Everly POV

7 months later

After a month or so back I had finally responded to the many emails, text messages, calls, and letters from Leila. No one could say that woman was not persistent. Though I loved the contact I still refused her offers of coming back or them coming to visit me. I expressed to her my need to find out more about who I am and make sure I was healed mentally before I would take that chance.

Though I kept the fact that I was not sure I ever would be well enough to see them again from her. She said they all understood and would do anything to help. This resulted in Kayd sending me all he could find on any related subjects, and it had been a lot. I sat curled on the porch swing, enjoying the warm late spring breeze, with one of the many research books I had read through since coming back home. I had learned many new things about being a Mynx and our history. As well as many interesting facts about the interactions between the Vampires and Mynx.

There were many books on the war between the Vampires and Werewolves, like the one currently in my hands. I had read this one book at least five times. It went into great detail about the Mynx involvement with the war and the repercussions that came of it. One passage in particular I had read over and over again.

"The first giving of blood by free will seems to form a bond between the two participants. Though it was and still is highly recommended that blood only be giving on a Mynx to Vampire basis as some Mynx seem to react badly to Vampire blood entering their system. It should also be noted that for a few days after the first formation of the bond it is in a "raw" state that can sometimes lead to dependency on the other in a strained situation. During the time of the war romanticism was at large and the misconception of true love was formed from this reaction to the blood giving. This is a false ideal as the bond was later found to only be temporary. The length of the bond relies on how often blood was shared, and made stronger and hence forth longer lasting , if blood was freely giving on both sides and the Mynx survived. However all bonds still fade with time."

It meant that the sensations I felt from Drayton were all related to this temporary bond. I should have felt better having this knowledge, knowing that this was going to fade if it had not already. Yet I find myself reading this bookmarked passage time and time again.

I guess part of me wishes it was a true love scenario?

With that thought I shook my head and laughed at myself.

Seriously Everly? You have been reading way to many young adult romance novels.

Just as I was closing the book a familiar tingle, though extremely weakened, passed through me. My head shot up as I looked over to the porch steps and saw a familiar figure with a killer smile standing at the base of the steps.


My voice came out weak and breathless. I feared coming back into contact with any Vampire, especially Drayton, Leila, or Kayd, for the fear of what would happen. In this one moment the only thing that registered through my shock was the fact that I had no urge what so ever to rip his heart out. It must have ended up being a passing traumatic stage or the many months of accepting, healing, and resettling into myself.

I quickly stood up causing the porch swing to violently swing back only for it to crash into the back of my legs. I did not even register the impact as I looked to the man standing there looking at me. I had dreamed of this moment many times. The moment I would see him again, but then again to say I dreamed would be a lie.

They had been nightmares that always ended with him dead as my broken mind cackled. Goosebumps broke out across my arms as a shiver ran up my spine. Yet I forced myself to breathe as I searched myself again for any feeling of my previous state. When nothing surfaced I took slow cautious steps to the end of the porch. As I came to the top step I looked down at him.

He had not made a single move or spoken a single word and part of me was wondering if I was day dreaming. I started to turn away when I felt him grab my hand. My whole body went rigged, this was definitely not a dream.


His deep voice reached out to me. I slowly turned back around to face him and removed my hand from his. I could not help but notice the hurt look that crossed his face. I know what he was expecting but things were different now, weren't they? The flutter in my chest told me the answer was probably no.

"Everly, how are you doing?"

I knew he was not meaning it for the casual pleasantry it came out as. He was asking if I was better. If I still wanted to wrap my hands around his throat like I had that morning long ago.

"Great, I was not so sure till this moment, but I am doing great," I reassured him with a small smile.

He let out a sigh of relief and quickly took the few steps in front of him to embrace me. I back stepped and stuck my hand out to stop him. The smile quickly fell from his face.

"Then what is wrong?"

He did not even try to hide the hurt in his voice. It took me a moment to try to get a handle on the different emotions running through me. Yet, no matter the effort they came falling out embodied in the words I could no longer hold on to and think logically through. I laid out my feelings before him.

"Things are different now, Drayton. A lot has happened in such a short time. Think back on what we have gone through and how it pushed us together, but also think about how much it has also changed us. We.. I am a different person now, and honestly ask your self how much we know of each other.

We barely know anything of each other. This is not some fated romance, some tale of true love. That stuff does not happen in real life, even in the life of the super natural. We were manipulated by the situation around us and the temporary blood bond. Honestly tell me you did not notice how weak the sensation was when you felt it?

The bond is fading, and will be gone with time. As much as I would like to keep fooling myself and you in to believing in some fated love, I can not do it. The facts have burned themselves into my mind. We can not go back to how things were before. We did not exactly start this whole thing like any normal couple any way."

I finally stopped my rant to catch my breath and try to get a read on Drayton's reaction. Many emotions flitted across his face, hurt, confusion, anger, desperation, hope, and determination.

Wait hope and determination?

I had been ready to continue but was struck silent by the look on his face. He stepped forward a smile spreading across his handsome face. I took another hesitant step back as he reached his hand out to me. We stood there for a while with his hand extended between us.

He sighed and extended his hand further as he spoke, "Lets start over."

Not real sure where he was going with this I placed my hand in his. As I gave him a skeptical look he raised my hand to his lips placing a soft kiss on the back of my hand.

"I am Drayton Devereux. May I ask your name?"

A look of disbelief crossed my features," Drayton, Wh-"

"Please just trust me."

A small smile twitched at the corners of my lips, "Beverley Rose, yet you may call me Everly."

"A beautiful name deserving of such a beautiful woman. My dear Everly would you do me the honor of going with me on a first date?"

I could not contain the small laugh that escaped my lips, "Drayton you can't be-"

"We can do whatever you want and hopefully learn more about each other in the process."

I smiled almost big enough to match him as I nodded my head yes not trusting my voice as my chest swelled with emotions. He took another step towards me releasing my hand.

"I hope you do not think I am being to forward, but I have wanted to do this for seven months now and I can not wait till after the first date."

With that he cupped my face in his hands and pressed his lips lightly to mine for only a moment before pulling back just enough to search my eyes for a reaction. I could not lie to Drayton or myself, I had also been waiting for this very moment. I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought his forehead to rest on mine.

I looked into his eyes as I softly spoke, "To a new beginning."

He smiled and matched my tone as he spoke, "A new beginning."

Then as we stood on the front porch, surrounded by the Tennessee country, in the middle of the warm spring we kissed to our new beginning and all it would bring.

Author's Note

Well that is the end. I am truly not sure how I feel about this but I wanted to get this done for ya'll and myself. I had a lot more information and detail but it seemed to just make this chapter run on and fade out with too many facts. So I ended up cutting a lot out of this. I know it has been almost a year since my last update and for that I am truly sorry. The biggest reason is that I have only had access to FanFiction through the mobile site on my phone because my computer decided to fry the mother board. Yippee! Then when we finally got a new computer it came with the all new windows 8 but our internet card was not set up to work with windows 8 so we lost our internet and just haven't gotten internet set up again since internet providers are limited in the country and we are in the process of moving. That added in with stressing over this epilogue has put a big delay on this. But it has finally come to an end and I hope it is a worthy ending. I would like to thank everyone who has supported both this story and myself, all my lovely readers, and reviewers. I am sorry I let ya'll down with this delay, but I am glad ya'll shared the journey with me. I have read through this story and realized many mistakes and seen some changes I would like to make. I am not sure when I will make these change. Though I will point out that I will be changing some things in the story but nothing that dramatically changes the story line. The story line will still follow along a similar line. Again I truly appreciate every single one of you!


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