Okay what the heck is this you might be asking. Well it's an oringal RPG parody. That's right it's a RPG that's poking fun at, in all good humor, Magic girl themed Manga and Anime. Why? Because I happen to think that boys get short shrift in those stories, and because it's just for fun.

Anyway, *laughs* If you guys know me at all, you know me as DSM, one of the leaders of YAR in the Yugioh RPG topic. Lol so be expecting to work in this story.

Anyway the plot follows this...A protecting enchantress and her group of floral protectors were killed several centeries ago back when the world was brimming with magic. But they died locking up an evil that threated to destroy the world. These girls were reborn in the bodies of several Modern day school girls, and their leader, well...she over shot her mark.

Fast forward to modern day, Sam Willis is a typical 8th grade boy who's got a crush on one of the coolest babes in school. Only thing is he's really shy. His sister, Megan, who's a year older, is the exact opposite. Well on their way home from school Megan runs into a duck that gives her a magic flower barrette and when she touches it she's supposed to turn into a magic girl Named Petite Rose, who can take care of the bad guys with her flower magic.

As it is the evil's awakened and Megan rushes to the scene with her brother Sam in tow. She touches the barrette mutters the magic words...only...it doesn work and she's knocked over by the villian. Well Sam picks up the barrette by chance, hoping to wake up his sister...only when he does it, the barrette stars to glow, and the duck makes him utter the magic words.

Well presto Sam has become Petite Rose! Only...um...he hasn't changed all that much, in fact he's still a guy, only his hair has gotten longer, and he's wearing a girls dress. And heck...he has a transformation sequence too! ACK! Turns out the enchantress is in him...what's a poor boy to do...and now he has to round up his old helpers and beat this evil, as a Magic girl! Heh...comdey ensuse in this RPG. Please join and PM me if you have any ideas. Thank

Okay here goes...

Info regarding the characters...

as of right now there are only three charcters that I have names for, well four actually... and yes there is going to be a bio thing to follow. I'll do it with Sam so it's easier to understand, and the name Petite Rose is subject to change since I think I want him to have a different name then that....*laughs* But that can be one of his team mates...

*Sammy: But I don't want to dress up like a girl!!! *cries*

Ahem...Sammy your going to run your mascara.

*Sammy: Aww man...

Anyway the four characters I have are...

Sammy Willis...our hero

Rita Willis...his older, highly energetic, sister.

Fonds Ping...the duck who may actually be royalty in disquise...or not. *lol*

*Un named Enchantress... I still need a name for her, she's the one that gives Sammy his power...

Hummm I'll have to work out the details. Yeah toon you can be the villan. *grins*

Okay only got a few minutes to do this so this is the shortened version of the application. Toon could you PM me about your idea! I'd love to hear it. *grins*

Name: Samual Herne

Age: 14 in 8th grade at J. Henry Flur Jr. High school

Code name:La Petite Rose

Transfomation item: Lipstick he has to put on and say Magic words too.

Flower: The Rose

Past self: Vesna an enchantress and the leader of the orignal group of flower protectors. Vesna was considered a goddess, and born with the ablity to control flowers, namely her signature flower, the rose. She, along with her friends became protectors of the world and ultimately sacroficed themselves to save the world from a bitter evil.

Costume: Sammy's costume follows the rose theme. Red and white skirt, in a sailor uniform like outfit that is rather tight. The top is white with roses around the collar that, if he was a girl, would be hugging his torso a lot better and show off his cleavage. It has a ballarina type of look to it,with gossimer sleaves, and allows for movement. When he transforms he gets envloped in rose petals and they form up to become his costume. Yes he has boots, their white with Rose patteres on them. A rose locket or broach or whatever you want to call it forms in the center of his chest, right between um, his pecks. *laughs* And he gains two rose braclets, and a type of headband crown on his head that has roses with red streemers that flow down his now white hair. Oh and a choker with a rose on the right side that acts also as a commuication device with the other girls. *smirks*

Powers: Right know they're limited to the use of his petal throwing stars. But that will change as his power increases. He also has the use of an ablity to repair things through an attack that envelops people in a bunch of vines and then blossoms out, returning them to normal. His main ablity, unlike a certain cry baby named bunny, *giggles* is that he tends to get pissed off easily when people tease him about looking good in a skirt. That and he knows a lot about video games. *laughs*

Looks: Sammy has dark brown hair, but when he changes his hair become white and long and flowy (think of what happens on the live action Sailor moon where the girls hair changes color. *giggles) and his eyes are normally black, but they're unusally big and sweet looking for a guy, so he really doesn't like them becuase they make him look like a girl. He's also rather short for his age, though he is fast and is good at gymnastics. *laughs* but don't ask him about cheerleading. *giggles* He has a sweet smile, but his face really goes into wild gestures.

History: Sammy basically comes off as a nobody most of the time. He doesn't do boy sports, he's too short. Does't like to fight all that much, but learned moves from playing one to many video games. *laughs* He has one best friend Leon who does break dancing, and hangs out with him. His sister Rita is very annoying and overly energetic, and feels that she should have become a super hero not him. Sammy detests the fact that he's stuck with these powers and tries to cover for the fact that he is a super heroine. Namely becuase the guys are going ga ga for his female form. *laughs* He's sometimes picked on by bullies, and works with his mom and dad at the family's antique store. He's got great reflexes, and actually likes gymnastics. But he'd never say that.

As for Vesna, he's never seen her, but he sometimes gets glimpes of her in his dreams. He also talks to her this way, but he doesn't know if she's really there or if he's just seeing things that used to be. When Fond-ping finds him they become rivals at first, because Sammy is allergic to birds! And he's also a bit allergic to flowers when he's the normal Sam. *laughs*

About his Side kick: Fond-ping is an ancient Duck who winds up meeting Sammy and his sister first in the park and later follows them home. He can turn into a young man of about 19, and Rita has a crush on this form, though she doesn't know he's a duck! Fond and Sammy have a love hate relationship, as Fond loves to torment Sammy, and Sammy hates the fact that he has a duck for a sidekick that likes to dish out advice to him.

Villian: Head Bad Guy

Name: Reed. "Sir Reed, if you please! You! Get me my G and T! And that's R.E.E.D, not Weed!"

Age: as always, several millennia - ever noticed how head bad guys and girls are really old but sometimes some of them retain their looks?

Code name (if Applicable): n/a

Transformation item: his sword.

Looks: Looks around 22, has green hair and blue eyes.

Costume: Wears a white uniform with green lining and a green cape. Because all villains know capes are cool. Also has an emerald ring.

Powers and Weapons: Transforming, making weed monsters, etc... general Rita and Queen Beryl fayre. Very fast. Has exceptional acting ability, lol.

Past self: the same he is now.

(Someone needs anger management)

History: he failed to get the girl he wanted so he tried to destroy the world. As you do -_-

Minons (if any): Those who face Sammy and co everyday. Others...

Name: Rita Herne

Age: 15, freshman at Arborly North Highschool

Height: 5'8"

Looks: She's got light brown hair usually up in a high pony tail with a cloth ribbon that makes it look kinda cheerleaderish, and blue green eyes. Tends to wear blue jeans and a black t-shirt that has "Devilish Kitty" on the front in sparkles. Rita is very energetic (Think waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much caffeinee and sugar on the same day.*laughs) and always has a smile on her face. She's stubborn and hard headed, and tends to act before she thinks. She's also one of the biggest teases on her younger brother. Rita wants to be a super heroine.

History: Rita since she was little wanted to be a super heroine. So when her brother got the part, she became very jealous, but she'll do what she can to help him. She's the biggest tease to her brother because she knows that she can get away with it. She thinks she's toughening him up for the bad guys. Rita tends to wack people who annoy her with different attacks which she gave made up names to. Her favorite object to hit with is....Her hello Kitty back pack! "Flying Fists of Rightiousness" is her main attack. She's had at least one boyfriend, but didn't really like him. She's got a crush on Reed, and is always telling her brother that she'll reform him when he falls madly in love with her. She wants to have 4 kids, a cat, dog, bird, goldfish, turtle, hamster, (basically you name the animal she'll take it in) and intends to be a Vet by day, and a super villian's wife by night. She's constantly refering to Reed as "My ittle Reed-weedy" and get starry eyed when she sees him...

*Be afraid Reed, be very afraid...*

Minion: General Coaxoch "Serpent Flower"

Commands: A small army consisting of deadly night shade and such.

Age: Like Reed, she's pretty darn old. *laughs* But looks like she's only 20 or so.

Looks: Red hair that's really long and constantly grows back even after cut. Gray eyes that seem to be dead and souless. Sharp pointed ears, sharp pointed nails, Youkai markings on her arms and face, they're deep green. Very very pale in skin, were talking ashen gray here. High cheek bones, er very well proportioned top. *laughs* She looks like all those sexy villians that grace the small screen. Has a really evil laugh that sounds a bit like a helium balloon when let loose.

Transformation item: a weed headband that gives her a mortal look.

Costume: Tight green and white Chinese dress with a hole where her clevage is. *laughs* Heeled green boots, and I think that's it. Oh and a fan.

Powers: Um floating ablity, she produces different types of spores that dust the air. And she's hot so guys just kinda fall into her lap and she sucks them dry like a vampire.

Wepon: Her fan is used as a sheild, and sending out blade winds.

Past self: Um same as now. *laughs*

History: She's one of Reed's generals. A brat by nature who will do whatever she can to please Sir Reed. She hates anything innocent and pure, and can't stand the Flora Protectors. She's got a thing for human Sammy though, no it's not sexual, just that she wants to keep him in her tub with a rubber duck she has. She hates his sister Rita, becuase she doesn't think she's good enough for Sir Reed, but don't think she's in love with the scumbag. She'd rather eat firtilizer then even think of being his girl.

Minion: Leena (Aka: LeeLee)

Commands: Another part of the army

Age: She is old as well but looks 19

Looks: Has long purple hair that reaches about to her knees, and ti is put up in two wraps. She ahs a small bandaround her head with a jewel in the center. Her shirt is a black short that covers the breast and has a small opening in the middle, not to big though, and has straps that go around the neck, and over the shoulders to the back. Her pants are to the hip and black with silvers metal going from the front where the dimond shaped jewel is, to the back in the center. The cloth that hangs fromnthe jewel that is in the ceter is red. HEr shoes are black martial arts looking shoes, with a tie around the ankle. She has a silver choker looking necklace, and a few bands around the arm

Transformation item: A jem on her forhead

Costume: she shirt is black and coversover the breast, and has a cloth coming from under where the shirt type thing ends and flails about abit, and has a strap that around the shoulders connecting int he back in a crisscross style. She shirt is a short blac shirt with slits up the sides. And her shoes are black with ties up the leg about to the knee.

Powers: Telekanesis, and make a double ganger of anyone (though it takes her energy with each few moments)

Wepon: Daggers, Paper bombs. (Tehy are some weird paper with markings, andwhen they hit somthing they go kaboom ^_^)

Past self: Who she is now.

History: She works for Reed and has ever since she can remember. She has made her way up to a commander and done her best to satisfy Reed, for she has had a crush on him since they met and now she loves him and wishes for them to be together. She is ruthless in battle and will do what ever she can to win

Oh, I thought up names for some of Reed's attacks - they're mostly in French and have a plant/blade-cutting theme. Those that are missing details I'll fill in later.

Vert Pleuvoir (Green Rain) - think something similiar to Cloud's Meteorain from Final Fantasy 7. Reed jumps up into the air and lets out a barrage of green energy rain from his sword, hand, what have you.

Vert Excitation (Green Charm) - Reed casts this as a barrier to magical attacks. Physical attacks still work.

Feuille Fissure (Leaf Rip) - Reed dashes towards the opponent, dodges the attacks and lands a clean full-on slice, usually cleaving the body in two through the middle or decaptitating the head.

Coupant De Vanite (Blade of Vanity) - Reed uses his power to charm one enemy of the opposite gender and make them come under his control. Think something similiar to the 'attract' status from Pokemon. - it works MUCH better on those who actually like him (like Rita).

Feuille Semailles (Leaf Seed) - Reed performs the dodge he does in his Leaf Rip attack, but instead he plants an energy-draining weed cut from him on the opponent. It either saps their energy or grows suddenly and binds them.

Oh so that's how you do it...well lets see for Sammy he's only got three main attacks...

Kiss of the Rose (Baiser de Rose): The attack is quiet simple. Sammy pulls a rose petal off his costume and kisses it then says, "kiss of the Rose" or the french version of it, and blows, allowing the smell of his sent to go on the bad guys.

Rose Star Streamers (Rose Tiennent le premier rĂ´le Des Flammes): Sammy pulls the petals from his costume and throws them like Shirunkin. They turn into shards of light that can penitrate the hides of his enemies.

Rose crystal whirlwind explosion (Explosion En cristal De Tourbillon De Rose): Sammy's most powerful attack as of now. It's a whirlwind that comes out of his hands with his chi if you will and the petals turn into crystal shards that explode on contact destoying the enemy in a big blast.


Centuries ago there lived magic. Magic that was instilled in the very essence of the world, and magic that resided in the hearts of humanity. This magic created the world that they shared with nature, and through this magic life blossomed and grew wonderfully, as did the Earth. Nature and magic were one with each other, and over time Nature selected those who were the purist of hearts to become it's protectors. For truely dark times were falling on the world. Evil had finally reared it's ugly head.

Gaia the Earth's keeper, found a group of girls that were pure of heart and full of magic, and bestowed upon them the powers of flowers. Each one had a significant ablity, and they were called Les Jeunes Protectrices de Fille de Fleur (The Young girl flower Protectors). {Yes extremely cheesey I know...anyone has a better name let me know. *laughs*}

Of these girls, their leader was called Vesna, who was the most powerful enchantress among them. Her ablities rivaled many smaller goddesses, which in some cases infurriated them. But as it was the Protectors did their best, and bested the evil that came to plague their world...

That is until the day came when the girls didn't have enough power to stop the Evil One, as they called him...and Vesna realized the only thing to do was to seal the villian up forever. The girls used their powers, draining themselves in the process to entomb their enemy, and lost their young lives in the process.

But Gaia loved her protectors and so swore that several centuries in the future, they would return once more to champion her world...

Only Gaia never intended it to be like this...