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A cold gust of wind signified a winged man landing in a street, thousands of "others" as they were called like him had existed throut history all with a differance from humans dispite human parentage and each reletivly unique. Recently however tens of thousands existed at once. As he glanced on the bare streets around him one tear rolled down his cheek. Hardly any humans were still walking below. Others of his kind had engaged in a war against them, only a handful, he included had objected to this. Humans treated them like trash and included none of them as citizens which stoped them from having any ocupation besides theivery though that never helped as merchents sold them no goods. Velead allways believed they could resolve this with words until the war began, he realized then that few of them had enough self control to keep their violent natures in check, just like the humans of old. He had believed that they were better then the humans but all those hopes had been dashed long ago.

Kate stood alone on a street corner, her dark brown eyes sadly following dead leaves and torn papers as the fluttered across forlorne streets, pushed by the chilling breeze which seemed to ceaselessly linger around here. She froze suddenly as one of the "others" landed not far away from her. She had heard so much about the winged people, they were all over the news channels, the radio, the newspapers. Most any other person would have snuck away quietly, or aroused an uproar but Kate stood silently watching the winged man, wondering how humans could be blaming them for killing and stealing when they had never been given a chance, an opportunity.

Velead turned his head towards the girl, revealing his teary face. He had a sword on him (gunpowerder being in short supply since the start of the war) but it was used only to defend humans and himself from the other others and he would never think of drawing it on an innocent person. He couldn't speak coherently to the woman, for now whenever he looked a human in the eye he was filled with guilt and sorrow even though their was nothing he could do. "I-I just don't... understand... why." He mumbled, tears now flooding down his face, clouding his vision and all but shattering his normaly ledgendary alertness.

A young woman came limping out of the darkness; but she was not a woman, or at least a human woman. A long, pearly white horn grew from the center of her forehead; beneath it her misty silver eyes were large and afraid. Her face was thin and pale, her skin a silvery color. Her hair was whitish-silver and cascaded down her back, curling and soft. Her legs were odd, bent back like the haunches of a horse, and instead of feet she had silver horns, and a long silver horse's tail swept the street behind her. She wore a short dress of pale blue, wispy fabric that draped off her lean, thin body and swirled behind her. There was a long, bloody gash on her right leg that caused her to limp. She drew even with the man. "Velead," she whispered, her breath loud in the stillness. She looked up and saw the human woman. Her eyes grew larger yet, and with a cry she flinched back, her slim, silvery hand going to the short blade strapped around her waist, but her gesture was mere reflex, not with any intention of using the sword.

Velead could not stem his tears or wordless mutterings and so couldn't tell when the woman came from behind him he did hear his name though and regained some semblace of focus, his tears slowed down and muttering ceased. Still he wasn't sure just who called his name and was afraid of turning around for then it would be considered fair to strike him. He did however draw his thick slightly short Reitschwert mouthed to the human, not crying as his eyes fell on her this time. "Do not hesitate to run."

"Velead," she murmured, and tossed her horn. "Please . . ." Her eyes flickered between Velead's back and the human girl. "Anada velios suriseia un naradu, alvaeia, narisil . . ." She bent her head, shivering, wincing as the hoof of her injured leg touched the ground.

Kate watched the other creature in confusion for a moment, afraid to approach either of them.

"I-who-who are you?" she asked, her eyes flicked towards the women then rested once again on Valaed. "Please don't...hurt me, I mean no harm..." she said in a scared voice. She was filled with pity at the site of the hurt creature, unsure whether or not she should be afraid.

The woman looked, flinching, into the human's eyes. "We mean you no harm," she said, her voice surreal and afraid. "We would not harm one of your kind." Hesitating, she stepped forward, and slowly bent her head until the tip of her long, white horn rested on the human's shoulder. "Never have I touched a human before," she whispered. "I pray you do grant the honor, or else kill me now."