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Lex's side hurt. She winced a little when she landed the invert but oh well. Skateboarding was her escape and it would take more than a little bruise to stop her. She was currently on her way to the nearby convient store to buy some dinner but she had detoured to the park and gone on the half-pipe a second. Finally she reached the store and was just about to purchase some Fritos and a root beer and some beef jerkey and a few other things of junk food when some guy walked in fiddling with an odd shaped lump in his pocket. He pulled it out and Lex gasped to see a gun.

"No one move. This is a stick up. Give me your money," he ordered the clerk shoving past Lex. She seemed to be the only other person in there.

"You, little girl get on the ground." He gestured with his gun as if she was to stupid to know where the floor was. She was stupid enough to decide not to do what he had ordered her. She stood her ground. This distracted the man.

"I thought I told you to get down," he told her harshly.

"You did but I'm not," she countered, wincing mentally. After that statement she would be lucky to get out here alive. She scanned outside at the gas pumps. She thought she saw someone walking toward the store. She desperately hoped whoever it was would see what was going on and get help before walking into this trap.

"Well then I guess I'll have to make you," he snarled, jabbing her hard in the stomach with the butt of the gun. She bent double gasping, but it would take more than that to get her on the ground. She had definately endured worse beatings and she had to stall, hoping agasinst hope for help in the form of whoever that was outside. They were walking towards the door now. Swallowing the pain she said a silent prayer and waited for the next inevitable blow...

Robbie was passing by the store, on his way home. Ever since he had took his dad's car without permission and it was stolen he had resorted to either walking or skateboarding his way around. Today it was walking. He was about to walk into a small gas station\convenience store when he heard shouting from inside. He walked slowly to them and said lowly to himself,

Now this is where a cellphone would come in