…:::Our Crimson Fairytale:::…

Chapter One- One Freaky Night

Nevaeh McKnight felt like she was being watched. Her bedroom was dark, but a small sliver of comforting moonlight leaked through her closed curtains. The only thing was that the light had to have stopped right on her closet door, where she felt invisible eyes staring at her through the cracks in the panels. A shiver of cold fear ran up her spine, leaving her with gooseflesh even though her comforter was pulled up all the way to her neck.

A lump caught in her throat as white, wispy smoke poured out from the split in between the bottom of her closet door and the carpeted floor. She froze, mouth agape, like a mouse caught in the glance of a snake. The smoke continued to leak towards a mass at the foot of her bed. Nevaeh curled up into a tight ball with her back against the headboard of her bed. She shut her eyes as tight as possible and waited for the worse.

When it did not arrive, she opened them slowly to see a translucent child tumbling in the air. His hands were clenched at his sides, and it appeared as if tears were running down his pale face.

Nevaeh relaxed a little, but she tensed up again from humiliation. She should've known that the ghost boy was playing tricks on her again. Ever since he had found out that she could see him a few weeks ago, he thought it was funny to scare and mock her in any way possible. She pushed the covers off of her and glared at the evil, little child.

"Get out of here!" Nevaeh squeaked. She mentally punched herself for letting her usual shy voice get the best of her.

At first, the boy stopped to stare as if he had just been scolded by a mother, but then he fell back into the air with silent laughter. Nevaeh huffed in anger and swung her legs over the side of her bed. She stood up, looked over at the ghost boy, and stuck her tongue out at him. The boy copied her and stuck his tongue out too. Continuing his laugh attack, the boy slid himself under her bed.

Nevaeh balled her fists and stomped out of the room, quieting herself when she walked out of her door. The hallway to the bathroom she shared with her older sister was pitch black. She stopped in her door frame gazing into the darkness. She knew every corner and every step to her bathroom, but the darkness was making her stomach churn. Something about it was unusually unnerving, for she had never felt like this before.

She stuck her hand on the side of the plaster wall and blindly felt her way towards the bathroom. She was halfway there when it seemed like she touched a body, but this body was oddly fashioned as if it was made of rock and iron. She jumped back to the opposite side of the hall, pressing herself against the wall in shock and alarm. Her breathing became rugged as she searched through the darkness, but her weak eyes could not pick up anything but blackness.

After taking a few minutes to collect herself, she went pack to feeling her way to the bathroom. When she reached the door, she put her arm inside before the rest of her body. She waved her hand about on the wall to find the light switch, and she blinded herself when the bright fluorescent light came on.

Nevaeh peered inside from behind the hallway wall to make sure there was nothing in the bathroom. When the coast was clear, she walked in and stared at herself in the mirror. Her dark brown hair was disheveled and sticking up in odd places from her seemingly frightful night, and tired bags were forming from underneath her honey-colored eyes. She leaned in closer to her reflection to study the rest of her face.

"Man, I'm ugly," Nevaeh whispered to herself. Her low self-esteem took years to perfect, especially when others in her class caused most of it.

You think that even though we are seniors in high school, the name calling would stop, she thought solemnly.

Nevaeh averted her eyes away from her reflection, tired of looking at it. She glanced down at the oak cabinets underneath the sink and bent her knees to get to eye level. She grabbed the intricate glass handle of the left cabinet and swung it open. Bottles upon bottles of medicine, like Advil and her older sister's old strep throat pills, littered the bottom of the cabinet, but the one that she was looking for was missing.

The royal purple bottle she had become accustomed to was moved from its front row spot. She dug through the bottles and medicines to look for hers, and she found it behind the big container of Oxygen Peroxide. She turned the deep purple plastic bottle around in her hand to read the label.

Take one pill a day and/or if so needed. Do not take more than three a day.

Nevaeh twisted the cap, even though she had already taken three earlier today because of….well, she didn't want to think about it. She put the small white pill in the palm of her hand, closed the cap, and replaced it back to the front.

She stood up, staring at the pill as if was a bomb in her hand, and an instinct in her core told her to put it back. She was going to follow it, but her blood turned to ice when she heard whispers outside of the bathroom door. She leaned out into the hallway to see if it was one of her family members, but there was nothing but darkness.

The voice sounded again, this time a little bit louder. She took to deep, jagged breaths when she noticed that it was coming from her bedroom.

Not again! Please not again!

Nevaeh leaned back into the bathroom and tilted her head back. She placed the pill on the back portion of her tongue, and then bent forward to the nozzle of the sink. She twisted the handles to turn the water on, and she began to drink from the tap. When she was done, she turned it off and pulled herself up onto the counter.

She sat for what seemed like hours, but it was only minutes. The voice from her room was fading now, but she was too frightened to go back into her room. She pulled her legs up to her chest and placed her forehead on her knees, silently crying. She jumped a little when it felt like a hand was placed on her shoulder, and she glanced up from the corner of her teary eyes.

There was no one there, but that hand never left. It was as if an angel had come down to comfort her, but the pressure on her shoulder was weird, and undeniably….dark. She sat up and shook her head, slinging tears around the bathroom. She flipped off the light, went down the hallway, and shut her bedroom door behind her.

Her medicine was making her tired, but with one last burst of energy, she took a flying leap onto her bed. She was in no mood for anymore of the ghost boy's games. She landed with her head on her pillow and repositioned herself into a more comfortable pose. Before she went under, she heard a chuckle that chilled her to the core, but she was unable to react. The blackness of sleep got to her first.