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Ogre Child had changed into the clothes that Carley had found for her but she looked cute in the white sweater top with a plaid mini skirt, leggings and biker boots as she smiled looking at herself in the mirror knowing her look would drive Jen mad if he saw it as Izz chuckled at his Arian friend's awe.

"We should tell Leah about this in case she gets curious." he told her as she agreed as she qwnt downstairs with Izz on her shoulders as Ogre Child followed her but was curious about the house as they entered the kitchen as they made toast but Izz watched as Ogre Child spread peanut butter on her piece as Carley smiled as they both loved peanut butter.

They then saw Leah enter but the hazel eyed girl gasped staring into the Ogreix Warrior's dark eyes as she smiled.

"Ogre Child what're you doing here?" she asked her.

"I was sent away from Aria by Kiana because she cast a spell to send me here but the Queen helped me blend in here by telling me to use my Humanix and found clothes I could wear.

Your world is very strange.." she answered.

Leah smiled as she was happy that the Ogreix Warrior was here as she was looking forward to teaching her about their world as they smiled as they were getting ready to go to school as the Ogreix Warrior was curious.

"Maybe she should stay here.

People wouldn't understand her." David said as Carley shot him a look.

"She can come with us because she's a part of me and she's curious about this world and I wouldn't stop her from experiencing everything in this world.

Besides we can pretend she's our cousin from Canada." she answered.

Leah and Izz smiled as the Psammead was in Carley's back pack as he wanted to help Ogre Child as they left the house.

Ogre Child was in awe at how different this world was compared to Aria but was getting used to it as Izz chuckled at her awe at this as he along with their human friends were getting the bus but Leah saw the Ogreix Warrior a little nervous but understood.

"This world is strange.

How do you and our Queen stand living here?" Ogre Child asked.

"We manage okay in this world.

You can't use your Ogreix or your Arian magic." Leah told her.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because it would draw attention and people would get curious." Carley told her.

She understood but was curious but smiled seeing Izz asleep in her friend's backpack as he hadn't gotten a lot of sleep last night because she'd shown up but knew things would be okay.

But her train of thought was broken as the bus arrived at the school as they got off but they headed to the nearest shop as Leah smiled knowing what her friend was doing.

They headed to the bakery as she was getting cookies knowing Izz loved them especially chocolate chip ones but Ogre Child was curious about Earth food but they would introduce her to that at lunch as they paid for their things and left......

Kiana wasn't happy seeing her sister laughing and having fun with her human friends as she'd sent her there to make her miserable but she sighed as now she could try to take over Aria but knew that mightn't happen for a while but was planning to try but would wait.

Later that day at lunch, Ogre Child liked the sushi that she was eating and liked it but her dark eyes widened seeing peanut butter cups as Leah smiled knowing she loved peanut butter as she saw her eat one as a smile crossed her face.


They have good peanut butter here." she said.

Leah smiled knowing that the Ogreix Warrior loved peanut butter since Carley let her try it.

They smiled as they knew she was innocent about these things.

"How do you like this world so far?" Leah asked her.

"I like it here very much Leah-chan.

I hope nothing bad is happening in Aria." she told her.

"Don't worry Ogre Child.

If anything was happening, I would sense it." Carley told her.

The Ogreix Warrior nodded in reply.

She felt Jen's aura in this world.

She hoped he was okay.

Jen was exploring the Robert's house as he'd never been in this world before but had heard Ogre Child talk about it from rime to time but was curious as he was in his Humanix form but hoped Ogre Child was okay but knew she could take care of herself but he was tired from portal lag but fell asleep on the couch.

Leah then saw Ogre Child get excited as she along with Carley and Izz saw Jen aslep on the couch as she became her normal Arian self as she hugged her husband but Leah understood as she was surprised to see the Gold Heart Ograrian Knight here in their house but Izz wanted to talk to him about something but it could wait until he woke up as he followed Carley upstairs but was reading while Carley was doing her homework but was finished in a hour but she wondered what was making her friend act strange.

She saw him quiet but was relieved seeing Jen awake.

He wondered what Izz wanted......