This is the last for now at least
20 and 21 will come piece by piece
The rhyme is failing now, I know
But it's hard to rhyme so much in one go.
I'm running out of things to say
Except the obvious: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I hope that this was awesome for you
Coz I was excited, you know that it's true.
Despite all the glitches with technology
I hope it was as cool for you, as it was for me
So have a great day today my love
Let there not be any days above
Coz it will be great, I'm pretty sure
It definitely will not be a bore.
So look out for the others, I hope they surprise
They may be obvious… or they may be in disguise! :)

Happy Birthday Pya!

Yes, this is #19… but the others should come soon. :)

I really do hope that you have a fantastic day!

Love you so muches! :)