It was solemnly obtrusive. Lacing tight in the ground it sat, staring out at the world around it. Swatches of grass tickled its side, an ant climbing to reign its victory. It sat, with the life moving around it, waiting or a questioning hand.

The waiting finished quickly, a curious body bending over its brown. A smooth hand enclosing around its tiresome frame. A smile looked down on it, a laugh emitting from its lips. The hand reached up, triumphant, holding the calloused wood high above its head, beginning to sprint to the group of deflated contestants.

A mumble of non-understandable jumble protruded from the gleeful body, the words dancing into the others hearing.

With a final swish, a penultimate note, the body looked again upon the box, securing again their trophy. With a flourish, they slide the lid from its place and with an upturned face, the person looked upon the box.