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Chapter 5- Caleb and Nate

I regained consciousness, dazed and confused, but fully awake and terrified. It turns out that Eliot was supposedly going to come back for me, but I didn't think that would happen, at all. But, he actually did, so he came back and guiltily carried me into the forest, where I woke up just now. I know I should have had more faith in him. Too bad, I didn't.

"The fight is still going on, you've only been out for like ten minutes, and I think you fainted." He said warily glancing back at the cave entrance now and then as if they would just come flying at us from the cave, which I very strongly believed wouldn't happen.

"No way. I don't faint." I said confidently. "Pfft. Then what do you think happen? A snake bit you and you went limp in shock . . ." His words fading as he cocked his ears and stared suspiciously at the cave. "Wha—," I was cut off as the panther and the wolf came flying out from the trees in my direction. So much for my beliefs. Hunter the panther was slightly limping and Damon the wolf had deep claw marks in him.

Just as they were about to come flying at me, competing and growling at each other to reach me first, Eliot jumped protectively in front of me. Snarling back angrily, he changed into a beautiful massive tiger right before my eyes!

He bent down a good two feet to reach me and nudged me with his head to run. "Are you sure?" I tried to say, but there was a huge lump blocking my throat. I swallowed, and tried again, "How is—I mean, are you, er, what um . . . sh-should I run?" My question coming out, much to my surprise, not solid.

Eliot the tiger nodded his head furiously and pushed my back towards the forest, barely missing to block the attack from Damon as he tried to get to me before Hunter did.

I looked back before sprinting off into the forest, and saw Hunter powerfully bite into Eliot's leg as he screeched in pain. What would happen to him? Would he be all right? Should I have stayed and helped? Oh, I was in deep shit with them all when I came back—if I came back!

* * *

I ran what seemed two miles before I stopped, completely out of breath. When was the last time I had water? Hmm, never so far!

Then I remembered. There was a stream west of the cave. Damn, now I had to run back about say two miles.

I couldn't do it. I would die before I made it four steps. "But, it has been a while, maybe the fights dispersed." I said quietly wondering out loud.

"Dude, what the hell!" said a voice trailing out of the shadows. "Just get the football and let's go!" Another voice said. Well, I was far enough to know to not give a crap about that.

I guy stepped out of the trees jumping from one foot to another and pointing at me and saying, "Dude! There's a girl here!" The guy had short blonde hair and a goofy smile.

Then another guy stepped out, running a hand roughly through his wet brown hair, his green eyes twinkling. He was shitless, wearing only some red shorts with white mooses on them, and a pair of gym shoes. He was also clutching a football to his side.

I was sitting on a log that moment, my hair and clothes a wreck.

Hey . . . why does it seem to be that there are only guys here and no girls??

The blonde guy stepped forward, pushing his face in mine when I backed up. "Who 'er you?" he asked, he was close enough for me to smell the watermelon on his breath.

Ooh, watermelon! My stomach growled loudly with lust and hunger. Food . . . Water . . .

I shook my head, banishing the thoughts momentarily, and said, "Phoenix." He stared at me a while, the brown-haired guy looking into the distance.

"Cool, I'm Caleb and that's," he said pointing his thumb over to the brow-haired guy, "Nate." I smiled, slowly standing up, getting ready to bolt from these people. I really didn't care if I had to run another two miles at this point.

Nate spoke now, his voice husky and quiet, "Someone's coming, we should go now anyways, before Savannah comes looking . . .," He trailed off, blinking at Caleb.

"Oh! Yeah, Okay! Bye, Phoenix!" Caleb called and ran off.

So there were some girls I could talk to, maybe I know some from school. That's kinda freaky because I thought I knew Nate . . .

Nate turned around, about to trudge off when you stopped in his tracks. "Wait, are you Phoenix from Rose Wood High?" He asked questioningly.

"Um . . . yeah."

"Hmm, well okay. Nice meeting you. Bye." He turned around and ran after Caleb.


I resumed sitting on my log when it suddenly hit me, his hair was wet right? So there must be a river nearby!

Damn, I should have asked where, but I think I know where it is.

I trudged deeper into the forest from the direction they came, and saw a beautiful waterfall and river running to the west. It must connect to the stream at the cave, so this would lead me back, too!

I took a few handfuls of water and sipped them up greedily.

But suddenly, I heard a menacing wail coming from behind the waterfall.

I rushed up to it and dived into the cold icy depths. Whatever that sound was, it was really drawing me in. I couldn't evoke my mind to remember that sound, but somehow I knew I had to go to it.

Once I rushed past the wall of water, falling over, I saw what lay on the other side.

There was a baby white tiger, stuck in between rocks, bleeding to death.

Before I knew it, I was pushed to the ground and under the menacing claws of a black tiger in a blink of an eye. The tiger yelled powerfully and sunk his teeth into my arm, with too much force . . .

The last thing I heard before I was enveloped by the furious pain and a burning sensation was the cries of the dead white tiger echoing through my mind.



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