Heart thundering in her chest

Emotions colliding in her mind;

The wind blowing against her sweat,

As she fell into the sweet abyss.

Tears falling down like a heavy rain,

Her eyes black, empty nothingness;

Her mind shattering, no longer sane,

Her soul slowly receding into terrifying pain.

Falling was like

A heavy, delusional sleep…

Her heart had grown numb to hurt,

But her blood would no longer flow.


Something awful, something horrifying

Screaming, banging, clawing inside,

Ripping her heart to infinite shreds…

Her voice whispering sweet nothings

Into the transcending, breathless air,

Her hands grasping at the nothing

Hoping to touch something…

Or rather, someone

Who could catch her, save her,

From the horrifying blackness,

And the deteriorating soul that was she.

Down, down, into the dark hole,

Falling was like sleeping,

Like living in a delusion,

Like living in a nightmare.