I love my sister

Who makes me laugh each time.

When my words don't sound right,

She knows how to make them rhyme.

I love my sister

Who ties my hair for school.

She doesn't mind being bothered

As long as I looked cool.

I love my sister

Though I am taller than she is.

It doesn't change the fact

That she's my cute older sis.

I love my sister

Who gives me fashion advice.

She teaches me poise

And also how to deal with guys.

I love my sister

Who knows everything about me.

She knows who I am, who I was,

And who I want to be.

I love my sister

Who loves rock music

Though for her it sounds comforting,

For me, it sounds so drastic.

I love my sister

Who's a member of the choir.

She fantasizes on playing the drums

And also dreams about the lyre.

I love my sister

Who is celebrating her day today.

I hope she continues being who she is

Whatever challenges ahead may lay.

I love my sister

Who loved me even way back.

She cares for me up to this moment,

And tomorrow too, whatever I may lack.

I love my sister

Her imperfections and flaws, too.

I made this poem to tell her

That she's the best sis in the world, it's true.