This is my re-do of my story "Healing". Enjoy!!

Skyler walked down the dark street, regretting choosing the short cut through the alleys so late at night. Getting home early from the University isn't worth this paranoia, she thought as she rushed through the streets. She peeked over her shoulder and her heart raced with fear as she saw the group of men was still following her.

No not following, stalking. No matter how paranoid she felt on a normal day, this level of paranoia far surpassed normal standards. She was certain a few streets ago a man had been following her, but now she was sure. And he brought friends.

She turned down an alley, and skidded to a stop. Oh dammit, a dead end! Looking for a way out, she only saw the high walls on either side, and the exit was behind her. She spun around, hoping to get out before the men reached her.

Her heart stuttered to a stop when she saw they blocked her path.

Skyler hugged her bag close to her chest, hoping she could push through the group of men quickly, and without incident.

"Um, excuse me." Her voice came out as a throaty croak, and Skyler winced internally. Don't show any fear…Yeah, she wasn't doing that very well.

"Oh c'mon baby, we just got here!" Said the lead man, pushing her against the wall. Her breath came out in a whoosh, and she dropped her bag. She looked up at him, her fear and panic coming through in her brown eyes. She tried to memorize his face, but his features blurred together in her panic.

"So what's a beautiful girl like you doing out so late? Hmm?" he taunted, pulling suggestively at her top. She cringed away from him, scooting along the wall and yanking her top away from his prying hands. She continued to scurry away from him, putting herself further from the exit. Her heart fell in despair as she saw two of his friends block the exit, their arms crossed across their hulking chests. They were smirking.

The lead man followed her, undressing her with his eyes. "Only fucking hookers are out so late, aren't they boys?" he asked, bringing his arms up in an inquisitive gesture. His friends snickered, and looked at her lust written in all their eyes.

Except one.

He was in the back, and smaller than the others. Skyler met her brown eyes with his blue-green eyes and saw they were despairing and hopeless. They both knew it what was going happen, and both were powerless to stop it.

The lead man turned to her again, his expression leering. She finally recognized that he had black hair and dark eyes, and broad shouldered. Not like that's going to help you now, is it? Skyler thought as he advanced on her. "So, baby, why don't you give me and my friends here a little pleasure? I could make it worth your while."

She stared at him, horror written all over her fine features. He pinned her against the wall, raising her arms above her head, and crashed his lips against hers. He was hard and demanding, wanting what he lusted for now. Growling, he ran his hands up her legs, pulling at the short skirt she wore. She gasped against his mouth, and he took that opportunity to slip his course tongue into hers. She squirmed, trying to get away from him, but he was too strong. She screamed against his lips.

He slammed her against the wall again, and brought his mouth to her ear. Whispering in his gravelly voice, he threatened "Now darlin' don't be fighting like that or I'll give you something to fight about." She hung her head in defeat, knowing she couldn't win against these men. He roughly brought his lips to her neck, nipping and biting all the way down to her collarbone. Instinctually she jerked away from him, and he forcibly grabbed her by the shoulder and slammed her against the wall repeatedly until she hung limply.

Satisfied that she wouldn't resist any longer, he pulled at her skirt and roughly shoved her panties away. Then he was inside her, and Skyler gasped at this new level of pain. He continued to shove his fingers into her, and she cried out in pain. Her eyes locked onto the man with the beautiful eyes, and she only saw pity before he looked away, his face burning in anger and shame. Then all was erased by a new wash of pain.

He growled again, but this time in pleasure. He released her arms, instead taking them in a vise like grip and throwing her on the ground. Skyler's head knocked against the ground and her vision became blurry. Got to get up, got to get away…before she could pull herself up, he was on top of her. He quickly undid his pants and ripped her skirt off, throwing the remains of the skirt to the side. He shoved himself into her, and Skyler felt tears running freely down her cheeks as he continued to move inside of her. His eyes were rolled back and he was moaning in pleasure, rocking back and forth. She pushed feebly at his chest, but he didn't even notice her vain attempts at getting him off.

Skyler didn't know how long he slowly tortured her, between the many slaps across her face when she made a sound and the damage he was doing to her sensitive area, all the pain in her body just seemed to blend together so her whole body was just one throbbing area. When he had finally gotten what he wanted, he stood over her with a self satisfied smirk and turned to his friends. Skyler lay on the floor, weeping and unable to get up, wishing she could curl up into a ball, but unable to gather the energy to do so. "She was a fine enough fuck." He boasted to his friends, the smirk still plastered on his face. Skyler looked at him with equal measures of fear and hate through heavy lidded eyes. She was exhausted, and she wanted them to just leave her alone. Didn't they have enough entertainment? The men were blurred around the edges, and she hung her head in defeat. No matter what she did, she knew she was powerless to stop them. She was too weak.

Raising his arms in offering, he gestured to the broken girl on the floor. "Anyone else?"

Zack looked at Alex, disgust written all over his face. "C'mon Alex, that's enough. Let's just leave her alone."

"Did I say it was fucking enough? No. So anyone here can do what they want." He slurred haughtily, the effects of the cocaine and alcohol affecting his speech. He looked at each of the members of his gang, finally locking on Zack's blue-green eyes last. "If anyone has a problem with that, they can leave."

Zack glared at the leader of the group, defiance making his eyes unnaturally steely. He then peered at the sobbing girl on the floor, and pity welled through him. Even though he really wanted to leave, he knew he couldn't leave this girl alone with these monsters. He also knew the consequences of leaving Alex. He sighed, and backed off. Alex smiled triumphantly and waved Drew onto the girl, Drew's eyes clouding over with lust.

Zack looked away as each of the other five members of the gang raped the girl, compassion rising for her with each one. When each one entered her she let a cry of pain, and he cringed each time. He kept his face turned away, studiously staring at the wall, his blue-green eyes getting colder and colder as time passed. He once heard a crack, and his head snapped around to see the girl's eyes closed, her arm at an odd angle. He growled lowly in his throat, but Alex gave him a warning glare. Zack noticed that he had taken a half-step in the girl's direction, and curling his hand into a fist he took a step away. The girl's eyes started to flutter open, and Zack could barely recognize her face from when Alex first pointed her out. Her whole face was now swollen and bloody from the abuse she had undergone, and her brown eyes were clouded in pain. Her legs were sprawled open and Zack modestly looked away from her exposed and bruised body.

Her eyes roved in her lids aimlessly, finally locking with his. She stared at him accusatorially, her brown eyes full of hate, pain, shame and fear. Laughing, Alex stared at the girl one more time and scoffed, "Guess she can't go any longer, eh? The whore!"

That was greeted by sniggers and the gang left the alley. Zack turned to follow, but a whimper stopped him. The girl was curling onto her side, and tried to prop herself up with the arm that wasn't broken. With a cry of pain, she dropped on the floor again, and before Zack could stop himself, he was kneeling next to her. He didn't know what he was doing, but he knew he couldn't leave her alone.

Skyler looked up at the stranger sitting by her, and he lowered his blue-green eyes to hers. Salty tears ran down her cheeks and down her chin, and through a haze of pain, she stared at the only man tonight who had showed her any pity. He reached out to her, and she let loose a cry. It came out as a croak, a result of the screams that were silenced by slaps or punches. She never wanted to be touched again.

Skyler looked at the man, her eyes darting from him to the exit. She tried to crawl away from him, a whimper rising in her throat. He quickly averted his eyes, and took off his sweater. He offered the navy blue sweat shirt to her, a blush rising from his neck. He coughed awkwardly. Skyler looked from the proffered sweater, to the man giving it, to the exit, and back to the man. Tears continue to fall freely from her eyes, and her vision was blurry. Her tears turned into something worse, and sobs racked her body. She gripped her heaving chest with her good hand and tried to breathe past the sobbing and pain in her chest, but to no avail. The edges of her vision started to blur and turn grey, and she felt herself falling to one side, her bad arm getting pinned under her body. A shock of pain shot up her right arm, and she fell willingly into the blackness.

Zack gaped at the collapsed woman before him. He already had too many problems at home, and he wanted to add this to the mix? I don't even know her name, he thought ruefully. But he knew he just couldn't leave her here, to be found by another Alex. He shook his head, already knowing what he was going to do, what he was always planning to do. He was going to add her to the mix, and hope for the best. Wrapping her in his sweater so she was appropriately covered, he picked her up bridal style and carried the unconscious girl out of the alleyway.

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