Dracool's head snapped up. "A car. Someone's coming!" His face contorted with anguish. "I have to go NOW. I'm sorry Lex, I'll meet you at the park tomorrow at eight, alright?" He took off in a whirl of wings just as the car came into sight.

Lex smiled.

"Sounds great," she agreed. She turned to the woman.

"I don't think I know you're name yet," she pointed out then remember Dracool's warning. "Do you think we should get out of here or wait for whoever it is?" she asked.

"I think we should wait off of the road." Erica said as she managed to get to her feet and slowly wobble her way to the sidewalk.

Nathaniel toseed in his bed, the dream was happening again. He walked down the small corridor. The peeling wallpaper was slightly disturbing. He continued to walk down the hall, passing about twenty-four doors now, he finally halted at the end of the hallway, where a small boy with a candle sat. He looked up at Nathaniel, and said, "Its your fault." silently.

"Pardon?" asked Nathaniel. "Its your fault. Its your fault." he said, raising his voice.

"Your fault for the house, the portrait, the family. Its all your fault!" he shouted at him. "But not for long." The little boy's eyes went wild, and he transformed, into a fiery lizard, which soared through the house, setting fire to everything. Nathaniel ran in panic down the hallway, but was blocked by his mother. "Your fault." she whispered. He turned on the spot and made his way through another door, where he was blocked by his father. "Your fault." he whispered. He rtan past him and encountered his dog. He beared his teeth and growled. The little boy, accompanied by his mother and father ganged on him. "The rest of the family believes so, why won't you?" Nathaniel awoke, drenched in sweat. He instantly sat up, but hit his head on a small lamp, and bounced back on his pillow, rubbing his forehead. Why do I still have the dream? he thought.

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