Welcome to Idea Central! When I have idea's I don't want to use or know what to do with, I put them here! Feel free to take them, all I ask is a mention in an author's note and a review or massage telling me which ones you're using. And if one of my ideas inspires a new one of yours, please also let me know, but you don't have to put an author's note, I really just want more stories to read and am too lazy to look through the sections. This will be updated whenever I feel like I have enough stuff to make a new edition of it. If you want specific ideas or help developing yours, I can do that too, just ask in a PM or signed review. I won't reply to anonymous requests. If There will be a lot of sections, usually the following:



- superpower emergence/ how the heck they came to have superpowers

-government types (new ones, not the ones that are currently in existence)


-plants and animals (again, new types, not the type that already exist)


-introduction chapters/first paragraphs/first sentences


I reserve the right to not include sections in certain editions or to add sections as I go along. I may sometimes include a short story of mine at the bottom, if I feel like it. If you don't like this place, please leave. I am doing this to help other writers who need inspiration and to get the plot bunnies out of my head. So, yeah. After the long, winding rant/intro/ whatever, we finally move on the first edition of Idea Central.


1)Carriton (CAH-ruh-ton)

2)Kaiala (Kai-AH-luh)

3)Quitan (CU-sit-an)

4)Mirot (MY-rot)


1)yeah, I know, it sounds cliché, but trust me, it's not anywhere close to what you've seen. for one thing, there's no 'bad guy', that's cliché. there is, however, the[insert bad guy/ bad group name here]. The [insert bad guy/ bad group name here] is a group of people whose purpose in life it to capture people like me; people who aren't what they call 'normal'.


1)A genetic mutation that was de-evolved out of most humans over time. Basically, I'm saying that ancient humans (pre-historic, actually) were far more advanced than we are now; technologically and genetically. These powers somehow were de-evolved out of humans along te years


Not right now


Meh, check back next time






1) Do you often see flitting shadows out of the corners of your eye, but nothing's there? Do you have frequent Déjà vu? Do you have dizzy spells? If you do, you may have a rare condition known as Kyphla syndrome [kye-fla]. If not treated, this neurological disorder may become deadly. Free diagnostics at 3333 somewhere drive, Business district of Noneyah, Arkansas. That was what the flyer said. You know the flyers that get stuck to your door? This was one of them. Sometimes I look back at that moment and wish I'd just thrown the thing in the trash. Other times, I see it as the best moment of my life. Either way, there was no such thing as Kyphla syndrome, it was just a ruse to get certain people- certain children to that location. There were five of us. Five of us who discovered something about ourselves that we had never known. Before I continue, I think you should know a little about my life, pre-kypla.


Not now…

Yeah, I know this one's short, but it's the first one. I'll have another up as soon as I can. Again, these are the rules for using things from here (I know I can't track them, but please guys, no plagiarism)

An Author's Note mentioning where you got the idea from

A review or PM saying which ones you're using

format as follows:

Issue its in

Section it's in

Number it is

EXAMPLE: edition 1, "Other", number 3

So, I realize most of this issue is introductory stuff, but most of this won't be here next time. Just a reminder of the format and such. So yeah. Thanks for reading, and please review.