Just to give you a bit of background, my country, Singapore, recently played host to the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. This short story was done for a class assignment where we had to come up with a script to sell to our classmates, and which we eventually had to shoot.

The Minister of Ticket Sales in Singapore is facing a serious problem. No one wants to buy tickets to attend the events like the Youth Olympic Games(YOG).

Their solution? They SELL the tickets to schools.

Meanwhile, schools are unable to get students to volunteer to help out with these events.

The schools' solution? "Any student who doesn't volunteer for duty at YOG must BUY five tickets."

Groups of student instantly scramble to sign their names on the Volunteers List. Two students even start fighting, but at the end of the day, the Volunteers list is entirely filled up.

My script didn't get chosen because they were afraid that (since we do NOT live in a free country) it would be too politically incorrect. I'm still getting the last laugh now because the fools are having such a hard time doing their projects, and more than one has already voiced his regret at not choosing MY script.

Ha! Yes, I feel so smug. However, seeing as I still love my guys, I'm not going to rub it into their faces too obnoxiously. (You just know that I'd be totally UNBEARABLE already if I were working in a group full of girly girls. Ha!)