Tariq watched the two others and the human. He shook his mane of orange red hair out of his eyes. Under his beanie were hidden two ears, just like a fox's. He crouched in the shadows listening carefully ast three conversed, his long red-orange tail with a white tip curled neatly around his feet. He gasped softly when they began talking about the shadowdance.

Gracefully he stepped out the shadows.

"You two are talking of things that are very dangerous, even treasonous, to be caught talking of," he told them watching the two others and the human.

Velead cracked half a smile at the newcomer. "Aye, and?" He said, streching out his wings casualy. Widening his smile to manac propertions he added, "besides, if you're planning on reporting us to the army, I could take care of you right now. If you lie about it I could tear you apart slowly later." Velead didn't normaly act like this but he would quickly take on any personality if it suited his needs.

Aliia turned to face the newcomer, noting with some relief and some worry his fox-shape appearance. It depended on which side he supported... She backed up slightly, her long white horse-tail swishing her uncertainty. "Ilira nirrasen tir, alumani?" This meant literally, 'What is your mark, stranger?" but she referred to the brand of loyalty the Raven burned into his followers' upper arms. Others not bound to the Raven often wore opalescent tattoos on their arms but for obvious reasons often kept them hidden.

Tariq pulled up his sleeve to reveal a opalescent tattoo on his arm.

"That answer anything?" he asked her. "And I don't plan to do anything. I just thought I would warn you since I don't want you getting into... trouble. If you know of the shadowdance you're better off alive to me," he answered Velead's question in a distant, apathetic tone.

A girl, much resembling a human save for her odd, dark green eyes, clawlike nails, and black hair streaked with orange, quietly crept behind the group. She nodded to one of them, obviously recognizing it, then noticing the other girl stepped back, surprised. Several of the "others" were unfamiliar to her but humans were severaly alian. She turned to the girl, decided whether or not to hurt her but feeling pity for her she began to speak, in a calm but serious tone.

"If you know what's good for you you will leave. It's not safe here." she said quietly. Something about everything scared Kate.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, almost fearfully, then silently left the group, not looking back behind her.