What insanity is this? I glare at the girl that walks by. Come on; notice me! I, a fragile yet beautiful drinking glass, am teetering at the border of the edge of the table! Look at these perfectly created facets that glisten in the light. You wouldn't want me to break from a horrible fall from this table! You may be asking what terrorizing being placed me here. Well, that would be the very owner of this home. I don't care enough to learn her name; why should I when I need to concentrate on keeping myself pristine and clean? But the woman filled me up with disgusting staining coffee and walked away, nonchalantly whistling to herself.

I'm mere centimeters from crashing and smashing into bits and pieces, but no one even gives a passing thought about me. All you have to do push me further towards the center of the table! It is not that difficult, people! The woman and her daughter are coming back into the kitchen. Why are they shouting? Oh, maybe they're arguing about me! I knew they cared. What? Grounded? Yes, I will be ground into dust if I fall off the desk so if one you wonderful ladies would just give me a little push away from the edge…

The girl is flailing her arms around; you fool, why are you doing that?! All that I'm asking for is for one of you to reach one arm and place me in a safer position! Wouldn't you do the same for a baby? What difference do I have from a baby? We are both fragile and beautiful. Now help me. No. No! Don't get closer! Stop waving your arms like a madman! Stop your yelling, you asinine child! Stop! No!!!

*Crash* (POV change)

"Now look what you've done, Amelia!" her mother shouts. "You've broken the cup!"

"Whatever, mom," Amelia retaliates, "you put it there, and it wasn't even worth that much to begin with."

"It's not the worth of the cup, it's the fact your childish tantrum broke it—"

"Mom! I'll clean it up! Just some cheapo cup from a fair…" Amelia scoffs and reaches for a dustpan.

The End

note: not beta'd. just random writing I wrote for a class last year.

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