Zack walked hand-in-hand with Skyler as he escorted her back to her apartment. Donna walked ahead of them, obviously giving them space. Or maybe she was giving herself space after finding out what she had.

As soon as Lisa called 911, the police swarmed Zack's apartment. His mother had showered and changed herself – a feat that was impossible for her a few hours previous – and told the police all she knew. They had interviewed all present after taking Alex out of the apartment in handcuffs, and when they found out that this was not the first offense against Zack, they had interviewed him even longer. He had an appointment with the police and the local Defence Attorney so he could give up all information he had on Alex and his gang. He could see the headlines now: Local Drug Gang Busted.

However, he could care less about the headlines. Skyler had looked hollow since they had gotten through with her, as if even talking about the incident emptied her. They had spent a little time with Skyler, taking her statement of the event quickly. She had also asked if they could look for Abby, but without her last name or a definite picture, the policewoman told her it was doubtful they could find the young girl. Skyler had sagged at the news, and stared blankly at the wall afterwards. When they were finished with her, Zack had walked over and asked her if she was willing to talk about what Alex and his gang had done to her before. However, she had looked at him with wide eyes and shook her head frantically.

Despite her initial protestations, Skyler willingly accompanied him to the meeting with the DA. In fact, he had been surprised when she walked up to him in a formal black dress and pumps at his apartment an hour before his meeting. She had also brought Donna, and in front of the DA, admitted for the first time what Alex had done.

Donna had looked shocked, and even began to cry. The DA looked grave and asked her if she was willing to state that again in front of a jury. Skyler looked scared, but resolute. "I want him to be put away for a very long time," She had said. After the meeting, Zack had taken Skyler's hand as they walked out of the conference room and he noticed it was ice cold and shaking. She didn't pull away.

"So what are you going to do now?" He asked as they continued down the street.

She shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I have to go back to school, though I really don't want to. Maybe I'll look for a culinary school. Get a haircut."

He looked at her, the beginnings of a smile tugging at his mouth. "A haircut."

"Yeah. That's what girls do after a traumatic experience- get a haircut, a new wardrobe, and a bucket of ice cream."


She tilted her head. "Well…I bake brownies and eat it with the ice cream."

He laughed, but then his expression turned serious. "Is that what you did when your parents died?"

She stiffened, but it was obviously a day of admissions for Skyler. "Actually, it was all I could do to get out of bed."

Zack's voice was soft when he asked the question. "Sky, how did they die? If it makes it easier, my dad died recently. My mom? Yeah, she hasn't been like that since he died. She wasn't even able to take care of herself. I've been her nurse as well as taking care of Lisa and Taylor. That's why I joined Alex's gang- to get some quick money to support them. However, I didn't like the way they did things." He laughed humourlessly. "Since when has a gang does something that did things 'right'? Anyways, the night we first met…that was the last straw."

She stopped him and put a hand on his chest. "You don't have to explain. I understand. I would have done anything as long as Jamie could live as normally as possible." She sighed and met his eyes. "We lived in an apartment. It was a few blocks away from where we live now, actually. We were happy there. Anyways, the people above us got drunk one night and accidentally set their place on fire. They got out on time…but my parent's room was underneath the room that the fire had started in. Their roof collapsed on them as they slept. I heard the noise and ran in, but I couldn't get close to their room- the fire was too big. So I grabbed Jamie and ran." She hiccupped as the tears began to run down her face, and Zack enveloped her in his arms. "It's my fault. I could have saved them."

"No Skyler, you couldn't. They were already done for as soon as that roof fell. You did the smart thing." She continued to sob into his chest, her shoulders heaving. He didn't know how long they stood there for, and no one paid them any heed. Even though Donna watched on, Zack felt as if they were the only two on the street.

One month later

Abby heard the door jingle as a customer walked in. Dragging her eyes away from her biology textbook, her automatic response was out before she saw the customers. "Welcome to Bailey's Bakery. How may I help you?"

She saw the children run to the glass case, putting their fingers on it. She sighed inwardly as she thought about cleaning their fingerprints from the case but she put a smile on her face as she walked up to them. They were of varying ages and two were siblings, the third a friend, she assumed. The girls were blonde and blue eyed, and the boy had dark brown hair and lighter brown eyes. She frowned as she stared at the boy. He seemed really familiar…

As she thought that, the door jingled again and a blonde man walked in. His eyes were blue-green and he was well built. What shocked Abby was not his good looks, however, but the familiarity that struck her in her gut. She knew this guy. And it seemed as if he recognised her, too.

"Abby?" He asked, his voice incredulous. He then laughed, as in a full-out, belly laugh. "Of course. The police couldn't find you, but I did." He shook his head in disbelief. "Do you know how panicked Skyler has been this past month?"

She closed her mouth with a snap; she had let it hang open as soon as Zack had walked in. "What?" That was the only thing she could have managed at the moment.

The boy, who Abby now remembered was Jamie, looked between Zack and Abby. "This is the girl Skyler's been looking for?" He asked, eyebrows raised. He then gave her a bright smile. "Skyler would be so happy!"

"The police are a bunch of idiots," Said the eldest girl contemptuously.

"Lisa!" Zack protested quickly, and she shrugged. He shook his head and grinned. "We don't say that in a public place."

She raised an eyebrow. "Why not? It's a free country."

"So they say…" Muttered Abby. Zack laughed.

"How long have you been here?" He asked as she packed the chocolate cake for them.

She cocked her head to the side as she thought. "Two weeks? No, this would be the end of my third."

"So what did you do in that week? Stay on the streets?"

She nodded and handed him the cake. "Yep. Actually, Bailey – the woman who owns this place – she saw me ogling her cakes and asked if I could pay for it. I said that I could if she hired me, for a joke. I mean, I was looking for a job, but I didn't think she'll take me seriously."

"Where are you staying?"

Abby raised a blonde eyebrow. "Is this an interrogation?"

Zack shrugged. "It's everything Skyler would want to know."

Abby grinned and answered, "I share an apartment with three other women. They advertised that they were looking for a fourth roommate and I applied."

Zack took the cake and handed it to Lisa, who was in a debate with Jamie about who was better: Superman or Batman. The youngest watched on with wide eyes. "When do you get off? I'm about to meet Skyler and a couple others, if you want to come."

Abby shook her head. "I can't leave until the next girl gets here." As she said it, a girl with wavy red hair and freckles walked in. "Speaking of, here she is. Hey Anne!"

Anne gave her a smile, showing off her pearly whites. "Heya Abby. Leaving now?"

Abby grabbed her bag and handed Anne the pink apron. "Yep. Have funnnnn!" With a wave of her fingers and a jaunt in her gait, Abby dragged Zack out the door. As soon as they exited, Abby's smile slid from her face. "I hate that girl."

"Hate is a bad word!" Yelled the youngest, and Abby stuck her tongue out at her. The girl returned the gesture, and Abby pulled a face. "You have funny coloured hair," the little girl sang as she skipped to her sister and Jamie, who were still arguing.

"Yeah, well…you have funny feet!" The girl ignored her, and Abby gave Zack an expression that said, what?

"How old are you again?"


"Sure you're not five? That was a stellar retort."

Abby reddened. "I'm not known for my five star comebacks, mister know-it-all."

"Superman is bulletproof, take that!" Jamie exclaimed. When Lisa didn't come up with an argument right away, Jamie danced in the street shouting, "Superman is bett-er, Superman is bett-er!"

"Hey, hotshot!" Called Zack, a grin on his face. "How's Heather?"

The boy immediately deflated. "What's it to you?" He asked, colouring.

Lisa gave him a smirk. "You still haven't asked her to be your girlfriend?"

Abby stared at the boy incredulously. "How old are you, five? How the heck do even know what a girlfriend is?"

Jamie crossed his arms. "I'm seven. Of course I know what a girlfriend is."

Zack ruffled his hair. "If you need some tips, ask me." He said with a wink.

Jamie looked at him disdainfully. "You? You took like, what, half a year to finally date Leelee?"

Abby looked at him inquisitively. "Leelee?"

Lisa answered her, rolling her eyes. "It's what he calls Skyler."

"Oh. Oh. So you an Skyler are together."

Jamie answered. "Only last week. It took them for-ev-er to go on their first date."

"She wasn't ready." Zack said in his defence.

"Point one to Zack: he waited for her to be ready." Lisa said, looking at Jamie. "You can actually learn a lot from my brother. I taught him well."

Zack inclined his head to the girl. "Of course you did, Lisa."

"Can't have my brother walking around breaking girls' hearts."

Abby was taken by surprise as Zack led them across the street to an outdoor café. Astoundingly, there weren't many people sitting outside for lunchtime rush. There were a couple of older men and a pair of well-dressed teenage girls sitting outside, but Zack was walking towards a long table with two older women on it and a young woman who Abby did not recognise.

"Where's Skyler?" She whispered to Zack.

He looked confused for a second before realisation dawned. "You don't recognise her." It was a statement. Abby looked at the women again.

The eldest had her hair in a careful bun, dressed in a simple pink dress and black flats. The other woman also had her dark hair in a bun, which enhanced her strict features. She was in a black dress, her beige blazer draped over the edge of the wrought-iron chair and was sitting cross legged. The third woman was obviously the youngest of the three. Her hair was cropped short, barely brushing her chin and she had a little make-up on. Her short-sleeved button up, white shirt fit her well and the grey waistcoat accentuated her curves. She had on well-fitting jeans and a pair of grey Converse finished off her outfit. While Abby admired the girl's style, she didn't recognise her…until she turned her head and met Abby's shocked green eyes with her own dark brown ones.



Skyler shot out of her seat and ran towards the younger girl, immediately embracing her. She then pulled away and looked over every inch of Abby's body, inspecting her. "Are you all right? Where have you been? Why didn't you call? You're such an idiot!"

Abby sputtered, but she answered with, "You're such a mother hen."

Skyler looked like she was about to retort, but she grinned instead. "You haven't changed."

"Well, you have. I didn't recognise you!"

Skyler self-consciously patted her hair. "Yeah, well, some changes were in order." As she said it, she met Zack's eyes with her own. "Thank you," She said in a soft voice.

He leaned down and kissed her cheek. "It was chance." He muttered back.

Skyler beamed at him and then pulled on Abby's arm. "Come, eat with us. That's Donna," She pointed at the woman in black, "and that's Helen, Zack, Lisa and Taylor's mum." She pointed at the woman in pink. They nodded at her, exclaimed their surprise at Zack luckily finding her, and quizzed her as Zack had. Skyler looked at her intently as she held Zack's hand in her own, looking as happy as a child on Christmas. For a second, Abby imagined going home and her own mother looking as happy to see her, but she shook her head. That was impossible.

The waiter came soon after for their drinks order, and Abby just allowed herself to enjoy the lunch and didn't think about silly ideas like her parents or returning home.

After lunch, Abby was itching to get back to work. Not like she didn't enjoy herself or anything – or so she told Skyler – but because she had to get back. So Skyler offered to walk her back.

On the walk back to the bakery, Skyler looked at Abby with a serious expression. She just had to know… "Abby?"


"Why did you run away?"

Abby's voice was venomous when she answered. "From my parents, or from you?"

Skyler refused to back down from the girl's acidic tone. "Both." Abby glared at her and stormed off, but Skyler ran after her and grabbed her arm. "You are not running away from me again!"

Abby tugged her arm free of the older girl's grasp, tears in her eyes. "Why do you even fucking care? Why?"

"Is that such a crime?" Skyler yelled back.

"Become a social worker or something! Stop poking your nose in my business!"

"Your business?" Skyler looked shocked, but then angry. "Your business became my business the moment I saw you in that alley!"

"I could have handled myself." Abby spat out.

Skyler clenched her jaw, and took a deep breath. "Fine." She then looked at Abby with sad, brown eyes. "If you do not want to tell me, that's all right. I just have a feeling that it is still bothering you. If you need someone to talk to about it, I'll be around."

Abby nodded tersely. "Great. I know where to find you." Abby then plastered a smile on her face. "So, how's life?"

Skyler wanted to pursue the subject more, but she knew that she shouldn't. Abby will not come clean if she pushed, plus, if anyone pushed her to tell the truth a month ago about Alex, she couldn't have done it. It was only Zack's constant support that got her through it.

Skyler groaned as she answered. "I'm in culinary school, and they're brutal. Put that on top of the court date I have in a couple of days, and my stress levels are off the maps."

"You mean off the charts."

Skyler waved a hand in dismissal. "Yeah, that."

Abby gave her a smug smirk. "But you have Zack."

Skyler coloured and looked down. "…Yeah."

"How did that even happen?"

Skyler blushed even more just thinking about it. "Well, apparently he had liked me for a little while…"

Abby rolled her bright green eyes. "No duh. I saw the two of you together for a few seconds and I could have told you that."

Skyler shot her a sharp look, but continued. "Anyways. After the man who had been bothering both of us got arrested, he kinda, sorta, showed me how he felt about me."

"You mean he pinned you down and ravished your body?"

Skyler turned bright red and slapped the other girl on her shoulder. "No! God, what do you take us for?"

Abby laughed and hopped away from Skyler's second slap. "Fine, fine. What did he do?"

"He…kissed me."

Abby groaned and put her head in her hands. "What are you, a Disney movie? Geez."

"He knew I had my limits, and that I wasn't comfortable with anything else." Skyler protested.

"But that's not exciting enough!"

Skyler laughed. "Life isn't always as exciting as you want it to be."

"I dunno about you, but I've had a pretty exciting life."

"I've had enough excitement to last me three lifetimes," muttered Skyler.

Abby raised her eyebrow. "Oh? I want to hear your story."

Skyler gave her a sly grin. "I'll tell when you do."

"You're like a dog with a bone with that, you know. Anyways, this is my stop."

Skyler shrugged in response. When Abby turned to enter the bakery, Skyler stopped her with a touch on her arm. "Hey, Abby. Don't disappear again."

She gave the elder girl a grin. "You know where I work. I like getting paid, and the free scones are a bonus. I'm not going anywhere."

Skyler grinned and watched as Abby walked into the bakery.

Skyler sat on the witness' pedestal, sweat dripping down her back and her face, but she dared not move in front of the stern faced lawyer.

"So, Miss Davens, you state that my client attacked you one night with his-" he made the quote-unquote gesture "-gang?"

Skyler gulped and nodded. "Yes, sir. They attacked me and raped me."

"And when was this?"

"Seven months ago, sir."

"Any why didn't you report it earlier?" He was pacing in front of her, his tone condescending. Skyler met Alex's smug eyes with her scared one, but she immediately looked for Zack. Meeting his calm, blue-green eyes with her own, she took a deep breath as she answered.

"I was scared. I wanted to forget it ever happened."

"Are you certain that my client was your assailant?"

"Yes, sir. I recognised him instantly."

"How? There could be a hundred of men who look like Mr. Deane."

Skyler looked at him incredulously. "I think I would remember his face." She stated, though she doubted herself. It's true- she never got a good look at his face. Who was she to say that Alex was truly the man who raped her? But it was something else, something that wasn't his face but more the way he held himself, his voice, and his swagger that she recognised instantly. Not his face.

The lawyer narrowed his eyes at her, and spun away with a contemptuous flick of his hand. Skyler sighed as she was allowed from the palisade, and immediately went to Donna's side.

Ever since Donna heard Skyler's story, she had been making an effort to spend more time with Skyler and Jamie. She finally hired a manager after five years of running it herself, and now came home in the evenings. Even though Jamie was still scared of her, Skyler noticed last week that he and Donna were building a puzzle, and he didn't shy away from her as he once had. Donna had also adopted a gentler way of speaking to him…but at work, she was still the dragon-lady they all loved and feared.

Donna squeezed her hand as Skyler sat next to her, and Sky gave her a tremulous smile. "You did beautifully." Donna whispered. "That lawyer was just a jackass. Alex would get exactly what he deserves."

Skyler nodded, but her eyes drifted over to the young boy who sat behind Alex. He was introduced as Alex's younger brother, Timmy, and had down syndrome. She had heard Alex's lawyer state that the boy depended on Alex after being abused by their father. When Alex was put away in prison, what was to happen to the boy?

Skyler couldn't help but think about the small, grinning boy for the whole evening. He was a ghost who seemed to haunt her and condemn her for eventually placing Alex in jail; they had yet to hear his sentence.

A few days later in her apartment, Skyler confided her fears with Zack. He had looked troubled, but he took her hand and stared her in the eyes when he answered. "Sky, I know you're worried about him. But, with Alex gone, Timmy could go to a family that could take him away from the darker world Alex thrived in. He won't be placed in danger any longer, and receive the help he needs for his illness." He gave her a kiss on the forehead. "You worry too much about others."

She gave him a weak smile. "You too."

"Nah, I don't care about males. It's the girls I care about," he answered with a wink.

She smacked his arm but she was laughing. She then felt her pocket vibrate and pulled out her phone, a frown on her face. She didn't recognise the number.

"Hello?" She answered, her voice unsure.

"Hey Sky, it's Abby. I'm hungry and I don't feel like cooking. May I come over?"

Skyler chuckled. "Of course! I learnt this new recipe I wanted to try out anyways."

"Great! 'Cause I'm outside your apartment complex, and I need you to let me up."

Skyler shot up from the couch. "Oh, of course, I'm coming now!" She then hung up and gave Zack an apologetic smile before running to fetch Abby.

A few minutes later, Abby walked in and raised an eyebrow when she saw Zack lounging on the couch. "Did I disturb your love nest?"

Zack answered, "Yes," at the same time Skyler retorted, "No!"

Abby chortled at Skyler's mortified expression. "Oh, cool your horses, Sky. You're so easy to tease." Rubbing her hands together, she grinned at the older girl. "So what's for dinner?"

"Do you like seafood?"

"Hell yes! Bring it on!"

Skyler laughed and went into the kitchen as Abby threw herself next to Zack. "So where's the kid and the old woman?"

Zack looked at her in amazement. "I don't think Donna would appreciate you calling her an 'old woman'," he replied.

"Not like I would say it to her face. Does she scare you too?"

"She seems to have that effect on everyone." Zack answered wryly. "They're out. Jamie is watching a movie with some friends and Donna volunteered to chaperone."

Abby shivered in horror. "Those poor kids."

Zack nodded in agreement.

A few minutes passed with the sounds of Skyler humming and the sizzle of items being placed on a hot pan. Abby looked at her friend with a soft smile on her face. "She really changed from the first time I saw her. She looks good with the short hair. It's almost as if a weight was released from her shoulders."

"Well, she's been able to get over some really tough times lately."

Abby was instantly intrigued. "Tell me!"

Zack's expression was grave. "It's Skyler's story. However, I can tell you mine."

She shook her head. "Nah, I'm good. I wanna hear Sky's, though. She promised me she'll tell me hers when I tell mine."

"And are you going to ever tell her?"

"Why else do you think I'm here tonight?"

Zack looked at her blankly. "For free food?"

Abby conceded the point with a nod. "That, and I suppose I best tell someone. Might as well be Sky."

Skyler then appeared from the kitchen, a plate in each hand. She grinned at them as they rose from their seats and followed her to the table. Abby's jaw dropped when she saw the food. "You just did all of that?" Skyler nodded proudly, and went back into the kitchen for her own food. Abby stared at her plate of food in wonder.

There was a piece of grilled salmon on top a bed of rocket, and pieces of grilled shrimp artfully surrounding it. It was drizzled in some sort of white sauce. When Abby took a bite, the salmon melted on her tongue in a burst of flavour. She sighed in pleasure. "Screw cooking for myself," she said as Skyler sat down. "I'm eating by you every evening."

"Why else do you think I'm here?" Commented Zack, a smirk on his face.

Skyler laughed. "Thanks, but I'm nowhere near my teacher's level. I still have a lot of work to do."

Half way through the dinner, Zack caught Abby's eye and gave her a meaningful look. She sighed and put down her fork. "Sky…I actually didn't come to eat your delicious food. I was actually walking in the park, y'know, thinking about my past and parents, and I just felt I had to tell someone…"

Skyler put her fork down and placed her elbows on the table as she leaned towards Abby. Her face was serious, but supportive. "Ok, only tell me as much as you're comfortable."

Abby gave her a challenging stare. "You first."

Zack immediately reached over and took Sky's hand. She gave it a squeeze, but she mouthed, "I'm ok." He nodded but he didn't pull away.

She told her story quickly and even though she hesitated a few times, she didn't show any other emotion. Abby listened grimly, shuddering as she thought about what Skyler had to endure by herself. When Skyler had finished her tale, Abby felt nauseated and slightly ashamed. Sky gave her a sad smile. "It's gotten easier to tell over time. Alex is on trial and hopefully he'll go to jail."

"Not hopefully. He will go to jail," interjected Zack sternly.

Skyler sighed. "Well, that was a bit much. Dessert?"

Abby's face brightened. "Do you have chocolate?"

Skyler laughed. "What kind of girl doesn't have chocolate?"

She then went and pulled out a batch of chocolate-chip brownies she had made earlier. "A la mode?" She asked, as she reached into the freezer and pulled out vanilla ice cream. The other two shook their heads and she shrugged and put it back.

As she sat back down, Abby launched into her story.

"My brother and I were really close. His name was Jack. Anyways, he was a year older than I but he stayed down one year, so we were even in the same class. People thought we were twins, and we let them think that. We didn't care. We were already attached at the hip; we hung out in the same group, went to the same parties…Jack's girlfriend was my best friend.

He obviously got his license before me, but refused to drive until I could. He was strange that way- he though we should do everything together. So we went to this party one night, and we both got shit faced. As in, I don't even remember most of that night. Jack was even worse. Somehow, the kid whose house the party was at had gotten tequila, and Jack mixed that with some rum and I think vodka. So he passed out. I remember Ruby and Sam helping him into the car, and I drove us home. We lived a few miles away, a twenty-minute drive. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Or so I figured."

She took a deep breath, and then continued. "I was worse off than I had thought. I didn't see the stop sign, and went right through it. Unfortunately, so was some family in a suburban. They hit my passenger side. Thankfully, they were all right. They had a couple of small kids in the car who wouldn't shut up and their parents took forever to calm them. As soon as the other car hit me, I felt all the alcohol just left my body, I swear.

Jack never got up. He was covered in blood, that's all I remember. Blood. A lot of it. My parents blamed me, of course, and I was going to be charged with underage driving and manslaughter, as well as running a stop sign. I couldn't stand mum's tears, or her stony silences. Some nights she would scream and scream at me. Dad couldn't meet my eyes. So I ran away."

"Abby...that's horrible. I'm so sorry!" Skyler said, reaching out to the younger girl. Abby looked up at Skyler with tears in her eyes, and when she tried to smile, they spilled over.

She swiped at her cheeks fiercely. "Yeah, how do you feel about harbouring a murderer and a fugitive of the law?"

Skyler smiled sadly. "I don't care, either way. Though I don't think your parents would be very happy right now. It's their fault for driving you out, it's not your fault."

"It is my fault!"

Zack nodded his head. "Sure, it's your fault that your brother died. But it's your parent's fault for kicking you out like that. But, Abby, think about it. They now don't have either of their children."

"And they'll be better of without me." She spat out.

"Who says?" Skyler asked. "I think they'll love it if you returned home."

Abby shook her head stubbornly. "I don't want to." She took a deep breath and met Sky and Zack's eyes steadily. "I'll return home someday. I just can't, not now."

They nodded their heads, and Skyler gave her a supportive smile. "Well, you're welcome to have dinner with us every night. But, I gotta warn you, I may begin charging you," she teased with a wink.

Abby laughed. "Whatever. After that meal, I will gladly pay whatever amount."

"Yeah, dinner and dessert were a bit heavy." Zack said, picking up their plates. "But I'm glad everything was resolved."

Skyler hesitated before she answered. "Mostly everything. Remember, Zack, we have Alex's final trial next week."

Zack nodded grimly.

Skyler held Zack's hand tightly as the judge read the slip of paper. For her, time seemed to pass agonisingly slow. The judge then looked at the representative of the jury. "Has the jury come to a conclusion?"

"We have, your Honour." Answered the blonde woman. "We have decided that Alex Deane is guilty of all crimes."

The judge nodded and slammed his wooden hammer. "The accused it sentenced to jail for life. Case adjourned."

Skyler's face broke out in a wide smile and she turned and faced Zack. He was also beaming, and they embraced tightly. "It's all over," he whispered to her. "It's over."

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