In a town of glee, laughter and cheer,
The child was born to a family so dear
She saw with her eyes the ignorant light of day,
But missed the lies that beyond the light lay

Glass shattered, papers littered,
Her mother in tears, her father angered
She was but four, but still she remembered,
The accusing stare that in her mother's eyes lingered

With great ardour she ran to show them,
A portrait she'd drawn of her and mom and dad
The latter was on the phone, the former not in sight,
She heard him speak, "She'll never know; I'll see you tonight."

They shook the walls with their screams and yells,
Exploding with the inferno of a dark sorcerer's spell
Her palms that pressed her ears failed to conceal,
A yell of, "Bitch!" and a pounding of a hand to a cheek

In a town of lust, lies and greed,
The child was raised with scars that bleed
She saw with her eyes a rainbow of grey and black,
Whispering, "We're all fucked up, we're all fucked up."