It's broken,

I broke it,


It's broken,

I don't know why it's broken, just that it is.

Am I crying?


Then why is it raining?

It was so bright and beautiful outside.

But I broke it.

Now it's dull and gray,

I can't feel, not since it started raining,

The rain tastes like blood,

I think it is blood,

Why am I bleeding-

O-oh god.

I broke it.

I can't believe it.

It's broken.

I broke you.

I'm so sorry,

Do you still love me?

Do you...?

I didn't mean to,

S-stop crying! Just stop crying!


I didn't-


I broke it.

I wish I could fix it,

But it's in so many pieces now,

Sharp, painful pieces,

I never meant for you to break like this,

I wanted it to be much neater, cleaner, matter of fact,

I'm so sorry,

I broke it,

and it'll never be the same.