As you walked away, I wanted to scream your name. No, more than that, I needed to scream your name. I needed you to turn around so I could run into your arms and have you hold me safe and warm.

I wish I hadn't turned my back to you and let you slip through my fingers like when you try to hold water in your hand.

When you started crying I should have held you tight and never let you go, but I didn't and now you've gone.

If you had turned around one more time then maybe I would have lost whatever it was that was making me stand firm. Maybe even now we could be together. But as it was I didn't and now you've gone.

I could never have known that those would be our final precious moments together; I didn't know those would be my last memories of you. I didn't know.

Life can be so cruel; you know that better than I do. I see you sometimes at night, crying over what was, what could have been. I hear you singing songs that I sang when we were together, I know how you think of me, and I think it of you too.

If fate had not been too cruel, if I could still see you in person, if I were still the person I used to be then maybe we would still exist today.

I never could say what happened, all I know is that I should have pulled you back, I should have made you stay, but I was a coward so I let you turn your back and walk away.

Now I'll never know if my life could have turned out differently, if I hadn't let you turn your back to me, if I hadn't let you slip away.

When you turned around that one last time, I should have run into your arms. I shouldn't have let you turn your head again, square your shoulders and keep on walking. At the very least I should have wished you well, I shouldn't have let you walk away looking as if your life was over, because, darling, it wasn't. I was just one small chapter in the great novel that is your life.

I will watch over you, darling. Every second of every day I will watch you, in the way that only I can. I know you feel my presence; after all, you talk of it enough. Sometimes, when you talk to me as if I were there, sitting next to you, I wish I could hold you again, I wish I could comfort you with my words as well, not just my presence.

I want you to move on. I should stop being the shadow of a person who once walked the earth, there for you to talk to, and cry over. I should be nothing but a shadow in the corner of your eye. Don't cry for me. It was meant to be my destiny, don't cry.

I will haunt you if you ever forget me. I will haunt you night and day, I can't let you forget me, and I can never forget you. I will haunt you living and dead. I will haunt you…

I should have pulled you back; I should have made you stay. I should have said "I love you" but I let you walk away. I should have said those two small words: "I'm Sorry."

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