Rocks. Rocks, rocks, damn rocks all around. Flipping one over with the toe of my shoe, I sighed to myself, before leaving the rock behind. Just like every over damn rock on this path. But, hey, it's better than campus. Rocks don't talk to you. Rocks don't try to take you out and stick their tongues down your throat. Rocks don't hurt you.

Out here, a few miles from Kronos, there's no one around to bother you. No one around to hurt you.

My name's Flicker, by the way. Well, it's Cindy Igneo, but Cindy is just too much for a third generation fire manipulator. So, now I'm Flicker by name, Flicker by occupation.

Taking out my lighter, I played with the flames. As I wished it, the tiny flame grew and reached out, spreading around me like my own personal escort. With a sigh, I snapped the lighter shut and waved the flames away. Fire isn't a toy, isn't an art, isn't good. Fire is power, just raw power, and power is only good for taking care of yourself.

Oh, and lighting cigarettes. Fire, I mean. Not that I smoke: after the first time, I decided I didn't like the taste of ash. But no matter where you went, someone would ask you for a light. It's not so bad at Kronos, but still….

Even Kronos has its problems. No matter where you go, there will always be people who don't care about you. Sometimes it just gets to be too much. You should've seen my, the last time I left Kronos "for good". That third time I did it, I was 17. Now, here I am, 22 and all grown up. Kronos isn't perfect, but it's definitely the best. Not everyone is slime. And there's always Riley….

Ugh, Riley. He was… different. He asked me out like all the others, but he didn't want to just use me. He… cared about me. He cares about me. Even after I said no, he never gave up. And he's not even pushy. I guess you could say he's always been there for me. And there's always that night by the pier… but, no. It doesn't matter, Riley and me. I don't need him, and he needs to move on. Sometimes I just want to smack him, scream in his face and grab it, pulling him in to kiss those lips again… wait, what? I mean, I want to just send him away, forever, and never see his face again. I kicked a stone, sending it flying into a cluster of boulders. Great, now I'm pissed off. See, this is what people like Riley Ausmical do to you. Yeah, that's really his last name. Humph. Where's that rock? I'm not done with it.

Heading off the mountain path, I saw it, standing out darkly against the pale granite pile. The slope had picked up, so it was further away than I had guessed. Sighing, I walked over to it and picked it up. It's not too bad for a rock, so far as that goes. Has a nice shine to it, all black and… and… what is that? I can feel this… thing, in the back of my mind. It's like this force is there, and I can feel it. It feels like fire, but… so much more. Ah, man, I can taste it or something! How can't you feel it? Going farther down the slope, I felt the feeling grow. Is that a cave? Going into it, I was surprised to find it pretty bright in here. And man, it's hot in here. Wow…. Heading in farther, it got brighter, and hotter, and the feeling grew, until the whole cave opened up, into a massive cavern, and it was absolutely….

Author's note:

Missed me? I doubt it! But, hey, whatever suits ya. So, yeah, I'm back, and I've got a brand new Dorms story coming to you. This is the first major arc, starring Cindy "Flicker" Igneo. And she is SO much more fun than Jessica. Expect more from Flicker soon. And yeah, this chapter was way shorter than all the others I've made. Uh, sorry? Well, anyways, hope you'll love this story… and REVIEW IT. Thanks.

Next time on Flicker: What's in the cave? When will Riley show up? I'm not entirely sure! But it'll be awesome, I swear it!