I love
your face.
I love
everything to do with you.

Your smell, your presence, your existence.
It pisses me off when people abuse the word
They use it so lightly.
"I love that restaurant." "I love your purse."
Perhaps if these people had a shred of intelligence,
they would adjust their vocabulary.
"I'm obsessed with the food there." "I adore your purse."
I don't use the word lightly.
I love
your face.
I love when you make
As we enjoy each other's presence, you kindly ignore me,
thinking of another with
that face.

That faceā€¦
I see you make that face.
In class, gazing out the
Everyone, even the teacher, knows you are
there, not in this place with us.
And I watch you make
Thinking of another, as I make
that face at you.
I want you to see when I make
that face for you.
I want you to make
that face for me.