As most clichéd stories go: Popular boy makes a bet to make the nerdy, invisible, wallflower girl fall for him by prom. Then in the end, popular boy falls for nerdy girl and they live happily ever after, skipping away into the sunset. Lalalala.


Boring right?

Well that's obviously because his extremely, awesome, best friend wasn't there to spice things up.

In this case, that's me-Devina Robinson. Dev for short. Actually, it's just Dev. Period. Call me Devina and you will end up in the hospital with severe brain damage. As you can see, I hate my name. I think my parents were drunk and high when they proclaimed that their brand new, beautiful baby girl should be deemed Devina. I mean seriously…

But enough about me.

Let's just say that Disney would never look twice at this story.

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