use against enemies most of the time. Her ribbon is enchanted so it can be used to tie things up and as a whip in serious situations.

Bio: Alice is the daughter of two English teachers, Patsy and Henry Hallow. She used to attend Regina High school with her friends, but had very little luck in the boyfriend department. She liked to ready fairy tales and believes in them. On the day of her 17th birthday her friends planned a surprise sleep over and bought her a book. The book was a spell book and Alice broke the seal on it. When what to her surprise a tall handsome looking man appeared when the girls cast a spell outside and dragged Alice back with him through a hole in the ground. Once long ago she had been in the world of Cantabria as a child and met the Ark twins that befriended her. Since that time she has forgotten her friends there due to being on Earth.

Notes: Alice knows the language due to being there before. However she doesn't always know the words to things and will ask questions about them. She also has a love of cabbage patch dolls.

Name: Koray Sashi

Family: Cantabria

Age: 23 (Older in Vampire years)

Gender: Male

Apperence: Very light blonde hair that goes down to the middle of his back and bangs that hang in silver colored eyes. Tall at least five eleven, wears a white victorian like suit with a long sliver lined white cape on it, and a dark silver ruffled shirt with a broach that's made of sapphire. Light gray boots and gloves.

Class: Vrykolakas, cousin to the royal family

Creature: Lamia

Occupation: Wizard/ Magican / Personal scapegoat for Violo

Personality: Cool if not rude at most times. He can be charming but to Alice he acts like a total ass. He doesn't like the idea that he has to watch her and baby-sits her. He can be kind and some times melancholy when left alone. Is a bit lonely at times.

Abilities: High Jumps and some speed capabilities. He can dodge a number of things and is known for a variety of spells.

Transformation: A white hare

Weapons: magic spells

Bio: Koray is the cousin of Violo and hates him with a passion. Koray's mother was Violo's father's sister and devoted to her brother. So much so that she gave Koray to Violo as a servant to show the younger man that she was willing to even give up her child to serve him. Violo was rude and mean to Koray, and treated him pretty badly when they were younger. His treatment never got better in time, though it never did get worse either. In some respects Koray actually does care about his cousin, thought if Violo returns it, it's not known. When he was ten Koray was taught by the court magician and discovered he excelled in magic, which was rare among Lamia, since mostly Humans can use spells. After the old man died Koray took over, and felt a great sense of loss since he loved the old magican. When the king died Koray was appointed to be Violo's body guard and protect him. He does so with great disinterest and is more likely to be up in his tower trying to find a way to breach the two worlds.

Notes: He hates ice cream and won't eat anything that has a gooey taste to it.

Name: Lua Bebryces

Family: Bebryces (The eldest son of the Holy family)

Age: 24, at last appeared guess

Gender: Male

Appearance: Long dark iron gray hair that's been pulled back into a tail with a velvet green ribbon. Violet colored eyes. He always wears a very regal looking green suit, with gold embroidery on it, white cravate with ruffles, and a royal blue cloak with silkly satiny royal purple in lining. He also wears black boots. A ring on his finger denotes his holy status, and he sometimes is seen with a fan in hand that acts as his wacking device as well as his staff for rituals.

Class: Vrykolakas

Creature: Lamia

Occupation: Working as the head bishop to his father the pope of the main order.

Personality: charming and smooth, he hides a lot in his worked on appearence. Under he's a bit of a creep at times, but there's a soft side even to him. He wants to seem important as compared to his father. It's just not working out that way. He's jealous of Koray's ablities.

Ablities: Reputited to summon and talk with the dead. Has some wind powers to cause a storm. Is known for his musical ablities to lull someone to sleep.

Transformation: Stripped black cat

Weapons: Fan if you can count that, a sword, but it's more for decoration, though he's been trained in the art of fencing.

Bio: Lua is the eldest child of the head of the vampiric Church of Cantabria. He's been friends with Violo since they were children, however he really donesn't know much of the man. His goal in life is two things. One is to one day be more famous and more well known then his father and to prove that he's worthty to take on that post. Two, to have his sister marry Violo. It is she for whom he pushes himself so much. His father and mother both care about them in their own "unique" way, though he himself has never felt any thing for another person outside of loyalty. His sister is the only one that he feels any sort of affection towards.

Notes: He doesn't like the taste of peaches.

Name: Ramina Bebryces

Family: Bebryces

Age: 19, last checked apperence age

Gender: Female

Apperence: Long blonde hair that's in curls. She wears a green dress that's much like a victorian ladies for winter. Gold stitching on it and leaf patters make it stand out, and she has light green eyes with a hint of violet to them. She always has her hair pinned back by holly berry clips, and carries an umbrella with her at all times.

Class: Same as her brothers

Creature: Lamia

Occupation: Student to the records department

Personality: Sweet and cunning, like her brother she knows how to behave in public. When angered she can be a beast, but she keeps that to herself most of the time. To Violo she's a fan and will do anything he tells her to do, regardless of the risks to her life. Much to her brother's annoyence in most cases, she happily will kiss Violo when greating him, espeically when it annoys the court and the people there.

Ablities: She can create silence. Litterally make a room go dead silent if she so wants to.

Transformation: a white crane

Weapons: umbrella

Bio: The daughter of the head of the vampric Church, Ramina is the youngest memeber of the family. As a girl she met Violo and automatically proclaimed that he would be her future spouse. Since that time she's been trying to get him to see her as more then just Lua's little sister. Though Violo doesn't seem to pay her any mind.

Notes: She likes cranberry sauce, warmed, on just about everything.

Name: Violo Cantabria

Family: Cantabria

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's a real dandy with his clothes. He tends to wear a black velvet frock coat that has black lace at the cuffs and on the front. He wears a white shirt and crimson silk cravat with a black embroidered waistcoat and a silver pocket watch. He has long white blonde hair tied back with a crimson velvet ribbon. He's tall and elegant, with brown eyes and a stunning smile.

Class: He be the Vampire King. Well the head Règle.

Creature: Vampire

Occupation: Ruler.

Personality: Thought of as a playboy Violo uses his reputation to seem almost harmless to the political situation. People expect him to be more interested in pleasure and drink. However Violo is highly intelligent and rules over his people wisely, though they all think he is a waste of space. He is highly witty and very charming. He can get a little bored with people and doesn't like it when they have no sense of fun. He loves parties and dancing. He has no reservations about gender, race or class when it comes to those he is attracted to. He likes testing people and seeing how they'll react to his flirting or strange behaviour.

Ablities: Invisibility for five minutes. And the abilty to become intangiable for twenty second bursts.

Transformation:A very large Jackel

Weapons: A sword because it looks good.

Bio: Violo grew up in luxury and was treated like a prince by his mother and servants as he was to become the new leader of the vampires. He is used to having his own way in everything and became head Règle when he seemed around age 20. He hired Lazai to do his 'jobs' and he actually quite likes the morii. He is friends with Hugo and doesn't mind just chatting to him even in the middle of important business. He is very offhanded towards Koray however deep down cares for his cousin. But after being raised to think he was best he isn't always that great with other people's feelings.

Name: Lazai Rook.


Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: black curly hair he ties back in a messy ponytail, He wears dark trousers and boots along with a dark tunic. He wears a sliver hoop earing in his left ear. And is of normal height.

Creature: Morii

Occupation: Hunter and Violo's servant

Personality: Serious and sensible Lazai always does his job to the best of his ability, he can be a little disparaging of Violo's attitude and playboy habits. He is often a little awkward around Violo as Violo is of course very powerful, but also because he is a full vampire unlike Lazai. He is polite to others but is often a little guarded and doesn't let people know what he is thinking.

Transformation: Raven

Weapons: Throwing knives.

Bio: Lazai doesn't know who his parents were and was raised by a human woman who died of cancer when Lazai was 15, he was then taken in by another family for a little while, they were kind to him but he knew they were afraid so he left. He met Violo by chance and Violo hired him as a servant after testing Lazai by trying to flirt with him. Lazai managed to stay calm and ward Violo off which made Violo respect him to some degree.

Notes: He enjoys flying a kite when he has the time.

Name: Lilia Thyestes

Family Thyestes

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark tan skin and black hair she wears in an elegant bun, she is only about 5 foot 1 inch. She wears a white robe with a black belt and the holy symbol as a metal clasp on her belt. Around her neck there are several holy amulets and she wears a single ring on her finger that is a simple silver band with a black rock set into it.

Class: Archiereus

Creature: Daps

Occupation: Advisor to the Realeza

Personality: Whilst she is very stubborn and opinionated she doesn't really like hurting people's feelings. She cares about Arion as she thinks he seems very lonely. Sometimes she misses the simplicity of her childhood, she is honest and tries to give good advice.

Weapons: Prayer and she can use knives but really prefers not to.

Bio: Her father was an advisor to the Realeza before Therodamus and she took his place in court despite the will of her mother who wished for her to just get a regular job and stay out of trouble. Her mother was of the common class and her sister was the one who raised Lazai and she knew him when they were children.

Notes: She is a skilled dancer as there are a few ceremonies that require the priests of the holy order to perform tribute dances.

Name: Rheana Gallent

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Apperence: Short brown hair and an elfin face she has large green eyes and a cupid's bow mouth. She often wears more masculine clothes like shirts, ties and smart straight trousers. Sometimes she is mistaken to be a very pretty boy.

Creature: Lamia

Occupation: Violo's retainer

Personality: Very friendly and happy to talk to anyone, however as she can see people's thoughts whilst she tries not to she sometimes ends up hearing things she does not like and will no longer talk to the person. She often cannot help using her power as she cannot turn it off which results in her having the unfortunate habit of talking to the voices she can hear or fainting due to an overload.

Ablities: Telepathy

Transformation: A gazelle.

Weapons: She can shut down people's minds temporarily, however this causes her to get terrible headaches and gets echoes of their memories.

Bio: Her parents were well off Lamia who worked for the King, they were killed when Daps sent Zamphirs to assassinate the old King and Queen (Violo's parents). In this way she met Violo as he heard of her loss and invited her to see him so she could receive an apology for her loss. By accident she heard Violo's thoughts and responded to then instead of his words. Learning of her power Violo hired her to work for him, often he will use her to check if people are lying, or to see what they want. Though she dislikes violating people's minds.

Notes: she is friends with Lazai and is polite to Koray and tries not to mention the things she hears from their minds.

Where am I? I feel like I'm floating...Alice thought as the world swam and tumble around her. Bubbles danced over her head and she swore she was floating through water. She could see the moonlit sky above her head and she felt the wet icey cold fingers of waves cuddling her arms and legs through her blue cotton pjs. Whatever it was that was pulling at her, had a strong grip and would not let go regarless of her kicking at it. It felt like a hand, she was sure it was a hand, but not the sort of fleashy human hand she encountered on a daily basis.

No this was something very different and softer then that. As if made of jelly, the hand sliped and slid over her ankle. She was sure that she was drowning, but the fact was that she had not been near water twenty seconds ago. In fact, now that she thought of it, (even as she fell deeper and deeper in to the abyss), Alice was certain that she had been on dry hard land.

Yes...Yes now I remember, I...I was at my sixteenth Birthday party...

Less then Five hours ago she had been a normal school girl in her Jr. Year of High school. She had a crush on a boy in her Algebra class, and had eaten lunch just that afternoon with him. Bryce, that was his name, she recalled it, Bryce Templeton. He was top of their math core, and was one of the best looking guys in school. She'd been thrilled when he'd invited her to sit and eat with him and his friends.

Less then four hours ago she'd come home excited and exstatic. She was going to have a slumber party, something she had not had in years, with six of her best friends. Five of which still lived in town, one who was coming in to stay the weekend from two towns over. Alice had been waiting for this, she felt it in her heart as it thumped. Jenny, her best friend, the one that had moved, was coming to visit for the first time in over a month, and she was elated.

Three hours ago, they had arrived. All of them; Mary, Ellane, Chassey, Shawna, Devon, and Jenny. All carrying gifts and all a twitter about how long it had been since all of them could get together. Alice saw, though the bleak blackness that surrounded her, a birthday cake with sixteen candles, family...her parents maybe, she was having a hard time recalling...singing and laughter. Games, they had played games and then...the gifts.

Two hours ago, she had been examining her gifts, looking over the loot that her friends had brought. Mary had picked up a book that Jenny had given. It's soft brown cover was decorated with various flora and fauna, intricately woven in gold leaf all over the book, and she was sure that the pages were gold embossed as well. And there had been a strange broach in the center. It's emerald cat eye glinted from a gold wreathed wrapped around a cross shaped bird of silver, gold and dimonds. A crane, she thought holding it when it had come off the cover of the book.

An hour ago, Mary had suggested they try the spells in the book. Alice had opened it and had read from the pages. Jenny looked skeptical, after all she didn't realize it was that sort of book when she had bought it. She had just liked the broach on the cover. Something about it had told her it would make a fine gift for Alice.

"Are you sure this is safe," asked Shawnie as they collectively slipped on their slippers and made their way quietly out the back door into the wet grassy back yard.

"Of course," Mary had whispered back. "It's all just for fun."

"But what if we get caught by her mom," asked Chassey, who was trembling in the cold in her slim nighty.

"We won't," assured Ellena who was just as excited about this as Mary was. Devon looked unsure and glanced at Jenny with a 'I don't know about this' look.

"It could be dangerous," Jenny pointed out as they formed a circle as the book instruted.

"Aww come on, what could happen," Mary had laughed. "Not like we'll really summon anything right?"

The girls nodded slowly in unison, and looked at each other with worry and fright. Mary took a breath and set down the book before her and began to read.

"Now all of you join hands and repeat after me...."

Fifteen minutes ago, they had become tired of the game, and Chassey whined. "It's getting cold out."

"Yeah this isn't working," Shawnie complained and Mary gave her a dirty look.

"Come on, one more try and then we go in," Alice said trying to get her friends to stay calm. They groaned and nodded, and Mary delightfully agreed to do the chant again.

"Now make sure you're concentrating, okay. Think of a happy place, one that you remember from your childhood." she insisted. The girls again closed their eyes and joined hands and chanted. At first there was silence, then a strange glow came from the ground beneath their feet and Jenny and Devon gasped.

"Shhhh don't break it," shouted Mary. Once more they chanted, eyes closed, and the light grew brighter and brighter until a large strange circular design lay below them. The girls wanted to giggle but they were stiff and scared. Then just as things couldn't get weirder they did.

Five minutes ago, from the inner circle rose a man wearing nothing but white. His blonde hair waved in a mysterious wind, and his eyes were closed. He spun round floating in mid air, the cape about him dancing.

"Oh my god," whispered Shawnie.

"Don't break the chain girls," insisted Mary. The sound of a voice woke him and the man's eyes snapped open, and he turned to look at them with gray angry eyes. He snarled and Alice saw a glimpse of...Fangs?

Three minutes ago, the man saw her, saw the broach pinned to her shirt and suddenly lunged for Alice. The girls screamed and dropped their hands. That's when he started to vanish back into the circle, and the lights dimmed. It was in that moment that he latched onto Alice's leg...and pulled.

A minute ago. Hands grasped her arms, screams of, "Hang on!" "Don't let go" "Alice!!!!" were heard in her ears, but she didn't remember who had said what, and then...she was falling. It felt familar, this fall. Had she done it before? Was it all just a dream, or more then a dream. No she was sure that there was something familar in this falling sensation. But the hand on her ankle. That hand had not been there the first time, it wasn't familar, and she was scared of it.

Alice suddenly remembered it all. The party, the game, her grabbing the book and then falling through the hole. Down, down, faster, farther then she thought humanly possible. She held her breath, her lungs burning, longing for some air. Just as she thought she couldn't hold it anymore, she fell into sky, and shot down onto a patch of...something.

Looking down she saw she was sitting on a leafy bush, and the man that had come with her. He was laying on another groaning, it seemed and cursing.

"Um...hello?" she asked him and he looked up. He snorted and sat up glaring at her with those same angry gray eyes. She shuddered some.

"ER....excuse me sir,"

"I have a name," he snapped. Alice flinced.

"Oh..Ah...sorry, Um...what is it?"

"Koray...Koray Sashi, though that's none of your business Daps." he said to her getting off the bush and dusting off.

"Wait...Daps, what sort of language is that?" she said struggling to get down. He snorted some watching her but not offering a bit of assistance.

"If you don't know, I'm not inclined to tell you. Anyway, why don't you run along you irritating flea. You've already cost me precious time, and that's something I can't afford to waste. Viole is expecting me, and I can't be late for his meeting. God, I hate these stuiped things," Koray muttered and started to walk off.

"Wait..please..." Alice pleaded and he paused looking back at the girl that had been drug with him. "I don't know where I am. Can you please tell me?"

Koray paused, was this girl a fool? Didn't she know what she had done moments before? Then again...she didn't seem like a normal Daps. He turned to face her once again and she blushed at how charming he looked.

Bowing once to her he said, "You are in the world known as Cantabria. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to get to, and you have an exist to find. Good day."

With that he turned into a white hare and scampered off. Leaving Alice alone in the middle of a very strange looking town.