This was something that was on my EditRed account but since that site went bust, I came here but sadly most of the Aria stories on that site were on my old computer which is probably in a landfill but thankfully this was still on here and wanted to put it on here but in this, Ogre Child is in the human world because of Kiana who's trying to take over Aria but she learns about living in another world which is different from Aria but just as wonderful.

I hope you guys like.

It was nightfall in Aria and in the purple bricked castle in Lantanis, Jen was worried as he had a bad feeling something bad would happen and Ogre Child would be taken from him as he knew she was his whole world but wondered why that would happen but had no clue that somebodt related to his brave wife was a dark hearted Arian bent on revenge as she had snuck into the castle without the Ogreix Warriors and Arian Knights knowing as she entered Ogre Child and Jen's room as she saw her sister asleep as she chuckled softly.

It was a pale skinned dark Ogreix Warrior with long hair and dark eyes like her sister but had hated that Ogre Child had been the Protector of Aria years ago and the leader of the Ogreix Warriors but she had an idea as Ogreix glowed in her eyes.

"Portalus Openus, Earth." she said.

Dark Ogreix then emitted and surrounded the room as Kiana cackled as after it vanished, Ogre Child was gone as an evil smirk crossed her face as she knew her sister wouldn't survive in the human world as she vanished in a haze of dark Arian magic........

In the world known as Earth, in the Robert's house, Izz sensed a powerful Arian aura as he went to check it out but gasped seeing a certain dark blue skinned Ogreix Warrior in the living room as she smiled seeing the silver grey furred Psammead male but he wondered how she'd gotten here.

"Kiana pushed me through a portal to here.

Is Carley awake?" Ogre Child asked.

He then led her upstairs as they came to his and Carley's room and opened the door softly as they entered but Izz climbed onto the bed gently as he nuzzled Carley as she woke up.

"What're you doing here?" she asked nervous.

Ogre Child smiled at the young Queen of Aria.

"Kiana trapped me here by pushing me through a portal.

I may need to stay here for a while." she said.

"That's okay Ogre Child.

But you'll probably have to use Humanix." she answered.

She smiled as she headed to the guest room so she could rest but Izz smiled getting into bed again with his Arian partner but hoped things would be okay.......