Hey, I know not many people bother to read this, so enjoy and I hope you like my first story!

Chapter 1: Just a regular day?

I was having a nice dream. A perfectly nice and normal dream, that is until I felt something running up my leg. "Holy hell!" I screeched -er uh yelled in a most manly way, shooting up in what I swear was the fastest sit up I ever did in my life. Scooting back as far as I could against my head board, I looked down to find my culprit was my brother's stupid beady-eyed, creepily long- tailed monster rat.

"Now, now Bas, holy and hell should at least be a word away from each other." I looked towards my doorway to find my bed headed dad smirking at me with that annoying evil gleam of humor of his.

"Dad, don't give me that crap so early in the morning!" I whined before my gaze zoomed back to monster rat which by the way, scurried on those little disgusting feet back to his earlier position by my side. Trying to get it away, I picked up my biology book I found conveniently on my bedside table, and tried to nudge it with the corner.

"Alright rat boy, you'd better return him to your brother, unless of course you like your current position." My father chuckled out when I shot a glare. Pissed off, I just shot up one of my favorite fingers.

"Don't flip me off, I'm your father."

"Well you pissed me off"

"I know you like the action you're getting from the rat, but your brother is working up a hurricane up there looking for him, return Toullie to him would you?" he said in that wickedly sweet way of his while squinting his green eyes, scratching the back of his head- sending his red hair flying everywhere.

"Ha Ha. Yeah I really love getting scurried on at the butt crack of dawn." I stated , sarcasm dripping with every word.

"Why can't you return him?"

"Because, Basile, I told you to do it. Better hurry before Alex wakes up all of the neighbors." About to argue on how unfair it was for me to return the stupid rat since my dad"s room was literally across the hallway he just walked out into the hall,and up the stairs. If he was going up stairs anyway why couldn't he take the rat? Retarded dad. Probably going back to bed now that the rat was found. That was when I heard exactly what dad meant.

"Toullie!" Echoed upstairs by what can un-mistakenly be identified as my ass of an older brother's voice. Grabbing the thing by the tip of it's tail and keeping it a arms length and then some away from me, I begrudgingly left my comfortable quilts and comforters behind to dutifully return the oh so precious pet. I just want to drop kick it out my door, but I could by grounded for that again, and frankly I'd like to have a life outside of home and school thank you very much.

I don't even know why we have the thing! Mom is scared stiff of it, did looks like he wants to throw up whenever it passes by in that little rat ball , and I - just hate it. Trudging out the door I absently walked up the stairs towards my brother's stupid baritone voice as I was once again lost in my thoughts.

They could have let my older ass brother scream all he wanted about dying after we saw the movie ' Ratatouille ' if he didn't get one of his own, but he has the puppy eves down to an art! Usually it's the younger siblings that get away with shit like that, but one look into that smug jerk's crystal clear aqua eyes and he has anyone eating from the palm of his hand. Needless to say we went zooming to the pet store the very next day. I still can't wait until the day the rat cooks for us.

On second thought, I'm glad we don't have a rat for a cook. Toullie may just be a rat, but as exemplified by this morning's fiasco, the damn thing is set out to make me miserable. It would probably make me a separate meal without bothering to wash it's paws, or pouring el-lax in my food or some shit like that.

Reaching the top of the stairs I looked up from my remixed 'Quasimodo' position to look at the end of my extended arm, suspiciously checking said damn rat to make sure it didn't magically flip over before I began to look for my brother. It didn't take long to find him. The guy's a 6'2 burly football player with shaggy blond hair. With those aqua eyes of his he completes the perfect image for a California stereotypical jock.

"Alex" I shout from my spot, so he could hear me down the hall. It's six in the morning on a Saturday, and I was woken for no better reason than to return a rat. I think I deserve the right to be a little lazy.

"Hey runt, have- what are you doing to my baby?!" Lovely. I get molested by the rat and yelled at by it's mommy on steroids, lucky me.

"Give him to me!" he practically slammed the vase he was looking in a second ago back on it's table before barreling the short steps down the hall with his left hand outstretched. I was half tempted to fling the thing at his hand and yell touch down when he caught it, but refrained or else I knew Alex over there will take me to the park and have a nice 'chat' with me. I don't look particularly good with purple covering arms, legs and stomach.

No use in trying to tattle on him. I'm too scared to find out what he'd do if i broke his angelic aura with mom and dad. Not looking forward to limping around, covered in bruises I just waited till he snatched the thing from me. Apparently he didn't think I returned his pet from the kindness of my heart, and was actually hiding monster rat from him when he loomed over me. I didn't want to give the bastard the satisfaction of looking up, so I simply stared at my bare feet.

Ooooook he's 6'2, and I'm a measly 5'4 and not that average with the body mass. Compared to him I'm literally a toothpick. He scares the shit out of me!

"Next time you take Toullie away from me I won't think twice about pounding you" he whispered, as the parents were a couple doors away before grabbing me by the hair sending red hair flying everywhere and yanked my head up. HARD.

"Ya got that?"

"Yea" I squeaked, resisting the urge to rub my head when he finally let go. As soon as Alex turned around I ran down the stairs to fling myself into my room. Stubbornly fighting down the tears that leapt up from pain I flung myself onto my bed buried my face into my pillow. I hate this. I seriously hate the way I would freeze up in fear and couldn't even stand up for myself.