Lex was furious with Robbie. She couldn't believe he was being so difficult. He had, at least, helped her remember why she stuck to typical, everyday, shallow subjects around people. She normally only thought like that never talked like that. She skateboarded off back towards her house.

On the way she passed dark alley with two people at one end. One of the figures looked vaguely familiar. Further scrutiny revealed that it was the robber from earlier that day. And he looked like he was holding... Robbie. Serves him right she thought angrily but her more compassionate rebuked her for this thought. She had to help. As always her switchblade was in the pocket of her black hoodie. She ran up to the man, hoping to have the element of surprise.

"Hey d***, catch this," she called throwing him the switchblade, still closed. She desperately hoped he would catch be able to escape. She just stood there, helpless and defenseless without her weapon.

Robbie used the moment that robber had his attention on Lex to grab the gun in the muf in his hoodie.

He pointed the gun at the robber and cocked it saying, "Don't move a** h***."

Lex took this oppertunity to run to the near-by pay phone. Frantically she dug around in her pockets for some change. She found some and dialed 911. Breathlessly she told the police the story and was told they were sending a car. She then ran back to Robbie. She picked up her switchblade and stuffed it back in her pocket, glaring at the robber. She held her knife threateningly at the robber as Robbie held the gun.

"Just for the record it was you I was you calling a d***," she leaned over and whispered to Robbie.

Robbie ignored her keeping his attention on the man before him and the gun he was holding.

"Things not looking up now, are they?" He asked the defeated man.

The man made as if he was about to run off again but in a flash Lex had her knife against her throat.

"Don't even think about it," she whispered harshly in his ear. A few moments later the police car pulled up and the police jumped out guns drawn.