Shortened Summary: The story of the Fallen is a Myth placed in the Triad and has become seen as a fable of a sort. The four members of the Fallen are recorded on a special scroll that has a list of all previous Fallen. Once the name is recorded it become public knowlage, weather or not the families of the member want it to be. The dark God Grigori was imprissioned for his crimes, his punisment came in the form of being split into four halves and force to collect the sins that he once released upon the world. This fate has been shared over and over again by those the parts have made contracts with. Weather or not the fate of these children are determined by a curse leveled upon them by the god himself, or that of the words inside the unopenable book the Heleva is up to speculation. The real question that should be asked, Will they ever suceed in terring apart the heavens?

Spoiler: Introduction

"If you are reading this book, then know that I am no longer of this world. My name was Jezrial Azoloth, and I am a Nephilim, more commonly known as a Fallen. This is our story." The words in the hard red journal read written in a slightly scratchy hand.

Spoiler: The Story

"What are we, you may ask? We are the creation of many things manifested. We are both innocent and born natural sinners. We are the only ones of our kind and are what is left of one great being. A demigod who once tried to go against the will of his fathers, his name was Grigori and he was the God of wisdom. The story goes like this:

There was once a world of just water, and the Trinity discovered it. They were of one mind, The Creator, the destroyer, and the Sustainer, and strove to create a world to be inhabited by their children. The Creator dipped a finger into the water and called forth for there to be life in it. Then the Creator told the world that it should have life above the water. So the Creator raised a hand and let the droplets slip off the finger that had been placed in the water. As the droplets fell, they became the continents that floated atop the water. These droplets hardened to rock and soon the Creator had placed lush green vegetation upon them. The Creator then called upon the Sustainer to give this green a way to stay upon the planet so that the Destroyer did not kill it all off. With the Destroyer's help, the Creator populated the world with different animals. Large and small, these helped the Sustainer keep the vegetation from growing to wild. Yet this was not enough to satisfy the Trinity. So they created beings in their likeness.

The Trinity was blessed with six wings, and they blessed their children with four. These were called Aligarians, the name the Trinity used to describe the sweet air around the world. There were twelve children made to govern this world. Yet, even with their children the Trinity was not happy, for the children did not wish to worship them. So they brought their children up to live with them. In turn to please their parents eleven of the twelve children created two races. The Seraphim, the winged race of beings that possessed two cream colored wings, and the Humans, who looked like their winged brothers. The Trinity was pleased with these beings and set them upon the world in a specially made island. But, both the Humans and Seraphim were foolish. They acted like children, and the God of Wisdom felt that this was wrong.

"'Why should they worship us if they don't understand what they are worshiping?' Grigori asked of the Trinity who insisted that it was better that they remained ignorant.


'If they were to learn too much they would grow stronger then us, and no longer sustain the planet as we see fit. Do not teach them too much,' they insisted. The less the Humans and the Seraphim knew the less chance they had to become dangerous. This was the belief but Grigori did not see it as such. He went back to the world and taught the Seraphim, who in turn began to teach the humans. They learned of the world, how to care for it, the differences between day and night, and how to make fires. This did not make the Trinity happy for the Humans and Seraphim were becoming far too independent for their own good. In the mean time Grigori enlisted the help of three other Gods. These there were Velika the goddess of Virtue and Girgori's sister. Enoch the scribe who wrote the words of the Goddess of mercy, Helenka, who watched over the world and knew that there was some good Grigori did in his actions. He had them teach the Humans and Seraphim the difference between good and bad, how to craft beautiful objects, and words of eons. These they believed were a good thing, but when Grigori fell in love with a human and had a child with her the Trinity removed his status as a demi- god. The child was born with three wings, a sign, in the Trinity's eyes, of an unholy union.

'This is not fair,' Grigori protested, 'I did nothing wrong!'

'You did not follow our orders,' the Trinity informed him. 'We told you that you were to leave the Humans and Seraphim alone. Now you have tainted them. For this you will be stripped of your power. You are no longer the God of wisdom; you are now the God of Sins.'


Grigori went to his tower; here he stayed for thirty days and nights until he made a decision. If the gods felt that in teaching the Humans and Seraphim had tainted them, then he would make it so that were never to be clean again. He broke into the Hall, a massive building where the souls of the many dwelled and stole a small wooden box that held the sins of the world in it. The Sustainer had locked them up just after the Humans and Seraphim were created to preserve their innocence, and ignorance. In unleashing the sins Humans and Seraphim were corrupted. They learned of many things, dark things as well as useful thing, for every small sin that taught them something useful, a larger one filled their hearts with darkness: they learned to make weapons, but with this came their knowledge of war and blood shed. In learning of sex, they also learned of **** and for learning of the human body and how it works, they also gained knowledge of murder and suicide. In learning these, the world was plunged into a place where Temptation, Misery, Malice, and Avarice bred. The Humans and Seraphim mated and had children, these were half breed creatures with one wing, and they were called Grigorians after the infamous god.

For his part in the crime of defiling the creatures that had brought the Trinity such pleasure Grigori was tried for his crime. Found guilty of an attempt to betray and over throw the will of the Trinity he was sentenced to death. He was to be divided into four, his flesh and wings to become clay and divided while his blood was to be the water to make the clay moldable. Thus four new beings would be created. These would be called Nephilim, beings that looked human but had no soul and were in the likeness of the Aligarians with two wings. They were created for the soul purpose of collecting the sin that Grigori released. But, the fact was that sin breeds other sin. It was said that the young demi-god would return if all his sin could be collected, only then could he be whole. The Trinity had no intention of allowing this to happen, and thus the task was impossible.

Yet, before his death the dark God, as he became known as, leveled a curse.

'So you intend to use these beings as a way to collect the sins of the world. I know that you don't want me to succeed, so I leave this with you. Though you may cut me and reshape me, I can't die. My will is stronger then you think. Since you have taken from me the joy that I looked for in helping the Humans and the Seraphim, I shall take from you what you love. Your mighty fortress will crumble under the hand of these four, and the Seraphim shall be destroyed! When the sun is covered by the moon, and all four are of age, when they have enough energy from the sin they have collected. I shall be reborn within them, awakening my will, and becoming one with them. Then, together, we…will…crush your hierarchy and unleash the powers that you greedily possess over this planet! That is MY WILL! THAT…IS….MY CURSE!'

It was only moments later that he was drawn and quartered before the host of Aligarans. They say then that his four parts were molded to create the Fallen. The first made was Avarice who was to collect the greed and prideful sins of the world. Beside him stood Malice, the collector of murders and sins of vengeance and hatred. With Malice came the collector known as Misery who was bound to collect the sins of sadness. And finally made was Temptation, the second bench mark of the sins, who was to collect the lustful and envious sins of the world. After they had been created they were given white wings to show that they were not of the Seraphim.

Then the Trinity cast the son of Grigori and the other Grigorians down to a prison inside the earth. Here they were to stay for all eternity. The Trinity then drew up a plane invisible to the Human eyes, this they named Aligara for the Aligarians that lived above it, and here they placed the Seraphim. While the Humans remained on earth, and the Fallen were left in the garden where life had started. However the goddess of Mercy felt that this was cruel punishment for the Fallen. So she, the goddess of Virtue, and the scribe created the Heleva, a book that foretold the future of the Fallen and their destiny. It is said that this book has no pages written other then the first one, for no one can turn them.

Inside the first page it reads, "Four shall fall, and four shall rise. They shall divide the land in war. The four that fall shall split the earth and bring forth the minions of hell, they will destroy the plane above, and schism the heavens…" the rest of the lines can not be read.

The goddess of Mercy then went and, with Virtue's help, granted the Fallen humanity to feel and think. This though led to the death of one of them, for he could no longer bear the responsibly of seeing all the sins that had been created.

When a fallen dies their will is then transferred to a un-born child that is near death. A contract is made; the child will live and come into the world, however they will have the part of the Fallen grafted to them. The Fallen then starts to collect the energy and supplies the child with a text book in it's mind of where it has been. These children are born with white wings and only the Fallen have them. For every Fallen born, one will mature and die. Thus the cycle will continue until all four are together, and the curse brought about.

This is the will of the gods.

Spoiler: Final Words

Such is the tale that we have been told for countless years. It is what we are told to believe, that we are forever doomed to this fate. Yet…I have to still hope that there's a chance that we can break from this. If you are reading this, then I have failed. "

""Four shall fall, and four shall rise. They shall divide the land in war. The four that fall shall split the earth and bring forth the minions of hell, they will destroy the plane above, and schism the heavens…"-First page of the Heleva.

This is a Modern Fantasy story, it has some sciencefiction elements to it, but small. It's the story of the Four Fallen, a group of beings that are to destroy the plane known as Aligara. Your job is to stop them if you can.

Plot and Time: This story takes place over a year and a half of time. The Seraphim have been living in peace above the humans for several eons now, watching over them. Both races have developed, however the Seraphim, because the Aligarian are watching them, are slightly more advanced in both technology and history. it's very much like earth, only no cars, and there is an edge to the plane where you can fall off, and a captial city that houses the Hall of wisdom where many things are kept secret along with the Heleva. The Fallen's time has come and their war is about to commence.


Spoiler: Aligarians

These are NPCs that anyone can use save for Grigori, he can only be accessed by the Fallen. They look human but are a lot taller, think giants, and have four white angel like wings. They are the demi gods. there are 12, only 4 have been named.

Helenka, Goddess of Mercy

Enoch, God of the written word

Valika, Goddess of virtue, and Grigori's twin sister

Grigori, God of Wisdom, later of Sin

Spoiler: Serephim

This is the first race made by the Aligarians. They looke like humans, but have a pair of cream colored Angel wings. This is the only difference between them and humans. They dwell on Aligaria, and have no contact with the Humans. They are considered Angels by the Human race. Of note there has been some Seraphim that have fallen to earth. Once there they loose their wings over time, and eventually loose their memories of what they were until they can be awakened. This means that some how their memories of what they really are are brought back. Wings are considered like body parts, mainly intamite body parts. Only close friends and family can touch the wings of the Seraphim. (It would be like having a stranger grab your butt basically if anyone but a close member to a Seraphim touched their wings on purpose.) These are senstive like fingers, they can be hurt. Most Seraphim have no powers, those that poesses any magical traits have tinted wings and are part of the Hirarchy:

The Virtues: Heads of the church that worship the Gods. They have tinted pink on their wings. They live in the captial city Selestia

The Powers: The council members who govern the Seraphim, they have a slight blue tint to their wings. They also are from Selestia.

The Guardians: These are the police of Aligaria, they have green tints. HQ is in Selestia.

Fallen: They have pure white wings, and are the ONLY ones to have this.

Power wise it goes in the order of:





All other Seraphim are below and under the three groups, minus the Fallen.

Spoiler: Humans

These are mentioned quite a bit, but are not seen in this RP (though they will show up probably at the end). They live on their world, do not know about the Aligarians or the Seraphim. It's basically just like our earth.

Spoiler: Grigorians

Spawn of Humans and Seraphim, they posess only one white wing and were cast down to basically a prision inside the earth becuase they are considered demons. The leader is the son of Grigori and a human woman. He poessess three wings white like the Fallens. Like Humans they are not seen in this RPG, but are mentioned.

Other Characters:


This is the "God' of this world. Three beings in one basically. The Creator, the Destoryer, the Sustainer. They are NCP, and can be used by the Virtues. They each have their own voice.[/spoiler]



These are the Boss bad guys. This is their story and how they came about. What happens...who knows. However there are four, they were crafted from the flesh and blood of Grigori. Each has their own personality and are techinically Seraphim. However their souls have been mingled with Grigori's will, meaning they will turn bad. Their powers do not work on each other.

The Four are:

Valafor -Avarice, he is cunning and slick. He's the planner. Collects greed and prideful like sins. The strongest

Yeter'el -Malice, he's the quiet killer. He collects the hatred and wrath in sins.

Astaroth -Misery, he is the effective drawer of sins. He collects the sadness, apathy, and the like of sins.

Léraje -Temptation, he is the lure. He collects the sins of lust and envy in the world. He's also the second strongest.

Valafor -reserved for TMV

Yeter'el - reseverd for Blade V

Astaroth -reserved for Tsukiya

Léraje -DSM

Spoiler: Asended

These four serephim are the anti Fallen. They were allowed to live by the Fallen. They are the only ones that can ultimately defeat the Fallen. There are four of them. However to make this RPG fun, I'm not creating them. Save for two that have already been created. Anyone that wants to play an Asended should PM Me. No one knows exactly who these people are, neither will they till the end. The powers of the Fallen do not effect their opposite Asended. However they can be effected by the Other fallen. This means that Avarice's Asended can be effected by Yeter'el, but not Valafor. and vice versa. The Asended actually were created when Grigori was killed. The part of him that had been unspoiled and wanting to help others was transfered into the souls of four individuels. These Asended are random, they are the people that the Fallen care the most about, outside of each other.


This group believes they are the ones that will beat the Fallen. They are a hidden organization that is plotting the downfall of the Fallen. They're main endevor is to purify the world of them. (Aka kill them) and thus stop the infamous curse of Grigrori. It's unknown how many members there are, but the four leaders come from the Top three ranks, and one normal.

Other things:

Heleva -The book of the Fallen, has a phrophcy in it.

Triad -The holy book of the trinity, has the story of the fallen in it.

Seletia -The holy city and captial where the major action takes place.


- No god-modding allowed. No OTT Spells either unless you play a main villain.

- No insane weapons other then ones that can be seen as realistic. (No death rays)

- Swears must be ^$^(.

- No one-liners or one line posts. This is a LITERATE RPG.

- The Fallen would be classed as 'bosses'. Attack them at your peril.

- No killing other people's characters. Seals WILL die..

- No overpowered characters.

- No bossing other members about.

- Resurrecting dead characters is a BIG no-no.

- There are ONLY THE PLANES LISTED. No alternate realities, please.

- The MAIN villains of this RP are predetermined.

*specialized rules

-Only Fallen have white wings.

-There are no Half breed Serphim humans, thes are only the Grigorians

-There are no Angels

-No Gods can be played, they can be created but must be NCP

-Only 12 Aligarians

-Grigori has only One Child

-Wings can not grow back, no rejenerated body parts.

Course I got Astaroth ^^

Name: Vaan Castra (Astaroth)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Rank: Normal

Occupation: Student

Personality: hyper, and perky, though he can have a lazy side to him. Though he is a sin catcher and can cause Misery to anyone he tries to go against that and make sure they are happy, and takes the misery upon himself. He acts like a little kid and always gets in trouble, and has to have Jez bail him out alot.

Apperance: Is 5'6 or 7'', has long black hair alittle past hsi butt, the right side of his bangs cover over his face completly. He has creamyish skin, and deep blue eyes. His shirt is a long sleeved blue shirt that goes down to about his hips, and black pants. He has a normal brown belt, and then another belt hanging around his hips. His boots are black and have a small belt looking latch around the ankle, and near the toe area. Under his sleeves he has small black glaves that only go around the middle finger. His wings are also pure white denoting that he's a member of the Fallen, and therefore keeps them dirty to cover their brightness.

Bio: He is a ver hyper and perky person. Though he is one of the fallen he tends to try his best not to think of it. He lives with his father, and twin brothers Rutai and Delany. When he was 5 his mother died in child birth with the twins. Being the oldest he watches over them, though Rutai is a handful. When he was younger his father gave him a scar under the hair on his right eye from abit above his eyebrow down to his cheek.

He met Jezrail back alittle before his mother died, and his mother also gave him the idea to keep his wings dirty so you couldn't tell how white they were. Living in a family that wasn't that rich nor had much money helped that abit. As they went to school he met Yeter'el who in turn introduced them to Valafor. He is the perkiest of the group, and loves to randomly glomp people. His beest friend is Jezrail who he calls Jez, though everyone in his family, minus Delany, hates Jez.

Vaan hangs out with his brothers, mainly Delany when he gets the chance. He lives resently moved in with Jezrail who lives with Yeter'el. He is shy when it comes to alot of things, but usually sets that aside and speaks his mind.

Other: Has a secert that only his father knowns of and he plans to keep it that way. Also has pure white wings

Name: Rutai Castra

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Rank: Normal

Occupation: Student

Personality: He is a bully. Thinks he is better then everyone else, and loves picking on his little brother Delany. He will lie to get what he wants. Doesn't like that he is lower class and tried to put himself above it. Though deep down he does care for his family even if he doesn't want to admit it. Has a demented sence of humor sometimes. He is a rude kid who seems to ahve no feelings for anyone at times.

Apperance: Is about 5'6''Short black hair with red streaks in it. His skin is tannish abit, and he has a light creamy colored wings. His eyes are blue green. He wears a dark green tanktopish looking shirt, and dark blue geen pants that seem to come down abit, and his shoes are boots with straps on them. He as has a loose collar around his neck, and fingerless gloves.

Bio: Is the middle child of Vaan's family, and the oldest of the twins. He is a bully in his school, and loves it. He loves how the kids seem to fear him, and he loves ordering people around. He is strong for his age and gets in many fights. Out of his other two siblings alot of people would expect him to be a fallen. In school he flirts with the girls, hoping to get at least more then one girlfriend. He is curious about his brother Vaan though, since he doesn't have a boyfriend and he is always with Jez, he thinks his brother mightbhave a thing for guys.

Other: Believes he and Delany are int he wrong family sometimes, due to how poor it is.

Ok this is both mine and DSM's Character.

Name: Delany Castra

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Rank: Normal

Occupation: Student

Personality: He is an innocent carefree boy who loves to play around. He is very gullible, espically when his brother gets him to do things. He has a few friends not many, due to them afraid of his brother. Can often be clutzy. Loves his family, though is scared of his dad when he is drunk. Loves to stalk around and pounce on people, espeically Vaan. He is also quiet at alot of times.

Apperance: Is about 5'6''Short black hair with red streaks in it. His skin is tannish abit, and he has a light creamy colored wings. His eyes are blue green, just like his brother. He usually wears bright clothing, mainly a light red t-shirt baggy brown pants that ahve a belt like strap around the right thigh, and left ankle. Also as a fingerless glove on his right hand, he also has simply tennishoes ( feel stupid not sure if thats right XD)

Bio: He is an animal lover, and is uaullu with his friends, or hiding from Rutai. He tries his best to please his brother but due to his innocence is hard alot of times. He is usually tricked into alot of things by Rutai, and others at school, but has Vaan to help him out. He knowns to stay out of his fathers way when he is drunk or in a bad mood. His school life isn't that great and he doesn't have many friends. his teachers are always trying to find every reason they can to pick at him and get him in trouble. He will act as if everything is alright when its not, and he really only opens up to Van. He is also the only one in Vaan's family that likes Jez.

Other: Loves to bring home strays (though they always get kicked out by his dad)

Here is another NPC, though is someone wants to play him completely let me or DSM know.

Name: Jigan Castra

Gender: male

Age: 42

Rank: Normal

Occupation: Crafter ( I think it was lol)

Personality: Seems cold and uncaring. Hates being told what to do, and will not take his children being disobediant. Hates just about all upper class people, (Inclusing Jez) He believes his kids have no right to be with them. Is a heavy drinker when stressed and when drunk tends to get violent with his kids (if they get in his way) and any one else there at the time. He loves his kids and would do anything for them (if he thnks its good for them) though he doesn't know how to show it good, and has alot of pride.

Apperance: He is 6' and has short shaggy dark brown hair, aqua colored eyes and kinda tannish skin. He wears a dark green short sleeved shirt, brown slightly baggy pants, that has a single black belt around the waist. He also has old work boots. He has a cold look to him that often people are afraid of (normal people that is XD)

Bio: He is a simple man who has always lived in lower class. when he was little was raised in a hard family, and believes thats the way he should and shall raise his kids. He is hard on them, though its for their own good, though sometimes he may go abit to far. Whe he gets drunk the kids stay practically away from him for he has a bad habit of getting violent physically, thus when Vaan was eight he slammed a beer bottle of his head down his right eye thus giving him the scarr, and just about blinding him. He regrets it though they don't bring it up. He hates talking about his late wife Carlahm and gets overly upset when she is mentioned. He also keeps his weapon hidden from the kids.

Other: Knows Vaan's secret, and Hates Jezrail

Name: Valafor (Elijah in RL)

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Rank: Fallen

Occupation: University Lecturer on History.

Personality: Valafor is quiet unless he is angered, in which case even Leraje fears him. He enjoys the finer things in life and scoffs at lower class things and people. However, he has a darker side that is incredably dangerous to offend or cross and in such a state, he seems to enjoy bloodshed.

Apperance: He is of average build and has frosted white wings. He has greying brown hair and piercing green eyes. He wears brown trousers and clothes, over which is a long tan overcoat.

Bio: Valafor is the oldest of the Fallen. Other than this, little is known about him as a person since in public he can appear as normal as everyone else, so much to the state that he married and had a child. He teaches at a prestigious university.

Other: He has a wife and family. Meh heh.

Name: Jacob Creek (Yeter'el)

Gender: Male

Age: 26O:p/O:p

Rank: FallenO:p/O:p

Occupation: High school art teacherO:p/O:p

Appearance: Really long black hair that is tied back loosely with a wooden ring, (stops about a third of the way down his thigh) and dark grey eyes. He is tall, 6ft, and has a slender figure. He wears a long high collared black jacket a white shirt and dark blue pants. His hair and face look like this- .com/albums/a317/Blade_. He has snowy white wings.O:p/O:p

Personality: Jacob loves teaching, and can talk for hours if the conversation turns to something he is interested in. He tries to look after his students and advise them as best he can. He cares deeply for Jezrial. He is fairly calm, but can become flustered quite easily, especially by Leraje. When he is angry he prefers to insult people rather that use physical violence, he loves drawing and reading, and can often be found sitting in the garden sketching.

Bio: Jacob was forced to leave his family at the age of 16 because the pressure put on them by those around them. He moved to a different city and attended the university to study History and Art. Elijah was one of his teachers and they have stayed in contact since he left the university.

Other: He is protective of his two young charges (Jezrial and Vaan) and tries to shield them from Valafor's wrath, and he's a good cook, though he wouldn't like to admit it.

Name: Jezrial Azoloth {Léraje}

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Rank: Normal

Occupation: Student, Heir to a publishing empire that runs the largest newspaper in Aligara.

Personality: Jez is rather shy, not very outgoing and comes off as distant but not in a punkish way. More just like he doesn't like to have people around him. If someone manages to peirce this demenor, which comes from the fact that he is of the Fallen and living with his uncle hasn't helped, they will find he's rather shy and kind. He's loyal to those that he feels close to, especially Vaan, Jacob and more recently Roshell. There are times when his personality will take a turn and spiral out into something vastly diffferent.

Apperance: Stand at 5'10" Jez has blonde hair and green eyes with a hint of blue in them. His blonde hair hangs in bangs over his eyes, although they don't really obscure his vision. Like Vaan, Elijah, and Jacob he was born with the white wings. He normally wears a pair of stone washed whitish blue pants, a pair of whiteish gray shoes or boots, and a white and silver black no sleeved shirt that hangs down over his waist. He also has on a light bluish shirt that he wears over the shirt when he takes off the lower half of it and just wears it tucked in. His family breeding has always had him wearing his dress as casual/formal. He never looks completely dressed down and would never wear anything overtly sexual.

Bio: Jezrial was born to Belford and Jolina Azoloth. Jolina's father left her and her younger bother Jerai a significant inheritance. Jolina used her money to help her father's publishing company. Which was where she met her husband, a novelist. At the age of three Jez lost his mom and dad in a murder. The killer was thought to have been a disgruntaled employee. Jerai turned out to be a very bad guardian. He's a religious man who believes that Jezrial is a bad influence and that any connection with the other white winged Fallen would result in his desecent into Darkness. He forced Jez to do various tasks, including reciting over and over how evil he really was.

Jez was taught at home till highschool, his former tutor, Jacob Creek, became his life line. When he was 15 Jez ran from his uncle and started to live with Jacob. Later Joined by his best friend Vaan, whom he's know since they were little. Jez most recently started to see Roshell Vanders.

Other: He has a weird taste in comfort food. namely Spinach and orange sauce. He's read every book in the local libray at least once, and has no idea what to be when he gets older.

Name: Roshell Vanders

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Rank: Normal

Occupation: Student, wants to become a musican

Personality: Roshell is one of those girls that you think you're going to hate becuase she's popular. But in reality she'd willingly give up her station so long as it ment that she made one true loyal friend. Friendly, not overly perky, she's curious and will stand up to people she feels are being mean. She's not one of those in your face types, but when she's upset you feel it. She is kind and compassionate towards those she cares about, and will even care about people she dislikes.

Apperance: Standing at five four, she has long dark brown hair that she normally keeps down but will wear it up in a bow once in a while. She has goldish brown eyes and cream colored wings. Her hair lingers down to her waist. Normally dressed in a white and blue outfit, Roshell seems to always look cute even when messy.

Bio: Roshell comes from the city of Vertira, a sister city to the captial. She transfered to the Captial when her father was premoted to the Powers. She's an only child and her mother died when she was ten. Living with her father was a lonely thing. He lived inside his head a lot of the time, dealing with business and affairs of the state. So Roshell had to basically make her own friends and find emotions outside her family. When she tranfered to the highschool she first met Vaan and was suprised at how nice he was. Later she was introduced to Jez and the two became friends. It was only after her father almost pulled her out of the school that both she and Jez admited their feelings for one another. They have been dating for about a year or so now.

Other: Has no belief in the idea that the Fallen are evil. She has a huge sweet tooth for carmel apples.

Name: Peter Creek

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Rank: Normal

Occupation: Doctor

Personality: Courteous and kind, Peter is Jacob's older brother; he is fiercely protective of Jacob and can be overbearing. He worries constantly about the people he cares about. He hates the fact that people have prejudices, and will treat anyone, regardless of their wings/ social position. Although he has no prejudices towards the Fallen he worries that he will lose his brother because Jacob is one of them and that Jacob will lose his personality.

Appearance: Shaggy brown hair that just reaches his collar and grey eyes, he wears glasses that constantly slip down his nose. He often dresses down in plain white shirts and jeans, over which he wears a white lab coat when he is working.

Bio: He lived with his mother, father and brother (Jacob) he'd left home by the time Jacob was forced to leave and partially blames himself for not being there to defend him and their parents from the prejudices and abuse of their neighbours. He is married to a surgeon called Rose and has two daughters. He lives in a different city to Jacob and tries to keep in contact although they live in different cities.

Other: Despite the fact he is a doctor he smokes.

Name: Natera Lenar

Gender: female

Age: 17

Rank: normal

Occupation: Student, Wants to be a novelist.

Personality: Preppy, snobbish. Is one of the most popular kids in school and isused to getting what ever she wants. She is defintally upperclass and shows it with pride. She hates thoughs that are middle or lower and only hangs around the upper. She believes in school she in a very important person, everyone in the school knows her for her beautiy, and everyone else knows her for her snobiness.

Apperance: She is around 5'6 or 7. Her hair is long and curly red hair, dark brown eyes, nice creamy skin, wears mostly black, or red colors, and almost always wears a black chocker with a rise in the center. When not in her school uniform she wears a black or red shirt that has straps that go around the neck and shoulders, and either black dressy pants, or black or red frilly skirt. She wears small heeled black boots that tie up to the ankle.

Bio: She lives in a rich family, since her father is the Mayor, her mother is secretary. She has an older sister who is kinda and sweet, and tried to teach her sister like that but to no luck. She has a pet dog names Shiva and she loves that dog. going to school with Jezrial and Vaan, she has gotten the title of most popular kid in school, and only hangs out with the kids that are upper class. She likes Jezrial and presues after him. She also doesn't get why he hangs out with Vaan, since he is so lower class, and is an idiot in her opinion. She has a two girls that follow her around and try to be like her all the time. Their names are Lina, and Kara.

Other: She has a dog named Shiva

This is what her hair, skin, and choker look like .com/albums/v5... (but her hair is abit more curly)