i want to unstitch your image from my eyelids
and ride merry go rounds until i'm unconscious

(because then i could be free for a while).

i would never give up;
but maybe you should consider letting me go

because after all the things we've said,
all the thoughts we've shared,
after all the wild love that's twined around us,

there's just something so wrong about the things i feel.

time is a thing that never seems to go as we want;
the months fly, the days drag
and the hours when i'm with you simply vanish.

i never wanted this to last,
(but that was probably because i never knew it could)

and i never wanted it to end,
(but that was probably because i'm an idealist)

so now i'm at a stalemate,
riding the line between what i want and what i need

and i guess a move needs to be made;
my opponent (yes, darling, that would be you) is waiting.

but i can't quite bring myself to capture your king,
win this war; take all that you have left, and kill you inside.

the thing is: i know somehow that if i don't,
you will.