Ciara Ride.

I do not own this song(lyrics).

ATL Gerogia..bodies Look like this size 23 waist, pretty face Thick thighs.

I can do it big I can do it long I can do whenever or however You want

I can do it up and down I can do circles To him I'm a gymnist This one is my circus

I market it so good They can't wait to try Me I work it so good Man, these nig**s Tryna buy I I I I me

They love they way I ride it (x3)
They love the way I ride the beat
How I ride the beat, I ride it.

This song is good it has a good beat kind of, but the song in general is just so…stupid?

I don't know what word to use but sex and anything that has to do with it is the center of attention these days and it's just getting so old.

Why can't a song actually have true meaning behind it? Seriously even advertisements for new cars have sexual content and guys go and buy the car, why? Because of the model used to advertise the car as if by buying the car will get them slutty whores, lol well in some cases they do because some girls are just interested in materialed things.

It's as if the world was changing for worse instead of for better it all revolves around sex and anorexic fake girls. And the world instead of trying to open eyes, to try and let guys know that what matters in a girl is her love, company, trust, inside beauty they push them further into wanting somebody fake and hollow.

I have nothing against Ciara she's a pretty good artist and no offense but she sings this song and makes the music video and lol she's not that pretty and she talks about booty and she ain't really have any, it's just funny.

But whatever in the end it's just "entertainment" nothing has true meaning behind it these days.

And guys will be guys forever and always.

Your thoughts?