Thanks to the following members of Wyrda for inspiration and character ideas: Gilrean Felegund, Glenwing, warrior, and if anyone wants to see something specific happen next please ask

Erica got out of her car slowly. She picked up the heavy box of pizza from on the passenger seat and closed the car door and locked it behind her. She walked up the walkway towards the front door. It was dark and kind of eerie looking out.

Next time I apply for a job, Erica thought to herself, I am most definately not working the night shift.

As she approached the house she could her voices yelling, as if in a heated argument. It didn't sound too good. Just then she heard a crash and Erica started to get very freaked out. She almost got out her cell out to call 911 but she thought she was just being her cowardly self and decided against calling.

Erica finally reached the door. She had to force herself to ring the doorbell. When she finally did it was answered by...

A man came to the door covered in blood and left the door open and forced his way past. He walked off into the night and a loud sound of someone in pain was distinctly coming from upstairs. Lyra was upstairs calling for help, she had been hurt and she didn't know what was injured where. He heard a noise of someone coming up the stairs and she readied herself for another visious beating.

Erica stared at the blood-spattered man as he pushed past her. Then suddenly, she heard a groan of pain coming from the second storey of the house. She walked into the house slowly. She looked around making sure there was no one in there then she put the pizza on the table and ran up the stairs, trying to let her ears guide her toward the pain-striken individual.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" Erica called as she neared the top of the stairs.

"!" Lyra called, breathing deeply between every word she spoke.

Erica ran towards the direction of the voice. She opened a door and entered a bedroom. She saw a girl lying at the foot of the bed. Erica ran to her side.

"Oh my gosh are you okay? I'm gonna call an ambulance!" She reached for her cell.

"Don't, let him...get away!" She then fainted and felt numb throughout her whole body.