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Kate stopped her car in front a little local store and stepped out of it. Just one more stop until she could get home. Sighing she stepped from the car and walked up to the door but stopped as she noticed the Closed sign hanging from it.

That's odd," she murmered to herself. The store didn't usually close before seven unless it was a holiday or Sunday which it wasn't and her watch read 4:00. Confused she turned around to re-enter her car when she heard a scream from within the store. Startled she turned around and through the window could see several estatic costumers and three men covered entirely in black. Scared she quickly grabbed her cell phone from her purse and began dialing 911 when one of the robbers near the door noticed her and shouted something then burst out the door.

"Get inside," he said, angrily forcing the phone out of her hand. "And don't do anything drastic or else," he fingered a black gun in his hand. With no other choice Kate stumbled into the store and stood against the wall with several other costumers. The other two robbers finished taking the money from the cash register and were exiting the store when suddenly.......

Police sirens were screeching through the quiet of the afternoon, two patrol cars arrived outside with two cops in each. They pulled out their guns and proggresed towards the shop one of them entered and was ambushed and knocked out, another cop shot through a window wounding one of the crooks. Dave sat in the corner surprisingly calm, he could get a gun easily next time somebody came near so he was fine. He crawled over to Kate who was around the sam age as him. "You arite? Did they hurt you?" The crooks had now reatreated into the back of the shop and were loading their pistols. From the back it was harder to get shot, they stole some plasters and tryed to bandage up their friend as good as possible.

Kate turned startled at the sound of the voicem she hadn't heard the boy coming.

"Oh-yeah I'm fine-for now." She glanced around at the cops gathered in the shop. "What about you, you OK? What happened exactly, how long have the robbers been here?" she asked, turning completely around so she could face the boy.

"About ten minutes, they been yelling st some guy to open the safe in the back." He was unharmed and feeling perfectly healthy and wanted to help anyway he could.

"Oh wow, things like this don't often happen in little towns like this one. I'm Kate by the way. You think they need help with somethig?" She looked around the shop again, most of the other costumers seemed to have all left as soon as the police had gotten there. Kate glanced at her watch, it was still pretty early but she knew they would probably be here a while after the commotion died down being questioned and ecceterra by police officers.