Why is there a word for silence

When saying the word aloud contradicts its very meaning?

Silence is really just a character in a daydream

All silence is, is the noise you hear when there is no noise to hear-

The audible inaudible

How man decibels is nothingness?

Even zero is a number

Much like silence is the noise of no noise, zero is the number of nothing.

It is possible to have an infinite amount of nothing,

In which case you're left with a whole lot of nothing,

Which is actually a lot of nothing to keep track of.

How many different nothings do you keep track of every day?

NO money, NO food, NO job, NO pets, NO kids, NO toilet paper, NO drugs, NO shirt, NO shoes, NO service…NO, NO, NO…

See how much work zero can be?

However it's good to have silence when dealing with zero.

Silence…just another nothing to keep track of.