"Come on," The cop said gruffly, opening the door for them.

When Dave came out of the car the officer put the handcuffs back on again. Dave was sure to stand on his foot hard. The officer had a word at the desk and Dave was moved to a secure area with locked doors. Once alone in the room with Kate he let of some steam. "They think i'm an animal! They can't lock an inoccent man in here! Its degrading."

Kate nodded sympathetically.

"I know, they're jerks, and pretty dense ones too, but they'll be sorry when they find out your innocent. It'll be ok later, then we can get out of here," she soothed.

Dave was escorted up to a secure ward along with Kate. He looked around the place. "Well... this isn't degrading." he said this rather sarcastically.

Kate smiled at his remark.

"Well, they don't know your not a criminal. They just don't want to take chances. After they question you they'll know your innocent, until then let's try not to tick the cop off to much."

"Or...once they get rid of the bullet I could escape." He looked around and found something hard enough to break a window and concealed it under a bed. "After the doctors finish I can escape! You going to come with me?"

"Dave! You know if you ran away, and if I helped you, we'd be like on the run. They'd really have something to lock you up for," she paused thinking of her life at home, her dad. There wasn't really much to go back to....

"You'd seriously run away?" she asked him almost considering the idea.

"Well yeah, I'm not going to be locked up for ages untill the decide to realease me!" He then started muttering about the stupidity of the justice system.

Kate listened to him sympathetically. "Yeah, I get it," she told him. "But you'd be punished much worse if they catch you after you runaway..."

Dave mumbled about not caring and sat down on the edge of the bed, waiting for the doctors to appear. "What after this? Will you be willing to go to court to protect my innosence?"

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