Without a word she went to her phone and lightly pressed a few buttons that directed her to the paramedics office.

"Please send Lyra in." She said before hanging up.

Turning back to Drew she said, "I wonder what you're girlfriend's going to say about your proposition. So, in the meantime, where should we put the chip? In your arm? Please don't say your neck. I heard it was a terrible operation." She said this with such disgust that she hoped that he would realize the depth of his suggestion.

He shrugged, apethetically.

"You're the expert. Or at least you have the experts. You decide," he told her. He was waiting for Lyra to come and give her take on the plan.

Lyra came in looking furious, "What's going on here? The officer said you needed to speak to me."

"Drew wants to go root the gangsters out using himself as bait." Erica explained hurriedly. "Sound smart to you?"

Lyra eyes turned furious at first then to scared, "Please, you mustn't...It's far too dangerous, let the police deal with it!"

"The police dealt with that other guy that I testified against. Look how much good that did. Now I'm getting shot at and I've dragged you along with me," he rose out his seat and walked over to Lyra and wrapped his arms comfortingly around her, "If I don't do this it will never end. You might even get killed. I couldn't live if you got killed because of me. Please don't worry about me," he asked her, a pleading look in his eyes.

She looked him in the eyes grimly, and in barely more than a whisper, "What else can I possibly do though?"

Erica turned her face and looked out of the window, trying not to intrude in the couple's privacy.

She mentally congratulated herself for being single.

Suddenly someting occured to her. "Hey, Drew, if I were to do something to attract your gangsters attention, could I bait him out myself?"

She turned back around.

"He doesn't know me so he'll fall for it. If you start acting obvious he'll know something's up. Am I right?"

Drew shrugged.

"Maybe. But I don't see why I would have to act weird. He's chasing me already. It's not like I have to get his attention. I just have to try a little less to avoid getting caught. I'm not letting you go in. There won't be on one else's life on my mind or conscience. I couldn't live with that. It's bad enough Lyra got dragged into this. Not you too." He shook his head firmly.

"But she's a cop!" depated Lyra, "She is trained in these things, it doesn't even have to be her, mayby another person!"

"I would still have that on my conscience," Drew told her. There was sorrow and stress in his eyes, dark circles under his eyes and his young face was becoming deep and lined. He looked older, haggard, weary to the point of insanity, but it may have been a play of light. "I'm going to have to do it myself. You can stay here Lyra, the police can keep you safe till I come back or if...." he stopped unable to finish.

Erica tried to sort out all of the thoughts rushing to her head. She was a cop so it wasn't like feeling sympathy was anything new to her.

"Drew. Look at me." Erica waited until she had his attention. "You can't think about your concience right now. One thing I've learned as a cop is that you can't think like that. You have to use what you have to make the best of the situation. Do you see my point?"

"Yes I see your point. And that's my point too. I'm the best there is in the situation. He knows me and he's already after me. My consience is just an extra plague in the whole thing. I'm the best man for the job! Even you can't argue that," he told her firmly.