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Erica walked back to the car quickly. She jammed her key in the ignition and turned it. There was a choking sound, and then it died.

Oh no, don't do this to me, she thought desperately. The last thing she wanted was to be stranded here at night. She tried turning the car on again but it wouldn't start.

Erica reached into her purse and pulled out her cellphone. She opened it and saw that the battery was low and it had very poor reception. If she tried to call anybody the wouldn't be able to hear her and it would probably kick her off after a few seconds.

Erica looked out of the window nervously. The dark alleyway wasn't exactly the friendliest place to be. Then there were the dark trees that bordered the place, ergo her bad reception.

Erica got out of the car and opened the hood. She wasn't exactly a machanic but it was worth a try. All of the wires and were very confusing. She sighed and closed the hood again.

She got back into her car and sat down, trying to figure out a way to get home. She looked into the rear view mirror, for a second, and there was a face staring back at her. The person must have gotten into the car while she was looking in the hood. Her hand flew to her mouth to muffle a scream. She turned around to see...

"Please don't scream," Drew begged the girl desperately. "If you do they'll find me." There was a scared, pleading look in his eyes. He hadn't wanted to get in her car but he didn't want to have the crap beat out of him either. So this had been nessiccary. "Please," he begged her.

Drew didn't have to worry about her screaming. She was frozen with fear. Or more shock.

Finally, she managed to come to her senses. "Who are you?" She demanded.

"Oh hi my name's Drew," he whispered an introduction. "I can leave if you want but please don't make me. I have a whole gang of thugs after me wanting to beat the hell out of me no reason other than that i testified against one of their men and got him sent to jail." The fear in his eyes was apperant and the distant voices drifting down the ally proved his story.

The fear in Drew's eyes was quickly spreading.

"A gang?" Erica whispered. All she could think was A gang's chasing after him and now he's getting me involved!

"Do they know where you are?" She managed to ask, somewhat calmly.

Lyra came running up the street with a wound gushing from her arm, she was in tears and was looking about frantically. She saw what she was looking for and ran towards it.

"Drew, they got me! They are still chasing me and they have knifes and one has a gun! I'm scared Drew what are we going to do?" He then noticed Erica. "Who is she?"